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Rick Perry – “Fossil Fuels Prevent Rape”

The Chumph’s Energy Secretary is as dumb as a rcok…


Even worse – this new found desire to prevent sexual assaults is rather questionable…


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Another Right Wing Hypocrite!

Fresh on the heels of several Democrat scandals, the Republicans continue to be the gift that keeps on giving in terms of their ability to self-immolate.

Yet another in a very long line of right-wing hypocrites has been outed by his own actions. California state Sen. Roy Ashburn, who reportedly has voted against every gay rights measure since he took office eight years ago was charged with driving under the influence on Wednesday, reportedly after leaving a gay nightclub in Sacramento. This particular metro-sexual Republican is married to a woman, and the “father” of 4 children.

California senator says he’s gay, defends his anti-gay votes

Republican, anti-gay State Sen. Roy Ashburn in his booking photo

California state Sen. Roy Ashburn, whose personal life became the subject of rumors in the wake of a DUI arrest last week, announced Monday that he is gay, but he defended his numerous votes against gay rights bills.“I am gay . . . those are the words that have been so difficult for me for so long. But I am gay,” Ashburn told conservative radio talk show host Inga Barks in an on-air interview.

A Sacramento TV station last week reported that unnamed sources saw Ashburn at a gay bar the night before his arrest last Wednesday on suspicion of DUI. The speculation set off a media frenzy, rekindling rumors that Ashburn lived a closeted life.

Gay-rights advocates seized on the news to point out Ashburn’s votes against gay rights legislation and his appearance several years ago at a rally in support of a proposed constitutional amendment to prohibit gay marriage.

I guess gay people suffer the pestilence of people like Sen. Ashburn, just as black folks suffer the pestilence of that segment of self-hating black conservatives, who spin their wheels, and work themselves into a frenzy defending conservative racism… Gay people have the likes of Senator Ashburn…

We have the likes of Clarence Thomas.

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