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Creators of Fake Planned Parenthood Videos Indicted

It really is past time that the justice system goes after these scumbags that create fake videos destroying peoples lives. They let Jame O’Keeffe off with it when he manufactured videos of Acorn, and they let Brietbart get away with it destroying a woman’s life.

I think it’s time to lock the scum up in prisons with other criminals for a long, long time.

Creator of anti-Planned Parenthood videos faces felony charge

A Houston grand jury that was investigating accusations of criminal misconduct against Planned Parenthood on Monday instead indicted the leader of an anti-abortion group that recorded covert videos of the organization’s employees.

Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson said David Daleiden, the director of the Center for Medical Progress, faces a felony charge of tampering with a governmental record and a misdemeanor count related to buying human tissue.

Sandra Merritt, one of Daleiden’s employees, was also indicted on a charge of tampering with a governmental record.

The grand jury cleared Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast of any wrongdoing.

“We were called upon to investigate allegations of criminal conduct by Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast,” Anderson said in a statement. “As I stated at the outset of this investigation, we must go where the evidence leads us. All the evidence uncovered in the course of this investigation was presented to the grand jury. I respect their decision on this difficult case.”

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said, however, that the inspector general of the state’s Health and Human Services Commission and the Texas attorney general’s office would continue to investigate Planned Parenthood’s actions. “Nothing about today’s announcement in Harris County impacts the state’s ongoing investigation,” Abbott said in a statement. “The State of Texas will continue to protect life, and I will continue to support legislation prohibiting the sale or transfer of fetal tissue.”

The indictment did not reveal how the Center for Medical Process manipulated documents. But earlier this month, Planned Parenthood filed a federal lawsuit against the video creators, asserting the group broke several federal laws in its campaign to defame the health-care centers with mail fraud, invasion of privacy, illegal secret recording and trespassing.

A warrant for Daleiden was issued Monday evening, according to the Harris County District Clerk’s website.

Who are other people in the group that produced the videos who might also be guilty of felony crimes?

  • Troy Newman, listed as the center’s secretary, is president of the Kansas-based anti-abortion group Operation Rescue and has posed as a reporter to record conversations with abortion providers in the past.
  • Albin Rhomberg, the center’s chief financial officer, was arrested in 1991 for disrupting a church service during the inauguration of Gov. Pete Wilson, an abortion-rights Republican. In 2005, he led an unsuccessful attempt to pass a California ballot measure requiring doctors to notify parents or guardians before performing abortions on minors.
  • Nichole Surkala, who is listed as the center’s contact if it is sued, was convicted in California in 2007 of willful cruelty to her 12-year-old son, according to court papers. Police found she kept a horse and seven dogs in a house in Modesto that was filled with animal feces and rotting produce.

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Ga Cop Indicted on Felony Murder for Killing Unarmed Black Man

Ga Cops have killed 170 people since 2010. Apparently, this one was too brazen to cover up.

Georgia cop indicted on murder charges for shooting unarmed naked vet suffering from PTSD

Minutes before being shot to death. As an Air Force veteran who had been deployed to Afghanistan, Anthony Hill had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and PTSD after returning from combat in 2012.

Instead of reaching for his pepper spray or his Taser, a DeKalb County police officer drew his gun and killed an unarmed veteran suffering from bipolar and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Charged with felony murder and several other charges on Thursday, the officer claims the unarmed veteran was aggressively charging towards him even though witnesses dispute his “official” version of events.

On March 9, 2015, residents called 911 to report a naked man crawling on the ground and acting deranged in the parking lot of their apartment complex.

As an Air Force veteran who had been deployed to Afghanistan, Anthony Hill had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and PTSD after returning from combat in 2012. Experiencing side effects from his medication, including a locked jaw and swollen tongue, Hill had stopped taking his prescription drugs ten days before his death while waiting for a follow-up appointment at the V.A. to switch his medications.

