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Electioneering in South Korea

A lot different than our hate fests…

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Mercedes vs 9 Iron

This guy was reportedly so pissed off at Mercedes S63 AMG breaking down…

He took a 9 iron to the car!

Apparently right in front of the dealership!

Guess he won’t be needing that Extended Warranty…

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Korean Tobacco Company Accused of Racist Ads

American WWII Poster

This one a brouhaha between a Korean Tobacco Company and the Africa Tobacco Producers Council.

Not a good job of winning friends and influencing. Obviously the Korean company didn’t “get” how the imagery might be insulting…

Nice to know Americans aren’t the only idiots out there.

One has to wonder though – if this company’s Marcom department all got their degrees from one of the private conservative colleges in the US. I mean – most real colleges talk about things like diversity and cultural sensitivity as part of Marketing 101, which are verboten topics in the conservative universe. And is one of the reasons conservatives constantly make complete asses of themselves when talking to anyone except over 60 year old white men. Ergo, if I want to market a product to any audience which includes Japanese…

I really don’t want to use the racist imagery common in the US during WWII

The part of this which is disappointing is that this sort of thing has been the subject of criticism of Asian Marketing before in China and Malaysia



Korean Tobacco Company Pulls ‘Racist’ Monkey Ads For ‘This Africa’ Cigarettes

Following cries of racism, South Korea’s largest tobacco company is pulling an advertisement for its new “This Africa” cigarettes.

The KT&G ads featuring a monkey dressed as a human were launched a month ago to promote the brand’s new “This Africa” cigarettes, according to the Agence France-Presse. The ads to promote cigarettes dried and roasted in “traditional” African style showed monkeys dressed as humans, tagged with the slogan “Africa is coming!”

Zambian Mirriam Simasiku, an African woman living in Seoul, told the Korea Times she found the ads extremely offensive.

“According to those images, Africans are just a bunch of uneducated monkeys,” she told the publication. “We as Africans are still a minority against a multitude of pure Koreans with no law to protect us. By the way, it is named This Africa, which is inappropriate since no one thought of making any connection.”

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3 Wars for America…?

Turns out the Bushit may have wasted more than just the economy and near 5,000 American lives in Iraq…

He may have screwed the country in our ability in supporting and protecting one of our staunch allies.

South Korea Will Blame North for Torpedo Attack

South Korea is going to officially blame North Korea tomorrow for killing 46 sailors in a torpedo attack, reports the Washington Post. The decision is based on the conclusions of international investigators, who reconstructed parts of the ship and said the torpedo used matches a North Korean weapon recovered earlier. The investigation’s results have not yet been made public. Seoul must perform a delicate balancing act in responding to the North’s provocation—it desires justice, but can’t upset the fragile peace that exists between the two nations. South Korea will likely ask the UN to tighten sanctions against Pyongyang. President Lee Myung-bak’s government also is expected to ask the US to delay plans to transfer control of the 28,500 US troops stationed in South Korea.

Gear shortage could last years after Iraq war

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