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Robert Gibbs in Deep Hot Water With Libs

The most thankless job in the world, besides being a Flight Attendant – has to be Press Secretary. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs is getting hammered from both the left and right…

The problem being it isn’t Gibbs who makes the policies.

But this Administration has done a lousy job of communicating their accomplishments, and has consistently refused to utilize all the weapons in their arsenal to combat disinformation, whether inadvertent, or as in the case of Faux News – intentional.

Whether Gates is responsible for that, or the more likely case that the responsibility lies further up on the food chain…

The Administration is failing to control it’s message.

Somebody please show Mr. Gates where the button is for the evacuation slide!

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Congressional Mixed Verbal Arts – Grayson v. Bachmann

This was the “Thrilla in Vanilla” here, a “hoe down” between the two Party members, each of whom is most derided by members of the opposite Party.

I score it 30-27, Grayson.


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Rep. Grayson and Olbermann SCUMUS Corporate Sale of the Government

If you thought Rep Grayson wasn’t going to raise holy hell on this one…You were wrong!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Has Democracy Been Destroyed? Keith O…“, posted with vodpod

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