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Faux News Attacks Captain America…Because the New Captain America is Black

These folks are way too serious about themselves…

Which is a kind way to say their heads are so far up their rear ends, they couldn’t see daylight with a nightscope and a flashlight.

As you may have noticed – the New Captain America is black…Couldn’t possibly be at the root of the Racist News Network,  Faux New’s “problem”…

‘Captain America’ Writer Slams Fox News For Calling His Xenophobic Villains ‘Ordinary Americans’

Nick Spencer, the writer of ‘Captain America: Sam Wilson,’ discusses bringing the black Captain America to life and Fox and Friends’ boneheaded criticisms of his comic book.

Sam Wilson, a.k.a. Captain America, was only trying to be a hero when he flew to the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona to investigate the disappearance of a Mexican teenager in the first issue of Nick Spencer’s Captain America: Sam Wilson. Once there, the star-spangled Avenger faced off against one of Cap’s oldest enemies, the Sons of the Serpent—a white supremacist terror group suspected of kidnapping and possibly killing Mexicans caught crossing the desert.

The masked Serpents, with their big guns and their big, muscly arms, resemble a militarized Ku Klux Klan and spew recognizable Trump-isms at a group of unarmed immigrants. They lovingly refer to a hypothetical “mighty Wall,” accuse all Mexicans of stealing jobs, seeking welfare, and bringing “trouble and disease and crime,” and piously invoke America’s “greatness.”

“Also,” the Serpents’ leader booms at the immigrants, “You know how you make me press a 1 for English at the beginning of every call to my satellite provider?That is something I cannot abide!”

In writing a racist group of armed vigilantes who violently attack, abduct, or kill border crossers into his book, Spencer didn’t expect anyone to sympathize, let alone defend what he thought was an obvious common enemy. The good hosts of Fox and Friends proved him wrong.

In a segment aired earlier this month, Fox News correspondent Clayton Morris decried Cap’s latest clash with the Serpents as a blatant slight “against conservatives” and dismissed Sam Wilson’s now year-long stint as Captain America as a “PR stunt” (in the same breath, Morris also points out that Sam, formerly the Falcon, “is, uh, African American”). Morris, an alleged “comics expert,” also called the Serpents a “new, odd enemy” for Cap (they’ve been around since 1966).

Co-host Tucker Carlson also sympathized with the Serpents’ leader, calling him just “an American who has misgivings upon unlimited illegal immigration and the costs associated with it.” Fellow co-host Heather Childers called for writers to “keep politics out of comic books”—except for storylines about “the people who are working the border to keep us safe.”…Read the interview with Nick Spencer here


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Multiracial Spiderman?

Don’t know about you, but Spiderman was never one of my favorite characters as a kid. There was just way too much self pity and angst over nothing to relate to the character.

In an attempt to (finally) integrate major comic characters – Marvel has introduced “The ultimate Spiderman”, a character who is half Mexican and half black – which raises the question…

Did they forget the 7% Asian?Spiderman


Marvel’s Mixed Race “Ultimate Spider-Man”

As a kid from Queens, NY it’s not hard to understand why Spider-Man has always been my favorite superhero. Aside from a shared geographical location Spider-Man reflected many of the qualities of urban youth. He came from a working class background. He lived with extended family. He was open-minded. Sometimes unsure of himself, he struggled to make sense of the bustling world around him and his place in it.

And now there’s a new chapter to the story. Today we meet Miles Morales, a younger multiracial and multiethnic Spidey. Morales, of mixed black and Latino descent, is described by TIME Magazine as a gangly teen “that fights crime and hurls spiderwebs, just like Peter Parker used to do.” The similarities between Morales and Parker don’t stop there. They share alliterative names and Miles was bitten by a powerful spider too. I guess that makes them both multiracial spider-men.

“What you have is a Spider-Man for the 21st century who’s reflective of our culture and diversity. We think that readers will fall in love with Miles Morales the same way they fell in love with Peter Parker,” says Marvel’s editor in chief, Axel Alonso. In the Ultimate line, launched in 2000 to deliver updated stories, Spider-Man was recreated and his supporting cast was re-imagined. “It’s certainly long overdue,” said Ultimate Spider-Man writer Brian Michael Bendis, continuing that the racial representation of superheroes is still “crazy lopsided.”

Even though Morales may remind us of the Spider-Man we’re used to in the more traditional Marvel universe, there are definite differences. In addition to racial and ethnic differences we’re told there will also be important personality differences as well. Miles also develops different physical capabilities as a result of being bitten. One commentator wondered jokingly whether “the spidey-sense will kick in to combat racial profiling?”

As a story in which diverse characters live to varying degrees in and between races, cultures, languages and worlds, Ultimate Spider-Man will foreground interracial relationships and multiracial identities as sites of tension — between civilization and savagery, fantasy and reality, tragic history and hopeful future. And, because it is science fiction Ulimate Spider-Man might just be able to take these tensions in different direction, where forms and stories can be blurred to settle an argument that has so far been impossible to resolve in reality: What do mediated representations of mixed race and mixed ethnic characters mean for today’s audiences?

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Black Thor Has Conservatives In a Tizzy!

Oh My! What if they made a movie based on a Shakespeare fiction, converted into a comic book fiction about fictional Norse Gods…

And one of the gods turned out to have a decidedly southern tan?

Egads! Diversity amongst the gods?Racists Boycotting Thor Movie Over Black God

White Supremacists Boycotting Thor Over Black God

A far-right group is calling for a boycott of the upcoming Thor movie because a black actor has been cast as a Norse god. Idris Elba plays the god Heimdall in the superhero movie, a casting decision that the Council of Conservative Citizens says is an “insulting multi-cultural make-over,” Gawkerreports.

Marvel Comics is known for its support of left-wing causes and “has now inserted social engineering into European mythology,” complains the group, which opposes inter-racial marriage. Elba himself addressed the issue earlier this year, the Guardian notes. “Thor has a hammer that flies to him when he clicks his fingers,” he said. “That’s OK, but the color of my skin is wrong?”

Next they will be claiming all sorts of nonsense, like there were black confederates! Just the sort of thing to sour a Secession Ball, indeed…



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