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Jena 6 Updates

Two updates on the Jena 6 and how they are doing.


The first is on Jesse Ray Beard, whose Attorney took him to live with his family in New York –

Attorney gives Jena 6 teen counsel, chance at new life

Jesse Ray Beard said he was constantly in trouble, even when he behaved. It took being accused of the racially charged attempted murder of a white classmate in the Deep South to turn his life around. Read the rest of this entry »


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Glenn Beck Counter Attacks!

If you have been checking in here, or over at more leading sites such as  Jack and Jill and Color of Change who are leading the charge for responsible journalism over the nation’s airwaves – then you know about the Glenn Back Boycott.

So far, over 36 Advertisers have asked for their ads to be removed from Faux New’s Glenn Beck Show, or removed their advertisements entirely from Faux, in a response to incendiary comments made over the public airwaves by Beck threatening President Obama.

Resulting in Glenn Beck “taking a vacation”.

Seeking traction against his “Enemies”, Beck and a number of his defenders on the right searched for a “Reverend Wright” to tar and caricature as something (ANYTHING!) which might be portrayed as a “Giant Negro” …

Leading to their attack on Van Jones, who co-founded Color of Change and now is one of the President’s “Czars”. Here is yet another “Thrilla in Vanilla” –

Unfortunately for the Beck supporters, the facts get in the way of a really good right wing rant session (although that’s never bothered them in the past)…

First – Van Jones’ affiliation with Color of Change ended in 2005, four years ago, whereas the Boycott of Beck started only about a month ago. Read the rest of this entry »


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5 of the Jena 6 Freed

The Jena 6

The Jena 6

It’s finally over for 5 of the 6 young men in Jena, La.

ENA, La. (AP) – The Jena Six case, which once prompted a massive civil rights demonstration and drew international attention, saw the final chapter played out quietly.

Five neatly dressed young men answered “Yes Sir,” on Friday as state District Judge Tom Yeager asked them if they accepted the terms of a deal that included pleading no contest to misdemeanor simple battery. Read the rest of this entry »


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