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Sarin Attacks in Syria

Initially developed during WWII by German industrial giant IB Farben as an insecticide, Sarin is a Phosphate based poison, which can be absorbed into the body by either breathing it in a gaseous form or coming into physical contact with is and absorbing it through the skin. An almost microscopic small drop of this stuff is enough to kill a grown man in under 10 minutes. Victims die through it’s attack on the nervous system, causing convulsions, uncontrollable shaking, and breathing issues.

It is formerly classified as a WMD and banned by virtually every country in the world. Sarin is neutralized by water – so if it is used as a weapon, rain quickly neutralizes it. It’s persistency is from several weeks to 3 months if not neutralized by weather. It is what is called a Binary – meaning two non-lethal parts combine to make the killing chemical. But by no means is it the most deadly chemical weapon. However, it is fairly easy to manufacture – making it a favorite of third rate second and third world regimes. In a desert environment like much of the Middle East, it can be used as an area denial weapon – effectively closing off avenues of approach by enemy troops without CBC protective clothing and masks for periods of 2-4 weeks. It is really nasty stuff, with a very high lethality rate.

CBS 60 Minutes brought some very graphic images to American Television last week, of a Sarin Attack which killed over 1400 men, women, and children in a Damascus suburb controlled by a rebel group. All told, about 400 children were killed in the attack, which apparently consisted of only 3 artillery shells full of the agent. This report isn’t the CBS report – but another which goes a bit deeper.

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What’s Wrong With This Oil Picture?

AAA expects summer gas prices to peak at $2.50 per gallon before falling after Labor Day, although some analysts suggest prices won’t get that high. And even if it does, it will not hit the prices from last summer.

$4.11 per gallon, anyone?

Land Yacht

Land Yacht - 4 MPG

According to BBC News

The price of oil has fallen after the International Energy Agency (IEA) said world oil demand would drop this year by more than at any time since 1981.

The price of US light crude oil fell by more than $1 a barrel to $56.86, while Brent crude dropped 74 cents to $56.60.

A Buddy Davis Shooting The Oregon Inlet

A Buddy Davis Shooting The Oregon Inlet -- 2-4 Gallons per Mile

The IEA said demand for oil would fall by 3% this year compared with 2008. The Paris-based IEA said demand would fall to 83.2 million barrels a day this year, 2.6 million less than in 2008.

Considering the economic malaise gripping the US and the World, I think only a 3% drop is wildly optimistic.

In past years, the oil industry has justified the Memorial Day price jack on everything from increased demand to “limited capacity” of refineries…

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