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Oh No! “You Whipped Out That Mexican Thing!”

By far the funniest line in the Vice Presidential Debate last night came when Va Senator Tim Kaine was yet again lambasting Governor Pence for Trump’s vicious utterings…


“You whipped out that Mexican thing!”

Makes you wonder if some itinerant Mexican dude is catching a cold running around with his pants unzipped…


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Hilarious Description of an Auto Accident – “Boom!”

“Reality really hits you hard, Bro!”

The Most Dramatic Car Accident Ever Told

After George Lindell got rear-ended by a free-wheeling SUV that ultimately crashed into a telephone poll, he recounted the highway saga for KSAZ-TV–onomatopoeia and all.

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Notorious Kitty-X Attacks Police Officer

Kitty-X does her best to prevent an officer from writing a ticket!

Can you imagine how much grief this Cop got when they saw this back at the station house?

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