President Obama on Net Neutrality

At least the little guy has support from this President!

Faux News… And the Internet

Read this one from Faux’s Business Report and just about fell out of my chair. The level of technical stupidity in this one is astounding!

First off “the Internet” hasn’t been “the Internet” for a long time – since the mid 90’s since the Government relinquished the control and turned it over to commercial enterprise. The Internet is actually hundreds of networks, owned by different companies and (sometimes) interconnected and supported by several major providers who operate systems that give directions. These are called Tier 1 providers. Most of these companies that are generically called “Carriers”  own and operate their own network (and often multiple networks) – including the optical circuits in the ground going from one city to another, the equipment that turns information into light to travel across those “light pipes”, the equipment which manages the flow of information, and the “access” equipment – which if you are a cell phone provider that also means the towers and radio equipment that makes them work.

Making a call to Grandma in Des Moines may never go over the Internet – even though the technology which makes that call possible, may or may not be the same as that used in the Internet. Ergo, just because I am using a “router”, which is also a common piece of equipment utilized in the Internet to direct traffic flow – doesn’t mean I’m part of the Internet.

Indeed, there are some very good reasons as a carrier having certain types of critical data – I don’t want to connect with the Internet, and may chose to operate an “extranet”. Continue reading


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