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More American Terrorists

Couple of major differences from the last 3 “Terrorist wannabe cells” arrested. First, the leader of the group had both Military and terrorist training at a terrorist training camp. Second, this group apparently had the means to travel to the Middle East, and did so, on at least 1 occasion. Third – one of the participants behind the group is currently being reported as hiding in Pakistan.

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The Bush War – A Prostitution of Religion

The interesting part of this interview isn’t the first half – it’s the second half where Baptist Reverend C. Welton Gaddy speaks and directly condemns the Bushsquat Administration’s perversion of Religion to gain political advantage…

“A prostitution of religion”.

Now it’s understandable why President Obama doesn’t want to prosecute the massive criminal enterprise which was the last Administration. The last time Congress got wrapped around that axle, during the 2 year failed attempt to impeach and convict President Clinton for his sexual improprieties – the Rethugs brought Congress, and much of the government to a complete standstill while our enemies planned and eventually executed the atrocity of 9-11.

There simply are too many problems created by the Rethugs on the economic front, on the legal front, on the crumbling infrastructure point to allow Congress to devolve into a multi-year effort of trial and recrimination.

To put it simply, if a thug shoots your mother in an attempt to rob her, and runs away – is your first action to see to her welfare, or to leave her lying on the ground as you chase the thug?

It may be mighty satisfying to catch the thug, and deliver him to Justice…

But then, if she died because you didn’t call 9-11 in time?

It’s a lousy hand America has been dealt.

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