Responding to the scene, DeKalb County Police Officer Robert Olsen shot Hill to death because he claimed the unarmed veteran was charging towards him. Although he was reportedly armed with a Taser and pepper spray, Olsen immediately drew his firearm and gunned down Hill even though witnesses assert the naked veteran had his hands up when the officer killed him.

According to law enforcement sources who wish to remain unidentified, cops are often trained to treat naked suspects as drug addicts high on PCP or bath salts. Although Olsen received training on how to handle people suffering from mental illness, the officer reportedly described the department as having failed “to train him and the other officers in the Department in identifying and deciphering nonviolent or nonaggressive psychological episodes versus the threat of a potentially violent encounter with a citizen high on PCP.”

Filing a wrongful death lawsuit, Hill’s family accused Olsen of having “a long and extensive history of aggressive conduct” and “propensity toward anger when dealing with members of the public.”

Earlier this month, DeKalb County District Attorney Robert James Jr. asked a grand jury to charge Olsen with felony murder, aggravated assault, violating his oath of office, and making a false statement. Although over 170 fatal police shootings have been recorded in Georgia since 2010, only one officer has been charged with the killing of a civilian. That charge was later dismissed.

Despite the fact that Georgia state law allows police officers to address the panel without any threat of cross-examination or a rebuttal by prosecutors, the grand jury chose to indict Olsen on Thursday. His charges include two counts of felony murder, one count of aggravated assault, one count of making a false statement, and two counts of violation of oath by a public officer.

Unable to differentiate between aggressive suspects on PCP and nonviolent mentally ill patients off their medication, cops have repeatedly taken the lives of innocent people suffering from mental disorders. Instead of giving them the attention and treatment that they deserve, we as a society have neglected the mentally ill and allowed the government to increasingly close down mental health facilities. After decades of denying treatment and shelter to patients suffering from extreme psychological disorders, they’ve been thrown onto the streets and into the hands of the trigger-happy cops. And we can no longer act like we aren’t responsible for what inevitably happens next.

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Blue Criminals Matter Nov 16th

Covering the period from Nov 9th to Nov 16th. Sexual Assaults and rapes in blue.

  1. net‏@NPMRP 1h1 hour ago

Houston, TX 3 officers pled guilty to ticket fixing; received deferred adjudication–convictions may be expunged 

  1. net‏@NPMRP 2h2 hours ago

Update: Waynesburg, PA fmr officer pled guilty to assault for drunkenly breaking into apartment and assaulting man 

  1. net‏@NPMRP 2h2 hours ago

Update: Seabrook, NH fmr officer sentenced to 21 days in jail for assaulting inmate. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP 3h3 hours ago

Yukon, OK officer arrested for aggravated assault and battery against a woman in Oklahoma City. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP 3h3 hours ago

Jacksonville, FL sheriff’s officer arrested for smuggling contraband (magazines, cigarettes) into jail. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP 4h4 hours ago

Saline Co., AR fmr chief deputy sentenced to probation for waiving a fine in exchange for flooring in her kitchen. 


  1. net‏@NPMRP 5h5 hours ago

Lowndes Co., GA deputy pled guilty to collecting over $300k in disability from NJ while working law enforcement jobs 

  1. net‏@NPMRP 5h5 hours ago

U.S. Secret Service officer arrested in sting for sending explicit picture to person he thought was 14 yr old girl. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP 6h6 hours ago

Kissimmee, FL SRO arrested for assault of 13-year-old child; served notice for intent of termination. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP 6h6 hours ago

Nassau Co., NY fmr officer filed lawsuit for false arrest, She claims she was stopped and arrested b/c she is black. 


