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Supreme Court Finds Obamacare Constitutional

In a huge win for the American People the Supreme Court today decided that the ACA, called Obamacare by Republicans is Constitutional. This decision puts a major torpedo in the Conservative right wing scow, and has major implications in the Presidential race.

Sunrise over the Supreme Court. I doubt it is the dawn of a new era – but it is a small ray of hope.

Supreme Court Upholds ObamaCare

The Supreme Court upheld President Obama’s health care law today in a splintered, complex opinion that gives Obama a major election-year victory.

Basically, the justices said that the individual mandate — the requirement that most Americans buy health insurance or pay a fine — is constitutional as a tax.

Chief Justice John Roberts — a conservative appointed by President George W. Bush — provided the key vote to preserve the landmark health care law, which figures to be a major issue in Obama’s re-election bid against Republican opponent Mitt Romney.

Obama is expected to comment on the decision within the next two hours.

The government had argued that Congress had the authority to pass the individual mandate as part of its power to regulate interstate commerce; the court disagreed with that analysis, but preserved the mandate because the fine amounts to a tax that is within Congress’ constitutional taxing powers.

The announcement will have a major impact on the nation’s health care system, the actions of both federal and state governments, and the course of the November presidential and congressional elections.

As lawyers examined the details of the various opinions, political analysts quickly predicted at least a short-term political boost for Obama.

Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, said “you can hear the sigh of relief at the White House” over a big plus for Obama.

“It allows the president’s signature achievement to stand,” Brown said. “Since politics is the ultimate zero-sum game, what’s good for Obama is bad for Gov. Mitt Romney.”

Brown also noted that the ruling allows the Republican “to continue campaigning against the law and promising to repeal it.”

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Surprise! Surprise! In the Bag Republican Judge Rules Against Health Care

Nothing like having “special” judges to rule for “special” people…and in this case to toe the Party line.

A Bush appointed judge agreed with the right wing Kook – now isn’t that a surprise?

With all of the problems we have right now in terms of unemployment, the foreclosure scams, and a host of other issues…

WTF is this POS wasting Virginia’s money on this?

Va AG Ken "The Kook" Cuccinelli

The Right Wing Ideologue Judge - Henry Hudson


Federal Judge Declares Health Care Reform Unconstitutional

A federal judge declared the Obama administration’s health care law unconstitutional today, siding with Virginia’s attorney general in a dispute that both sides agree will ultimately be decided by the Supreme Court. US District Judge Henry E. Hudson on is the first federal judge to strike down the law, which has been upheld by two others in Virginia and Michigan. Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli filed the lawsuit challenging the law’s requirement that citizens buy health insurance or pay a penalty starting in 2014.

Cuccinelli argued that the federal government doesn’t have the constitutional authority to impose the requirement. Hudson, a Republican who was appointed by President George W. Bush, sounded sympathetic to the state’s case when he heard oral arguments in October, and the White House expected to lose this round. Officials told reporters last week that a negative ruling would have virtually no impact on the law’s implementation, noting that its two major provisions—the coverage mandate and the creation of new insurance markets—don’t take effect until 2014. Other lawsuits are pending, including one filed by 20 states in a Florida court; Virginia is not part of that lawsuit.




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Waters (D-CA) Calls On Obama To Grow a Pair

Bill Moyers, and now Maxine Waters have seen enough of the conservative effort to defeat President Obama at any cost…

And damn what is good for America, or the welfare of Americans.

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American Genocide in Healthcare

“Healthcare is a right and not a privilege. Every man, woman and child deserves a dignified and healthy life. As ours is a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, and increasingly diverse nation, legislation must fully recognize and address health disparities.”

Congressman Mike Honda (CA-15)

Pregnant Mom on the Go

Pregnant Mom on the Go

Speaking With One Voice Congressional TriCaucus Declares: “COVERAGE IS NOT ENOUGH”

Black, Latino and Asian lawmakers warned Democratic leaders that any health care overhaul that ignores health gaps between whites and minorities will face stiff opposition. Members of the Asian caucus, along with the Congressional Black Caucus and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, said they plan to introduce legislation this week that includes their wish list for broadening health care overhaul beyond various plans floated in the House and Senate. The three minority caucuses have a total of 91 members, most of them Democrats and enough to help shape the final legislation.

Black infants are twice as likely as white infants to die before their first birthday. Black women are less likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer, but more likely to die from the disease. African Americans suffer from higher rates of diabetes, asthma, fibroids, and several forms of cancer. HIV infection rates are exponentially higher for African Americans with young black women being most vulnerable. Life expectancy for black men is the worst in the nation. These differences cannot be explained away simply by accounting for socioeconomic differences between racial groups. Black Americans have worse health outcomes even when we account for income.

The deadliest disease in America is indeed being sick or pregnant while black, Hispanic, Native American, or Asian…

Nearly 10,000 black babies die a year, in their first year because of treatment and medical availability  differentials between whites and minorities.  Probably a like number die during pregnancy, miscarried. More black babies die in the first yer of life alone due to inadequate health care each year than thugs shoot in the inner city murder.

And it doesn’t stop with the babies, perhaps 50,000 – 80,000 or more black people die due to lack of access to health care, or “doctor choice” not to aggressively treat minorities.

A Rwanda size genocide right here in America every 10 years. And that’s just the black folks. You start adding in what’s happening with Hispanics and other people of color – and the numbers get staggering.

In hundreds of books, thousands of articles by conservative authors and their black avatars supposedly examining racial differences, and how people of color should “pull themselves up by their bootstraps” you can’t find a damn word about this. They can talk about the statistics behind the mythical “70% illegitimacy rate”, inner city crime, and how many prisoners of color are confined in prisons…

And a number even wax self-righteously taking a “pro-life” stance…

But 10,000 or 20,000 babies lives cut short a year will never be mentioned, and if you mention the words “Health Care” their inevitable response is…


Shoveling black brown babies into Massas Gulag’s ovens.


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