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Michael Vick Finishes Sentence, Next Stop NFL?

We must be living in a “Post-Racial” America when a black man serves more time for killing a dog…

Than having sex with a white woman.

He has served his time. Time to let him go back to his profession.

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McNair Death Ruled Murder-Suicide

Police: McNair death ruled murder-suicide

Nashville police chief Ronal Serpas said McNair was shot while sleeping by his 20-year-old girlfriend, Sahel Kazemi, last Saturday at a Nashville condominium. There was also information that Kazemi was having financial problems and Serpas said Kazemi was “spinning out of control.”

Serpas added that through interviews with friends, Kazemi suspected McNair, who was married, was having an affair with a second woman.

“While we may never know what drove Kazemi to make that decision on Saturday morning, the totality of the evidence clearly points to murder-suicide,” said Serpas.

Just a day after the deaths, police at first called it a homicide, but that clearly changed Wednesday.

“McNair was seated on the sofa and was likely asleep and we believe Kazemi shot him in the right temple then shot him twice in the chest and then shot him a final time in the left temple,” said Serpas. “Kazemi then positioned herself next to McNair on the sofa and shot herself once in the right temple.”

Serpas added that the five shell casings recovered matched the weapon purchased by Kazemi last Thursday. The five bullets recovered were all fired from the weapon at the scene.

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