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Orange Jumpsuit Award – Update – Monica Conyers Gets 37 Months

Monica Conyers, the wife of House Congressman John Conyers today recieved a 37 Month Sentence, with 2 Years of Probation for her actions in the Synagro bribery scandal as a City Councilwoman.

She is going to be quite stylish in that Orange Jumpsuit!

Monica Conyers Gets 3 Years in Jail

Former Detroit City Councilwoman Monica Conyers was sentenced today to 37 months and two years supervised probation and no fine in the Synagro bribery scandal that rocked the city of Detroit.

The sentencing came even after Conyers several times told the judge that she wanted to withdraw her guilty plea. Read the rest of this entry »


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Update on Monica Conyers

Monica Conyers

Monica Conyers

Looks like, despite her guilty plea in a Federal Corruption trial – Monica Conyers could still be on the ballot come November –

As Nancy Kaffer of Crain’s Detroit first reported, Conyers’ guilty plea didn’t require her name to be taken off the ballot.

So, what if she wins Tuesday’s primary?

If Monica Conyers finishes in the top 18 vote-getters, she will be on the general election ballot in November.

There’s no ifs, ands or buts about it, according to Detroit elections director Daniel Baxter.

Now – if she wins one of the top 10 spots in the general election, Nov 4th – she cannot hold office by law. As such, the City would have to conduct a special election for a vacant seat in the Spring. This is bad news for Detroit, in that if such should come to be – they would have to pay tens of thousands to conduct the election.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Conyers former aide, Sam Riddle has been indicted for his role in another crooked politician case – that of former State Representative, Mary Waters. Riddle is also being considered by prosecutors for an indictment for his role with Conyers.

New Jersey got nothin’ on Michigan!


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Orange Jumpsuit Award – Monica Conyers

Orange Jumpsuit Award

Orange Jumpsuit Award

There is an update to this post HERE

Monica Conyers

Monica Conyers

Monica Conyers guilty in Synagro bribery scandal

Detroit — Detroit City Council President Pro Tem Monica Conyers pleaded guilty to a felony today in connection with a city sludge hauling contract scandal. Detroit’s top federal prosecutor said no other City Council members would be charged in connection with the investigation. Read the rest of this entry »


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