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CNN Panel on “My African-American” Gets Hot!

So now we are going to call them “African-American conservatives”…

Instead of Uncle Tom?

Personally I don’t see the media firestorm on this one. You got a Negro sitting up there in an all white crowd, made up in no small part by KKK, white supremacists, and neo-Nazis…Everybody already know what he is.


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Cheap Glass, Not Crystal

One of the favorites of the now defunct Booker Rising site’s blog owner Shay Riley was Crystal Wright. At least to my observation, Crystal hasn’t been right in a long time, regurgitating the standard tight wing racism in black face. Crystal has all the qualifications to be a black conservative media talking head – physically attractive, low morals to prostitute her race, and stupid. Or…In the case of Faux News, a blonde bimbo in blackface (apologies to Megyn Kelly, who may be blonde and wrongheaded…but isn’t stupid).

Black Conservative Says Democrats Have Made Black People ‘Dumber’

She also believes that Donald Trump is “probably the most pro-black candidate.”

Black conservative author and blogger, Crystal Wright, declared the Democratic party has made “black Americans poorer, dumber and more criminalized.”

In a sit-down interview on Monday with “Fox and Friends” host Steve Doocy, Wright pinpoints ways she believes black Americans who vote Democrat are voting “against their interests.”

“I’ve never seen Barack Obama talk about the black lives being killed by other blacks in Chicago, D.C or Baltimore,” she said. “93 percent of all black homicides are committed by other black people.”

However, Obama has addressed issues of crime within black communities in cities like Chicago, and he has also pointed out a history of systemic “failure” for black Americans within the criminal justice system.

Wright maintained that the democratic party as a whole is “literally killing black Americans.”

She also argued that Donald Trump is the “most pro-black” presidential candidate given his stance on illegal immigration — despite his overtly racist rhetoric and his perpetuation of inaccurate depictions of crimes committed by black people.

Wright, the editor and publisher of her blog Conservative Black Chick was once asupporter of Obama. But now her new book, Con Job: How Democrats Gave Us Crime, Sanctuary Cities, Abortion Profiteering, and Racial Division, is in direct opposition to the Democratic party.


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“I Can’t Understand Herman Cain”

Thanks T-Shirts (Urban Profile) for this one!


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Republican Hammer Cain for Stepping Off the Lawn

Lesson #1 for Herman Cain = Your job as the official Lawn Jockey of the Teapublican Party does not include speaking, no matter how mildly, about an white party member’s racism. Your job is to deny the existence, deny the existence, deny the existence…

Wear your Jockey Suit and grin.

Official Black Tea Party Supporter - Herman Cain


Faced With Perry’s “Niggerhead” Controversy, Conservatives Slam…Herman Cain


As Texas Gov. Rick Perry deals with the fallout from the revelation that his family leases a hunting camp called “Niggerhead,” Herman Cain is facing his own backlash—for suggesting that the Perrys’ conduct was “insensitive.”

According to the Washington Post, Perry’s family leases a piece of land referred to by local residents as “Niggerhead”; the word is carved into a rock at the entrance of the property. The rock was painted over sometime after the Perry family began renting the property in the 1980s, although the offending word is still “faintly visible.” Locals interviewed by thePost provided comic rationalizations for why the name isn’t offensive. Haskell County Judge David Davis told the paper, “It’s just a name…Like those are vertical blinds. It’s just what it was called.” Perry, for his part, told the Post that the term was an “offensive name that has no place in the modern world.”

Herman Cain, appearing on ABC’s This Weekoffered Perry the most mild of rebukes considering he’s old enough to recall what life was like when segregation was the law of the land. “I think that it shows a lack of sensitivity for a long time of not taking that word off of that rock and renaming the place,” he said.

Wrong answer, Herman.

You might have anticipated that Perry would face a firestorm for being associated with the property, but it’s Cain whose remarks are drawing the most criticism from the right. AtRedState, Erick Erickson concluded, “It also seems to be a slander Herman Cain is picking up and running with as a way to get into second place.” Glenn Reynolds remarkedthat until now, Cain’s “big appeal is that he’s not just another black race-card-playing politician.” Over at the Daily Caller, Matt Lewis called Cain’s remarks “a cheap shot, and, perhaps a signal that Cain is willing to play the race card against a fellow Republican when it benefits him.”

The key phrase here is “fellow Republican.” Because, you see, no one thought Cain was “playing the race card” when he said in the same program that black people are “brainwashed” into voting for Democrats and suggested that black people who vote Republican are “thinking for themselves.” Cain wasn’t rebuked by conservatives when he previously suggested President Barack Obama was not “a strong black man,” implied liberals were out to commit genocide against blacks through support for abortion rights, and said he wouldn’t appoint a Muslim to his cabinet.

None of that, in the eyes of the conservatives who cheered him for those remarks, constituted “playing the race card.” But when a man who is old enough to recall living under American apartheid gets a little emotional over a piece of land called “Niggerhead,” that’s where the right draws the line. Not just because Cain is attacking a fellow Republican, but because he stepped out of the proper role of a black conservative, which is to reassure Republicans that their political problems with race are the inventions of a liberal conspiracy. Cain just ran head first into the brick wall of conservative anti-anti-racism, the attitude on the right that accusations of racism directed at white people are of far greater consequence than any lingering vestiges of institutional racism nonwhites might face.

There’s also more than a little irony in Perry facing a racial controversy, especially considering the fact that it’s his relatively moderate record on immigration that has given him the most trouble in the GOP presidential primary. Given Cain’s remarks about Obama and black voters, Michele Bachmann’s support for a return to the pre-1965 immigration system (which involved racial quotas), and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s ad that mostly consists of former Mexican President Vicente Fox praising Perry in heavily accented English, Perry’s campaign has been largely devoid of race-baiting when compared with his opponents.

Yet conservatives might rally around Perry’s embattled campaign because a man with the living memory of what life was like for black people in the segregated South had the chutzpah to suggest that there was something “insensitive” about a place called “Niggerhead.” Meanwhile, Cain, whose stock was rising prior to the controversy, may have harmed his own presidential ambitions with the mere suggestion that a white Republican had been “insensitive” on an issue of race. How’s that for postracial?


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