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Judge Mathis on Troy Davis Execution

Judge Mathis weighs in with a powerful condemnation of the Legal System and Georgia’s execution of Troy Davis.

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Son Kills Mother Over Porn Bill

This one is unbelievable…


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Judge Greg Mathis – The Prison-Slavery System

Now – this is the most unprofessional interview I’ve ever seen (this makes Faux News Cable look like a responsible news source), with the interviewer spouting off on her beliefs instead of asking the interviewee, in this case Judge Mathis, what he thinks – but it is worth a listen because Judge Mathis makes some startling observations about the prison-industrial complex.

Now – once you get past the hyperventilated presentation and interview, Judge Mathis has something important to say.

In another development impacting the Prison-Industrial complex, the Census is changing counting methods –

New census prisoner policy could benefit American cities

By David A. Love

America’s prison population could play an important role in the country’s redistricting battles, and help reshape America’s electoral map.

A new federal policy will change the way in which prisoners are counted in the 2010 Census. Census officials plan to make prisoner data available earlier than in past years. Prisoners were always counted in the national tally, but the federal government provided prisoner data to states after they completed their redistricting. Now, states will have access to that information prior to redistricting.

This move is important because now, the states will now have the option of counting prisoners based on their home districts–typically urban areas–rather than the rural districts where many of them are imprisoned. Districts with prisons have received more federal dollars because they were able to use their inmate headcount to boost their population. Meanwhile, urban areas have experienced a drop in federal funds, and a loss of representation in Congress, because their populations have declined. After all, the cities have involuntarily donated many of their young men, and increasingly women, to fill up these rural penitentiaries. Read the rest of this entry »


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