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Stossel’s KKK Rally Disguised as a Cookie Sale

Welcome to the new KKK Rally – disguised as an “Affirmative Action Cookie Sale” brought to you by Faux News.

Why is this a KKK Rally, which should better be conducted in white sheets and burning crosses?

Because the Supreme Court with the UMICH Decision, and other legal threats from misnomered groups like the Center for Individual Rights have virtually shut down Affirmative Action on major college campuses.

As such, continued efforts by racist conservatives to have “Affirmative Action Bake Sales” have nothing to do with the facts – they serve the same purpose as the old style KKK Rallies and Cross Burnings…

To try and intimidate minorities and eliminate them entirely from schools by threat.

AKA known as out-and-out racism.

Why do I consider conservatives no less enmies than Al Quaeda?

Because while Al Quaeda certainly wants to kill Americans – that hatred is colorblind. Unlike conservatives pretending to be Americans burning crosses on my front lawn and trying to kill my children.



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Food Fight!

This one is like the two smallest guys in the schoolyard throwing down on each other –

First is the King of Whine, John Stossel joining the Whack-Job crew over at Faux –

Next Lou “The Immigrant Lover” Dobbs, clearing the air about Whiny man –

A little tune for conservatives… Read the rest of this entry »


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