  1. net‏@NPMRP 7h7 hours ago

Michigan State Police officer arrested for solicitation in Lansing. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP 7h7 hours ago

Georgia Bureau of Investigation fmr agent was arrested for child molestation and related crimes. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP 8h8 hours ago

Bethel, AK fmr officer apprehended in Anchorage. He was wanted for sexual assault and misconduct. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP 8h8 hours ago

Billings, MT officer reprimanded for inappropriately requesting personal information from law enforcement database. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP 9h9 hours ago

Update: Calhoun Co., MI deputy sentenced to probation and fined for DUI crash and weapons violation in June. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 13

Pharr, TX officer arrested in connection w/ shoplifting and also assaulting loss prevention officer. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 13

Houston, TX officer arrested for smuggling people across US-Mexico border. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 13

St. Petersburg, FL officer resigned after 2 fellow officers accused him of using excessive force & lying about it 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 13

Update: Albuquerque, NM board reinstated officer fired for having body cam off during fatal shooting of Mary Hawkes. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 13

Indianapolis, IN officer arrested for domestic battery in January had charges dropped and was reinstated. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 13

Denver, CO officer accused of having sex with intoxicated mentally challenged woman while on duty. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 13

San Antonio, TX officer suspended for threatening a woman in a nail salon. Video of incident released. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 13

San Mateo Co., CA deputy loses suspension appeal for dishonesty & faces criminal charges for smuggling contraband. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 13

Alachua Co., FL deputy suspended during domestic violence investigation. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 12

Ely, MN officer charged with having sex with a teenager. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 12

Denver, CO ordered by jury to pay 80yr old blind man $400k for violent arrest at bus station in 2012. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 12

Riviera Beach, FL officer charged w/battery for slapping phone out of the hand of disabled vet who was recording him 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 12

FBI counterterrorism agent found guilty of second-degree assault on man in Chevy Chase, MD for incident off-duty. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 12

Shelby Co., TN captain arrested for interfering with a child-rape investigation against her son. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 12

Update: Madison, AL fmr officer’s 2nd federal trial for assaulting Indian man ended in mistrial. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 12

Detroit, MI officers (2) charged with embezzlement, larceny & misconduct for stealing from motorists. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 12

Update: Milwaukee, WI fmr officer will not face federal charges for shooting Dontre Hamilton. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 12

Washington, DC detective indicted for stealing more than $13k in bogus overtime. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 12

Update: Chicago, IL officer arraigned for firing gun at suburban officer and driving drunk. Next court date 12/1. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 12

Carteret Co., NC fmr deputy accused of indecent liberties with a child under 16. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 11

USCBP (San Diego) agent arrested for fatally shooting boyfriend. She claims self-defense. Investigation ongoing. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 11

Update: Minnesota trooper’s (vehicular) manslaughter charges dismissed b/c prosecutors violated his Garrity rights 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 11

Moore, OK SRO is on leave and under investigation for alleged assault against an autistic 14 year old child. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 11

Lubbock, TX officers (2) suspended for excessive force against auto theft suspect. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 11

Colwyn, PA fmr officer pled guilty to stalking in Montgomery County. Faces murder & other charges in Delaware County 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 11

Phoenix, AZ officer arrested twice in 3 days. First for domestic violence; second for sexual exploitation of minor. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 11

Fort Worth, TX officer arrested for DWI for riding his motorcycle. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 11

Mobile Co., AL detective arrested for DUI 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 11

Austin, TX officers shown on video punching man they were attempting to arrest for jaywalking. Investigation ongoing 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 10

Pittsburg, TX officer suspended after he was accused for role in unspecified February criminal case. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 10

Peach Co., GA deputy fired and arrested for sexting 17yo teen. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 10

Update: Hill Co., TX sheriff pled guilty to tampering in officer licensing scheme. Sentenced to deferred probation. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 10

Update: Bloomfield, NJ 2 officers face at least 5yrs for false swearing & misconduct for 2012 use of force & arrest 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 10

Update: Raytown, MO fmr officer sentenced to two years’ probation for stealing drugs & jewelry from evidence room. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 10

Update: Hummelstown, PA officer who fatally shot man in the back while he was on the ground acquitted of all charges 


  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 10

Sangamon Co., IL liability committee recommends settling excessive force and false arrest case w/ woman for $150k. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 10

Update: Denton Co., TX fmr deputy sentenced to nearly 13 years for child pornography possession. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 10

Richmond, VA officer arrested for sexual assault against a child. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 10

Tuscaloosa, AL officers (3) suspended after tasing and arrest of university students at a party goes viral. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 9

Salt Lake City (Unified PD) fmr officer charged with forcible sexual abuse for actions against 17-year-old girl. 


