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Virginia Governor Discovers Link Between confederacy and Slavery

Long term Virginia resident and Professor at Virginia Tech Nikki Giovanni lays it out –

This “Proclamation” may well cost McDonnel any goodwill he had with black voters in the state. He was the first Republican politician to make inroads into getting black voters to support him – in no small part that he portrayed himself as a different style of Republican politician from courthouse steps racists like George “Macacca” Allen and Jim Gillmore.

I’m going to repeat and expand a bit on what I said earlier in a response to a comment –

In Virginia we celebrate Lee-Jackson day, where State Offices are closed. There are numerous roads, towns, and highways named after Robert E. Lee, or “Stonewall” Jackson. One of the largest military bases in the state is named after a confederate General – A.P. Hill. Others include Ft. Pickett and Ft. Lee. Monument Avenue in Richmond features statues and memorials to confederate leaders – there is even a Jewish confederate Monument… There are even confederate Monuments where there is scant evidence anyone felt important enough to shoot at each other over

There are dozens of Battlefields, and in virtually every one of the older towns – a memorial to the confederate dead in the town square. Read the rest of this entry »


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