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Amnesty International – American Genocide In Health Care

The American Dr. Mengele in the form of the Republican Party is quite proud of killing American babies as part of resisting any move to come up with a Health Care System that actually works in America, In particular, that portion of the racist right fully supports, and promotes the genocide of minority children. This isn’t about Health Care…

It’s about killing black and brown babies.

Too Many Women Dying in U.S. While Having Babies


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The New Jim Crow – Red Zone Genocide in Health Care

Rachel gets half the story here.

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This is an electoral map of the 2008 election in the now familiar red and blue –

Red/Blue Electoral Map 2008

Red/Blue Electoral Map 2008

This is a map of the black population in the United States –

Distribution of Black Population in the US

Distribution of Black Population in the US

Now quiz time… Which political party dominates each of those states with the worst health care records?

And who is being impacted?


You betcha.

more about “American Genocide in Health Care“, posted with vodpod

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The New Jim Crow – Health Care

Lynching MaryIn May, 1918, a white plantation owner in Brooks County, Georgia, got into a quarrel with one of his colored tenants and the tenant killed him. A mob sought to avenge his death but could not find the suspected man. They therefore lynched another colored man named Hayes Turner. His wife, Mary Turner, threatened to have members of the mob arrested. The mob therefore started after her. She fled from home and was found there the next morning. She was in the eighth month of pregnancy but the mob of several hundred took her to a small stream, tied her ankles together and hung her on a tree head downwards. Gasoline was thrown on her clothes and she was set on fire. One of the members of the mob took a knife and split her abdomen open so that the unborn child fell from her womb to the ground and the child’s head was crushed under the heel of another member of the mob; Mary Turner’s body was finally riddled with bullets.

Today –

Non-Hispanic black women have the highest infant mortality rate in the United States in 2004 — 13.60 per 1,000 live births, compared to 5.66 per 1,000 births among non-Hispanic white women. For the three-year period from 2002 through 2004, there were significant differences in infant mortality rates by state, ranging from a rate of 10.32 in Mississippi to 4.68 in Vermont. For infants of non-Hispanic black mothers, rates ranged from 17.57 in Wisconsin to 8.75 in Minnesota. For infants of non-Hispanic white mothers, the infant mortality rate ranged from 7.67 in West Virginia to 3.80 in New Jersey, according to the report, titled Infant Mortality Statistics From the 2004 Period Linked Birth/Infant Death Data Set.

US Compared

US Compared to Some Other Developed Nations With "Socialized" Medicine

In terms of the “average” Infant Mortality the US ranks 33rd in the World, considering black women only – the US would rank 83rd, behind Mexico, Romania, Syria, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands…

And Cuba. Indeed, if you are Puerto Rican in the US, you stand a almost 50% better chance of your baby surviving the first year…

By moving back to Puerto Rico.

Did a piece a while back entitled “The Deadliest Disease” based on a new book, “Medical Apartheid“, by Harriet A. Washington. The outcome of this book, and research studies in the last 10 years indicates that as many as 100,000 black and brown folks in America dies each year due to lack of, or less than adequate medical care.

So… What’s the difference between a Lynch Mob and their ideological descendants, the Tea Baggers?



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Teen Pregnacy and STDs Rise During Bush Administration

Another in a long list of conservative failures –

Babies Making Babies, and Babies Sick

A Time Magazine Cover from 1985 covering the epidemic in Teen Age pregnancy. After years of turning this around, it's on the rise again, along with the rate of deadly STDs among children because of policies of the Bush Administration.

Teenage pregnancies and syphilis have risen sharply among a generation of American school girls who were urged to avoid sex before marriage under George Bush’s evangelically-driven education policy, according to a new report by the US’s major public health body.
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Sanctifying Genocide

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again – the “Pro-Life” movement is more accurately called the Pro-Genocide movement.

Why? Because their support of “life” is narrowly confined to abortion. The fact that 10,000 or more black babies die a year due to substandard prenatal healthcare, another 10,000 die in the first year – and another 50-80,000 black American die a year due to substandard health care – and when combined with the unnecessary deaths of Hispanic and other minorities results in a Rwanda sized genocide, right here in America every 4 years…

Isn’t something on the agenda.

Rep. Christopher Shays (R-CT)

Rep. Christopher Shays (R-CT)Save the Dogs FEMA! They obviously are more valuable than black and brown folks dying as the flood waters rose in Katrina

The christian right is perfectly happy to aid and abet in the murder of tens of thousand of black and brown babies a year through their support of right-wing racism in the form of conservative politics – as long as the mother doesn’t choose to abort the baby.

And as usual, whether with the”coonservative” talking heads and writers whose specialty and stock in trade is excoriating “black depravity” –  the Pro-Genocide right tries to put a black face in front to convince some weak minded black folks that genocide is good for them…

Father John Raphael

Father John Raphael

Black priest says pro-life, African-American communities must unite

An African-American priest who graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1989 told the National Right to Life convention June 19 that he was “heartbroken” when he learned that Notre Dame planned to honor U.S. President Barack Obama at its 2009 commencement. Read the rest of this entry »


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