  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 9

University of North Dakota officer fired and charged with 10 counts of child pornography possession. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 9

Houston, TX officer fired for ‘pacing’ motorists in his personal car when off duty and sending tickets via mail. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 9

Los Angeles, CA officer no longer with department after a shot was fired into a home and his gun was found at scene. 


  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 9

Duval County, FL SRO suspended for conduct unbecoming for actions against a mother of a student. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 9

New York, NY officer arrested for off-duty assault of man at a Billy Joel concert in August. 


  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 9

Thomas Co., KS sheriff faces multiple allegations of professional, criminal, and sexual misconduct. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 9

Kern Co., CA deputy faces charges for firing his gun outside casino. Fellow deputy pled guilty to aiding him. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 9

USCBP (Douglas, AZ) fmr agent pled guilty to smuggling marijuana from Mexico. He will be sentenced in January. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 9

Update:Memphis, TN officer remains suspended after grand jury did not indict for shooting death of Darrius Stewart. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 9

Lorain, OH officer suspended for 30 days for giving his wife credentials to access confidential police database. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 9

Fort Smith, AR officer suspended w/o pay for 30 days after sexual harassment complaint filed by another officer. 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 9

Millburn, NJ to pay $455k in damages to fmr sergeant who was retaliated against for whistleblowing against officer 

  1. net‏@NPMRP Nov 9

Update: Chatham Co., GA deputies sentenced for death of Matthew Ajibade. One given 30 days in jail; other probation 

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About the confederate Heri…Errrr….Terrorism

Once again denuding confederate “Heritage” flag flyers…

Terror Charges for Confederate Flag-Toting Group ‘Respect the Flag’

Fifteen fans of the rebel flag supporters have been charged with making terrorist threats during a July confrontation with black attendees at a Georgia birthday party.

“This is a child’s birthday party!”

A woman’s voice is heard on video shouting at a caravan of at least four pickup trucks, each flying Confederate flags, as they pass a party in Douglasville, Ga., the passengers allegedly hurling racial epithets at the attendees. Now 15 people associated with the Confederate flag-toting movement Respect the Flag have been charged with making terroristic threats that day.

Video from the July 25 incident caught the female voice shouting at the passing trucks—and one passenger saying the n-word. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, one of the armed men allegedly said “kill y’all [n-word].”

“One had a gun, saying he was ‘gonna kill the [racial slur],’” the birthday party’s host told the paper. “Then one of them said, ‘Gimme the gun, I’ll shoot them [racial slur].’”

The pro-Confederate flag group’s leader, Levi Bush, initially told the press that he and his colleagues “drive around and sell flags,” likely in response to the renewed controversy surrounding the flag following the June murder of nine black churchgoers in Charleston, S.C.

The Respect the Flag Facebook page includes a photograph of its members with a crudely made flag portraying the infamous battle symbol adjacent to President Obama’s face.

Bush told police that his group had been threatened by the birthday partygoers and that he and his friends had to hold off a group of “15 to 20 of them.”

But on Friday afternoon, a Douglas County grand jury found sufficient evidence to charge Bush and 14 others with violating Georgia’s Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act—a recent law aimed at helping prosecutors establish criminal links between gang members—and making terroristic threats.

According to county district attorney Brian Fortner, the two counts, both felonies, carry a maximum sentence of 15 and five years, respectively. Additionally, two of the 15 accused, Joe Eric Hood and Thomas Charles Summers, were charged with a misdemeanor battery offense related to an incident at a gas station the same day.


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Congressman Chaka Fattah Indicted

Looks like another member of Congress is getting ready to join the Orange Jumpsuited Politician Group!

Rep. Chaka Fattah Indicted On Corruption Charges

WASHINGTON — Rep. Chaka Fattah (D-Penn.) was indicted on federal corruption charges on Wednesday in connection with fraud around his unsuccessful 2007 campaign for mayor of Philadelphia.

