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RealClearPolitics – Video – Obama Won’t Vacation Until Health Bill Passes Senate

What a refreshing change from the 8 years the Bushit spent “cutting brush” on the Ranch while America burned!

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Al Franken Sets John Thune Straight on HC Bill

Franken takes South Dakota Republican Thune to school. Al Franken is a far better Senator, than he was a comedian – something which isn’t a given in that performers don’t always make good politicians. After all, Raygun was far better on Death Valley Days

Than as President.

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Democrats Drop the Hammer

Not sure why it took so long to get to this point – but here it is. The Democrat leadership has finally thrown down the gauntlet to their fractious members in the Senate and House. Committee chairmanships, the most prized political plums in Congress are on the line here for folks who allow the Rethugs to shaft Health Care Reform…

About freakin’ time!

Talk about a Nuclear option!

Now, the funny looking cap on Senate Majority Reid was a reference to a 90’s group, Devo –

Rachael needs a bit of soul – so lets suggest two other approaches –

Smooth and Silky –

Or ready for the Get Down

(After all it is “Funky Friday!”)

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The New American Genocide – Health Care

In an America, where minority infant mortality rates are worse than in some third world countries. and 2.5 times or worse than whites – is it any wonder may of the same people who oppose restructuring American Health Care to meet the standards enjoyed by folks in other first world nations are racially motivated?

I mean – after all, the American Health Care system has performed as a cooperating arm of the Genocide of black and brown folks in this country since slavery, right on through medical experimentation like the Tuskegee syphilis experiment, involuntary sterilization of minority women…

And today where drugs are often human tested in third world countries, and there are huge differentials in the quality of care recieved by people of color…

And white folks. Even when those folks have exactly the same conditions, and exactly the same medical insurance coverage.

So is it any surprise a Florida Doctor, opposing Health Care reform would come up with the following racist image ?

Obama, as a Witch Doctor...

Obama, as a Witch Doctor...

Rachel Maddow, who is fast becoming my favorite TV personality takes the intersection between opposition to Health Care Reform, and racism…

So… When these folks are shouting “Socialism” and their opposition to “ObamaCare”, their opposition isn’t really about as much about money – as their”God given right” to continue to murder black and brown babies… Read the rest of this entry »


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