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Donald Trump’s White Nationalist and KKK Supporters

Time for Sean Hannity to call out the “Usual Suspects”, Uncle Jesse Lee Peterson, or his newest darling Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee to deny they have seen any white hooded robe types and to provide race protection for bigoted whites.

Time for Uncle Ben Carson to make a speech about “There aren’t any bigots here” for fame and money,

Sturmfeurher Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant and increasingly racist rhetoric i bearing fruit -as the minions of the white nationalist and racist right gather round…


Behind Trump, the GOP Really Is Becoming the Racist Party

The Donald is getting the backing of the white supremacist crowd, and the GOP from Priebus on down says nothing. Draw your own conclusion.

Let me offer some friendly advice to the Republican Party that I learned firsthand as a Muslim American: You don’t want to be defined by your most extreme members. And here’s a little more advice. The longer the GOP leadership remains silent as Donald Trump garners increasing support from white supremacist organizations, the more likely the GOP will become known as the party of racists.

I know, some of my progressive friends will say that’s already the case. But that’s not fair. Sure there are racists drawn to the GOP, just like we have seen psychopaths attracted to Islam. I’m sure not all Republicans are racists and I bet some are even disgusted by bigotry.

We are, however, seeing a bone chilling attraction to Trump by white nationalist groups. It’s almost like they view Trump’s candidacy as their last stand against the changing demographics of America. He’s become the poster child for their philosophy that “White Lives Matter More.”

For example, just last week David Duke, the former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux, publicly praised Trump as the best Republican candidate in the 2016 field because he “understands the real sentiment of America.” Duke applauded Trump’s views on immigration that call for mass deportation of families, saying that Trump is”speaking out on this greatest immediate threat to the American people.”

Trump’s tepid response to Duke’s glowing praise was troubling to say the least: “I certainly wouldn’t want his endorsement. I don’t need anyone’s endorsement.” When pressed by a reporter to repudiate Duke, Trump responded, “Sure, I would if that would make you feel better.”

Duke, however, is far from the only person tied to white supremacist or hate groups publicly endorsing Trump. Last week, white nationalist radio host James Edwards, a man who has warned against interracial marriage, called slavery “the greatest thing that ever happened to” blacks, and featured a “roster of white supremacists” on his show, publicly endorsed Trump.

Trump has also been touted by neo-Nazi websites such as The Daily Stormer with articles like, “We are all Donald Trump Now.” And as Media Matters set forth in detail a few days ago, the list of white nationalist leaders supporting Trump is alarmingly long.

The issue is not just that these hate groups see something they like in Trump. These groups have the right to endorse anyone they like. The more alarming issue is Trump’s failure to publicly to condemn them….




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Join the KKK!


A latter day black conservative…

White Supremacist Calls for Inclusive KKK to Invite Blacks and Gays

A white supremacist has made a call for a more “inclusive” KKK; one that would invite blacks and gays to join its ranks. John Abarr is a resident of Montana who says it is time to re-imagine what the KKK can be, and that means opening its doors to everyone. He says that white supremacy is the “old” version of the group and that it is time for the Klan to progress.

Not everyone is buying Abarr’s story, though. Some say he is in it solely for his own political gain after a failed bid for a seat in Congress. Montana Human Rights Network spokeswoman Rachel Carroll-Rivas says there is no way Abarr could have changed his deeply held beliefs that quickly.  Carroll-Rivas pointed out that Abarr has not yet apologized for the terrible pain he has caused to his community, and for that reason, she says, he is faking his new-found sentiments. Abarr is a well-known white supremacist and has previously been active in trying to spread his racist ideas.

Abarr met with the NAACP recently and spokesman Jimmy Simmons says that while Abarr may have had a change of heart about white supremacy, the wearing of white robes as symbols of the KKK and the usage of the same moniker “instills fear” in people.

It is not just human rights organizations that disagree with Abarr’s efforts to get his new group, Rocky Mountain Knights, off the ground. The KKK is quite unhappy about it as well. They say his new group is in direct violation of everything for which the KKK stands, and that the group would be a violation of the official organization bylaws. A spokesman for the group said that Abarr is making these statements as a publicity stunt to further his political career.

According to Think Progress, the Rocky Mountain Knights would be an inclusive group that would be open to black and gays but would still be extremely conservative and fight against a “one world government.” Abarr says the group’s purpose would be to stand for a “strong” America.

Experts say it would be highly unusual for a white supremacist to suddenly drop deeply-held convictions. Psychologists state that in general, people almost never change their minds about something they believe. According to Dr. Alex Lickerman, “Once we believe an idea we develop an emotional connection to it, not to mention a commitment to it—as if to a person—and often become attached to it with a strength we often don’t realize has little to do with the merit of the belief itself. And once we’re attached to anything—whether a person, place, thing, or idea—giving it up is extremely hard.” So, the concept of a white supremacist suddenly calling for an inclusive KKK and inviting blacks and gays to join may be just a bit far-fetched.

For now, Abarr says he will continue trying to bolster his new group. He says that the group is open to everyone ages 18 and above.  While Abarr seems dedicated to his cause, he might have quite a long road ahead of him when it comes to recruiting new members.


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