In a 29-count indictment, federal prosecutors charged that Fattah and his associates were part of a racketeering conspiracy that involved “several schemes” intended to further their “political and financial interests.”

Prosecutors said Fattah, who was elected to Congress in 1994, and four associates were involved in a scheme to borrow $1 million from a wealthy donor, disguising it as a loan to a consulting company. After losing the election, Fattah reportedly returned $400,000 in unused campaign funds to the donor, then engaged in a series of maneuvers — including the misuse of federal grant funds — to repay the outstanding $600,000.

In addition, the indictment alleges a number of improper dealings between Fattah and Herbert Vederman, a lobbyist and a former deputy mayor of Philadelphia who served as the finance director for Fattah’s mayoral campaign. Vederman continued to serve in that capacity until at least 2011 as he negotiated the campaign’s outstanding debts, according to the indictment.

Fattah allegedly accepted payments and other things of value from Vederman while doing him a number of personal and political favors. The congressman offered a job to Vederman’s girlfriend, the prosecutors say, and at another point signed and hand-delivered a letter to President Barack Obama urging him to give Vederman an ambassadorship.

Fattah and his wife, Renee Chenault Fattah, also allegedly used bribery proceeds to “close on a vacation home” in the Poconos by falsely disguising an $18,000 payment on the home as a sale of their Porsche to Vederman.

The indictment also alleges that Fattah used campaign funds to pay for his and his wife’s personal expenses, as well as his son’s student loans…More...

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Getting the Criminals Off the Streets in DC…Means Arresting the Police

Big City…Big Crime. Corruption on the part of Civil employees is a threat in any government. When it is the Police though, it has an impact on community trust and impacts the ability of the good cops to do their job.

The District of Columbia has more policemen per capita than any city in the world. Between the dozen or so local and Federal Police Departments (FBI, Secret Service, Customs, ATF,  etc), quasi police organizations such as the Federal Protective Service, the Transit Police guarding the city’s bus and subway system, and a host of private police guarding various buildings and facilities – there are actually enough police in DC to station one on every street corner in the city…several times over. During the riots of 1968 after MLK was assassinated, they actually did that with some small help from the National Guard.

A pic of some of DC’s finest. Insofar as this poster knows, none of the Policemen shown in this picture has done anything untoward or illegal.

110 D.C. Police Officers’ Arrests Since 2009 Leads To Questions, Scrutiny

Police officials in the nation’s capital have been facing recent questions about headline-making arrests — not of hardened street criminals but of their own officers.

In a single month, one District of Columbia police officer was accused of taking semi-nude pictures of a 15-year-old runaway and another was charged with running a prostitution operation involving teenage girls. A third was indicted on an attempted murder charge, accused of striking his wife in the head with a light fixture.

Police say the arrests aren’t representative of the entire department, which includes about 4,500 officers and civilian employees. Still, more than 100 officers in the last five years have been arrested on charges ranging from traffic offenses to murder to money laundering, and the latest instances have increased concerns about training, supervision and accountability. The D.C. Council has set a hearing to discuss the problem and Police Chief Cathy Lanier has met with residents to assuage fears of a misbehaving department.

“We don’t think we have a department out of control, and I think that oftentimes is the image that is portrayed,” she said in an interview, noting that the majority of arrests are not for on-duty corruption but instead involve off-duty misconduct that is harder to police.

The hearing Friday will focus on how applicants are screened and what services are available to prevent alcohol abuse and domestic violence, two prevalent problems, said Councilmember Tommy Wells, who chairs the public safety committee.

“I think it’s extremely important that the public have confidence in our police force and we’ve had three high-profile cases of serious police misconduct, albeit generally off-duty,” Wells said.

Police department figures show the arrests of about 110 police officers, for both on- and off-duty conduct, since 2009. Many of the arrests involved traffic violations or involved cases that were dropped or ended in acquittal.

