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Morgan Freeman – The Future of Green

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Prison Goes Green – Inmates Respond Positively

This is not Joe Arpaio’s tent Prison in Arizona. These guys aren’t any better or worse than those being held in prisons across the country. Being outside and working with plants, seeing the result of your efforts is a balm to the soul. That balm has translated to excitement, and a passion on the part of prisoners in Washington State.

What several prisons in the State of Washington have done is to create green programs for the inmates to participate in and to contribute through their labors. The results are encouraging, with prisoners actively seeking to join in…

Prisoners turn over a new leaf with eye on environment

The organic vegetables travel a short distance from the well-tended garden to the table where they are eaten.

Waste is carefully picked through and recycled, saving thousands of dollars.

The close-cropped lawns are maintained by push mowers to cut down on carbon emissions and gas expenses.

This is not some new designer eco-hotel where the rich and environmentally conscious can be pampered free of guilt.

It’s a prison.

At the Stafford Creek Corrections Center, a few yards from the garden where strawberries and cucumbers grow looms a tower where guards watch inmates, high-powered rifles at the ready. A jungle of razor wire surrounds the facility.

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When ecologist and professor Nalini Nadkarni first pitched the idea of Washington prisons going green she didn’t know how her proposed partners — convicted criminals — would respond. Read the rest of this entry »

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Cool Geek Idea of the Decade! Solar Roadways

Have to admit my inner Geek went at bit Bonzo over this one, needing a high energy drink and 3 Snickers bars to get it to calm down.

Visit the site here

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So crazy it just might work? Apparently the Dept. of Transportation thinks so:  Solar Roadways has received a $100,000 contract from DOT to build a prototype:

The Solar Roadways will collect solar energy to power businesses and homes via structurally-engineered solar panels that are driven upon, to be placed in parking lots and roadways in lieu of petroleum-based asphalt surfaces. Read the rest of this entry »

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MY President!

The title for this one is a riff off of a Wanda Sykes joke told at the National Press Club Dinner. If you don’t get it – watch the video.

Chesapeake Bay Sunrise - Winter

Chesapeake Bay Sunrise - Winter

MY President Barack Obama issued an Executive Order today to clean up the Chesapeake Bay! At freakin’ last there is hope to enjoy the Breakfast of Baysiders once more before I pass from this earth. The tasty morsel called a Chesapeake Bay Oyster. There have been wars fought in this part of the country over these bad boys, and a good number of brawls over which is best – Seaside Oyster or Bayside. And don’t even get into the discussion of whether Tangier Sound or Mobjack Bay taste better! Anyway – fried or on the half shell – this is the start to some seriously good eatin’ Chesapeake Bay style!

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