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On the Right Wing’s Latest Defense of Assasination

I don’t see Obama supporters coming to political meetings “strapped“.

I don’t see Liberals going to a Presidential Town Hall carrying guns.

Nor do I see ANY Democrat politician talking about “Second Amendment Remedies” in the event of losing an election.

Nor do I see armed Democrats “protesting” at the front door of any Tea Party or Republican Politician’s office.

I don’t see any Democrat talking about “secession” as Governor Rick Perry, Representative Zach Wamp (TN),  and others have openly spouted (and we all know what happened the last time they tried that one!).

We don’t have Liberals blowing away cops on the street because of something they heard on Rachel Maddow like they did on Glenn Beck. or here withAlex Jones and Glenn Beck.

You don’t have Liberals flying airplanes into Federal Offices to protest the Government.

You don’t have Liberals blowing up Federal Offices, including Day Care Centers and killing 162 people.

You don’t have Liberals mailing Anthrax to only conservative news people and Republican Congressmen and Senators.

You don’t have Liberals setting out to kill 108 people and to assasinate the President, or

Blowing away museum guards, or…

Plotting to mass murder police.

You don’t have a single case of a Liberal shooting a right wing Congressman or Senator – or even trying (thank God).

Now us Liberals telling the truth in calling conservatives “stupid”, and “hypocrits” may hurt conservatives minuscule, fragile manhood like hell, but it hardly rises to the level of threat to life and limb boradcast daily on one or more conservative media outlets – nor the sort of threats endured by many liberal bloggers on a day to day basis.

You conservatives enjoy having that 9 Year Old girl’s blood on your hands? Because if you don’t…

WTF are you defending this isht?

Buckdancing and obfuscation about the real issue – which was caused by the way by your “hero”…

“saint” Raygun.


Who shut down the public mental health facilities and dumped thousand of mentally ill on the streets?

Who, by doing so made it damn near impossible to commit folks like the Arizona assassin and the guy who took so many lives at Virginia Tech?

And lastly…

Who makes it impossible to prevent these sort of whack-jobs from buying guns?

It ain’t Liberals.


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