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NAACP Image Award to Van Jones

I think most of you will remember the vicious smear campaign last year by the right wing’s propaganda arm, Faux News to “get” President Obama’s staff. Such a low brow attack on the staff of an incoming President is unparalleled. One of the early victims of the Faux smear campaign was the Administration’s “Green Czar”, Van Jones. Tarred as a “Giant Negro” – “Angry Black Man” by the right-wing echo chamber’s racist outlets, Van Jones chose to step down, rather than to become a impediment to the new Administration. One of the accusations against Van Jones was that he was a 911 “Truther”, amusing – since it appears the 911 “Truther” faction now seems healthily represented in the Tea Bagger movement in the Republican Party.

Van Jones

NAACP Image Award to be given to former WH ‘green czar’

While Van Jones may have left the White House under a cloud, the NAACP says that’s not his whole story.

The group considers him a pioneering hero for the environment and civil rights — so much so that it is awarding him one of its highest honors Friday: an NAACP Image Award. It’s a move that is just becoming public now, which is sure to stoke the fire from Jones critics. Read the rest of this entry »


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