Among the most serious cases was Richmond Phillips, who received life without parole last year for the slayings of his mistress and baby daughter. Wendel Palmer was convicted last year of sexually abusing a girl who participated in his church choir, while Kenneth Furr received a 14-month sentence for an armed altercation that began after prosecutors say he solicited sex from a transgender prostitute.

Lanier has said many of the arrested officers were brought onto the force during a time of lax hiring standards and wouldn’t be qualified to serve today. She said that in some cases the arbitration process has required the department to rehire officers it fired. She said the department has dramatically tightened its recruitment practices to mandate polygraph exams and that only one of about 25 applicants is now hired.

The department also tracks warning signs like missed commitments and abuse of sick leave. And it requires officers to report off-duty arrests, which Lanier contends can make the numbers look worse than in cities that lack that requirement.

“I feel comfortable that our recruiting process, the background screening we do, is as tight as we can get,” Lanier said at the meeting. “But I also realize that there are people that are on the police department that came through at a time when there was not that strict background (check), and those are the people that we want to make sure that if they are involved in misconduct, that we weed those people out.”

But resident Khadijah Tribble, 42, told the chief she was unconvinced the misconduct was isolated.

“Aren’t these trends troubling and isn’t it worth our due diligence to do a thorough, independent investigation of this trend?” Tribble said in an interview.

Robert Kane, the director of the Drexel University criminal justice program who has studied police misconduct, said the number of arrests wasn’t necessarily shocking for a big-city police department.

At least 43 New York City police officers are known to have been arrested between 2011 and 2013 on charges including gun-running, drunken driving, perjury, a ticket-fixing scam and a cannibalism plot. A Los Angeles police officer was charged with stomping a handcuffed woman who later lost consciousness and died. Dozens of Memphis, Tenn., officers have been arrested in recent years.

Kane said that on-duty police misconduct can be reliably defined, off-duty misbehavior by officers is studied less often.

“We know what factors explain police misconduct, when police officers stop people and extort money from them,” he said. “What do we know about officers who walk into a liquor store when off-duty and rob it at gunpoint for some beer?”

In D.C., the first of the recent arrests was on December 2 when officer Marc Washington was charged with taking semi-nude pictures while on-duty of a teenage runaway who had just returned home. Authorities say after responding to the girl’s apartment, he directed her into her bedroom and told her to undress so he could photograph injuries. He was arrested after the girl alerted her mother, who contacted police. Soon after being released from jail, Washington was dead from an apparent suicide.

The following week brought the off-duty arrest of Linwood Barnhill Jr., a 24-year-veteran who was charged after police came to his apartment and found a 16-year-old girl who had been reported missing. The girl told police Barnhill had photographed her and offered to pay her to have sex with other men, allegations also made by a second teenager. His lawyer says Barnhill never threatened anyone.

Lanier acknowledged the arrests, especially for on-duty conduct, have shaken the department. But she said she hopes the sight of handcuffed officers sends a message to other officers who would break the law.

“We would like the officers to know that if there’s somebody in our midst that is committing criminal conduct and we become aware of it, we will lock them up,” Lanier said. “We don’t need somebody else to lock them up. We will lock you up.”


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Conservative Down – Yet Another Con faces Criminal Charges

So far this week we have seen one Republican Governor indicted in Va for taking bribes…

A Republican Governor in New Jersey under Federal investigation, in what started as a case of political payback, and has now expanded to corruption charges, and even meetings with a purported Mafia Capo…

And now, one of the formerly shining voices of the right, Dines D’Souza being indicted for election fraud.

I mean…It’s only January, and you have two guys formerly touted as potential Presidential material, and a highly influential voice on the Christian Right potentially looking at jail time.

How bad is it? You even have Glen Beck apologizing!

This should be a TV reality show.

The latest conservative icon to face charges is Dinesh D’Souza. Author of “Illiberal Education“, the controversial “The End of Racism“, and the Anti-Obama hate Movie

2016: Obama’s America” which was a major hit with the racist conservative sector.

