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Daily Resistance to the Illegitimate Chumph

Greenpeace rolls out the latest act of resistance to the Illegitimate Chump…

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A few minutes ago, Greenpeace activists climbed a construction crane a block from the Whites Only House and unfurled a banner more than 200′ up visible over wide swats of the city.

Good Morning, Chump!

Protesters climb 270-foot crane in downtown D.C., disrupt traffic

Seven activists who D.C. police said are affiliated with Greenpeace climbed a construction crane in downtown Washington on Wednesday morning, snarling traffic and bringing work on a new office building to a halt.

At least two protesters had attached themselves to the crane, police said, while others were on the outstreched arm, or jib, attempting to unfurl a banner 270 feet over the site at 15th and L streets Northwest.

At times, two protesters were dangling from the jib, apparently using safety harnesses.

Dozens of onlookers gathered at the scene, clutching coffee cups and peering upward.

D.C. Police Capt. Robert Glover, of the Special Operations Team, said investigators talked with at least one of the demonstrators. He would not describe how, nor would he say if anything had been discussed. Glover said police are in contact with Greenpeace.

“Safety is our primary concern,” Glover said, adding that police are in contact with the U.S. attorney’s office to determine possible criminal charges.

The protesters were first noticed about 6 a.m., and by 9 a.m. Glover said there was no immediate attempt to have police and firefighters climb the crane and remove the protesters.

“Time is on our side,” Glover said.

Greenpeace is an international environmental group known for activism that sometimes involves confronting authorities and companies.

Cassady Sharp, a spokeswoman for Greenpeace, said the 35-foot by 75-foot banner reads “Resist.” She said the site was chosen because it is near the White House — it’s about one-half mile away — “to send a message to the people who are feeling discouraged after just a few days of [President] Trump’s administration.”

Specifically, Sharp said the protest is targeting Trump’s signatures on executive orders Tuesday signaling support for the Keystone XL and Dakota Access oil pipelines. She said the demonstrators “are going to stay up there for as long as they can to make sure their message is heard.”

Sharp said the group hopes the banner can be seen from the White House, and that the protest location was “chosen for its visual value.” She said the demonstrators who climbed the crane are from all over the country, including San Francisco, Brooklyn and around Washington.


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First Rule of Boating

The first rule of boating is those big steel ships have the right of way if you are in a small boat. Darwin most likely came up with the idea of the “Survival of the fittest” shortly after seeing one of his ships run into a large immovable object. In any event, for anyone who ventures out on the water, whether in a rowboat or something a bit more expansive, it’s a real good idea to stay far away from the large commercial ships if they are moving. Stopping an oil tanker is an exercise covering 2-3 miles. Turning a 600′ boat can require over a mile of space, depending on speed.

Case in point – this collision:

The guys in the black boat are from a group that is trying to stop Japanese whaling. The guys in the big ship are obviously the whalers. Sort of like smashing into a bus with your Mini Cooper – or as in this case…

Having your Mini run over by a bus.

It’s fairly obvious the Japanese Whaler Captain had had enough of the tactics of the anti-Whaling warriors.

Now – for any conservative who doesn’t  yet understand the physics equations involved in the size differential here…

This is another  hint:

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