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National Disgrace

Back in the late 1990’s when Republicans were on their first disastrous campaign controlling Congress and setting the foundation for economic collapse, they bastardized the name of our National Airport between orgasms sniffing every little blue dress in town.

The so called Captains of returning authority to the States and local authorities used the very same Federal Government authority they constantly bemoan,  to jam the name of their hero, Ronald Raygun down the collective throats of the local citizenry and governments and affix it to our National Airport.

Many locals still refuse to use Raygun’s name when referring to the airport, preferring instead to use it’s real name – National Airport. You want to go to Reagan Airport – then you are on your way to Orange County, California.

Well, with the unveiling of yet another affront to the local citizenry – if you are flying with Fido, at least he has a better place to relieve himself than one of the local hydrants before being packed away for the long flight.

Elizabeth Dole; Ray LaHood and Charles Snelling take part in the unveiling of a statue of President Ronald Reagan. | AP Photo

The New Doggie Pit Stop at National Airport

Reagan Statue Unveiled at Namesake Airport Near DC

The 18 million passengers who travel in and out of the nation’s capital through Reagan National Airport each year will now be greeted by a 9-foot tall, nearly $1 million bronze statue of the former president that was unveiled Tuesday.

The statue is the fourth dedicated this year to commemorate the 100th anniversary of his birth by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, which operates his presidential library. Tuesday’s unveiling also gave travelers an opportunity to revisit the dormant debate over whether Reagan was worthy of having his name put on the airport that had long been known simply as “National.”

Many D.C.-area residents resented the change when it was approved by Congress in 1998, and it seems the passage of 13 years has done little to soften people’s opinions.

“I’ve never understood the people who feel he’s such a beloved figure,” said Kathleen Meehan of Madison, Wis., as she waited for her flight. “My daughter refuses to call it ‘Reagan.'” The only thing Meehan gave Reagan credit for was “the destruction of the middle class.”

Jessica Denson of Washington said she continues to refer to it as “National.” Her travel partner, New Orleans resident Terry Scott, agreed.

“It’s crazy that they salivate over this guy like he was an angel. What’s next, canonization?” Scott asked. “It’s like John Wayne airport (in California). I won’t use John Wayne.”

But Carol Ole, who was headed back to Atlanta after watching her nephew run the Marine Corps Marathon, was thrilled to see the statue being unveiled.

“I love it. I’m a real conservative,” she said…

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority also spent about $80,000 on site preparations.


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Counterfeit Money – Ray Gun on the $50?

Think this one is going to have to wait until the next time Republicans seize control of the Government. As a native Northern Virginian who has never been happy with having RayGun’s moniker slopped onto our National Airport, about the last thing I’d care to see after that is the SOB’s picture on the money.

I had seriously hoped one of the local Democrats would have proposed legislation to retun the Airport’s name to it’s proper name, and place in History as our National Airport…

But once again, it doesn’t seem any of them have the cajones.

The $50 question: Grant or Reagan?

Should Ulysses S. Grant, the legendary Union general and 18th president of the United States, be bumped from his 96-year stint on the $50 bill?

Yes, according to one North Carolina Republican.

Rep. Patrick McHenry announced that he will introduce a measure that would replace Grant’s face with Ronald Reagan’s, just in time for the 40th president’s 100th birthday next February. Read the rest of this entry »


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Raygun Memorial Outhouse

Well, they just unveiled a new statute of Ronny Raygun in the Capital Rotunda. As is customary, each state gets to put 2 statutes of key individuals or important events in the Rotunda.

Now Raygun’s name adorns the largest most useless building in Washington, DC, a statue in the Capitol Rotonda…

And disgraces our National Airport.

Washington National Airport

Washington National Airport

If California wants to use their floor space to honor Raygun as their homeboy, I’m fine with that. If the Rethugly led Congress wanted to spend $10 billion on a useless building – it wouldn’t be the first time stupidity and avarice ruled Congress, and probably won’t be the last.

But I got real heartburn having that POS’s name on OUR NATIONAL AIRPORT.

Congress – I think it’s time to take our National Airport back.

You can stick his name here…

Raygun Memorial Outhouse

Raygun Memorial Outhouse


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