Dinesh D’Souza’s Series of Unfortunate Events

Author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza was indicted for encouraging fraudulent campaign donations—just the latest in a spiral that has all but sunk his career in the conservative movement.

Conservative author, filmmaker and provocateur Dinesh D’Souza was indicted Thursday on charges of using straw donors to make illegal contributions to a college classmate’s 2012 campaign.

The indictment, filed in U.S. District Court in New York, accuses D’Souza of “willfully and knowingly” surpassing the $5,000 limit for individual campaign donations by directing others to donate to the campaign of Wendy Long, who unsuccessfully challenged New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand in 2012. According to the document, D’Souza and his then-wife, Dixie, each contributed $5,000 to Long’s campaign, and he reimbursed others for $20,000 he had encouraged them to donate.

D’Souza worked with Long on the infamousDartmouth Review, an edgy conservative newspaper at Dartmouth College known for launching smart young right-wingers to prominence. In 1990, the pairapologized for printing an anti-Semitic quote from Hitler’s Mein Kampf in an edition of the publication distributed on Yom Kippur—an antic typical of theReview’s ethos of deliberate provocation. Long went on to become an attorney at several conservative institutions, including the Claremont Institute. She made her first run for office in 2012, and lost in a landslide to Gillibrand, New York’s incumbent Democratic senator.

According to the New York Times], Long raised about $785,000 in the race, with D’Souza hosting one of her fundraisers. D’Souza’s lawyer denied any criminal intent in the apparent plot to reimburse donors to Long’s campaign, saying it was “at most … an act of misguided friendship.”

The indictment is just the latest in a tangle of personal and professional difficulties that swarmed around D’Souza at what was arguably the height of his success: the popularity of his 2012 anti-Obama documentary 2016: Obama’s America. The film, which was released in the summer of 2012 and became a slow-burn hit with conservatives in the run-up to the presidential election, earned over $33 million at the box office and was the highest-grossing documentary since 1982. But just a couple of months into the film’s promotion, D’Souza was out of a job: he resigned his lucrative position as president of the King’s College, a small evangelical Christian school in Manhattan, over reportsthat he was engaged to a 29-year-old woman while still being married to his wife of 20 years.

D’Souza’s departure from the King’s College was the symbolic end of his career in the institutional conservative movement, which had grown increasingly exasperated with his string of conspiratorial books that failed to live up to his reputation as a star of conservative scholarship. (One advanced the notion that America’s moral decadence led to 9/11; another launched the meme, which has long since become a political punch line, that Obama was a “Kenyan anti-colonialist.”) D’Souza’s tenure at the King’s College was fraught with conflict, as some faculty members viewed him as a name-brand hire who lacked appropriate academic credentials and who was more interested in his own money-making projects than in fundraising for the college.

The conflict came to a head in October, when the evangelical magazine Worldalleged that D’Souza had shared a hotel room with Denise Odie Joseph, a young woman who had written a fawning blog about about him, and introduced her as his fiancée despite still being married. The college had apparently been aware of D’Souza’s marital problems, but decided to end its relationship with him once news of the scandal engulfed the school.

Despite that flameout, D’Souza’s prospects seemed as bright as ever: his wildly successful documentary was one of the most profitable projects of his career, at least since his hagiographic biography of Ronald Reagan was published in 1999. D’Souza had discovered the lucrative business of hitting the sweet spots of the conservative movement with a mixture of Christian apologetics, celebration of conservative heroes, and paranoid attacks on liberals. Even if it was unlikely he would continue to be given quasi-scholarly positions in conservative institutions, the financial prospects of political propagandizing had never looked better.

But even the glow of his documentary’s success was interrupted by legal headaches. While the King’s College scandal was erupting, D’Souza was sued by Douglas Sain, the producer of 2016: Obama’s America. Sain alleged that D’Souza had mismanaged funds from the movie and kept his partners out of crucial decisions about the film’s marketing and distribution. A judge eventually threw out the suit, concluding that the charges “lacked specificity.”

D’Souza was last seen in an informercial for a friend’s artificial Christmas tree


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