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Men in White

A fun one from some US Navy Academy Middies…”Naptown” in this case is Annapolis, Maryland – which is home to the US Naval Academy. These guys (and women) are dressed up in the Summer whites, and are a common sight around Annapolis when class is out. Have family and extended family who have attended and graduated both the Navy and Air Force Academies now, so I guess the only thing I have to remember sitting in the stands or watching on TV at a family gathering is “Beat Army!”

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Freaky Pictures

The last one may freak you out a bit…

Have a new camera, been trying it out over the summer, and playing with the editing software.

The very first pic was taken with my phone… The last of the same shot with my Nikon 2 minutes later. Check the “Little House” in the yard. The resolution on these is pretty low to get them on the blog, as they are 30 Meg files. Strange, huh?

House House AccomacHouse Peach Orchard Rd5300 DSC_0025_edited

House House Auto

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Michelle Obama to Lead Socialist Jumping Jacks World Record

The First Lady is continuing her healthy living campaign to encourage kids to be more healthy by doing more physical activity, eating right,  and exercise.

As with her sneak visit to Target last week, which was posited as a socialist plot by conservative bigots –  undoubtedly she will accused by conservative haters for picking “Socialist Jumping Jacks” for the kids to break the world record.

I mean 25,000 people actually working, at anything… Is anti conservative capitalism!

First Lady Aims for Jumping Jack Record

Michelle Obama is looking for at least 20,425 people to help her break a Guinness World Record next week. The first lady will lead hundreds of children doing a minute of jumping jacks on the White House’s South Lawn on Tuesday, kicking off a 24-hour challenge, AP reports. Groups around the country will join the effort to beat the record for the most people doing jumping jacks in a 24-hour period. Event organizer National Geographic has more details.


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Make My Funk a P-Funk! The Mothership Lands at the Smithsonian

The Smithsonian Museum has added to it’s collection the iconic Parliament Funkadelic “Mothership”, to be included in the music section of the Museum of African American History.

Smithsonian acquires Parliament-Funkadelic Mothership

The funkiest UFO in the galaxy is about to land in Chocolate City.

The Mothership — the iconic stage prop made famous by legendary funk collective Parliament-Funkadelic — has been acquired by the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture where it will help anchor a permanent music exhibition when the museum opens its doors in 2015.
“I’m about to cry!” Parliament-Funkadelic frontman George Clinton said over the phone from his home in Tallahassee on Wednesday. “They’re taking the Mothership! They’re shipping it out! . . . But I’m glad it’s going to have a nice home there.”

It isn’t the original Mothership. This 1,200-pound aluminum spacecraft was built in the mid-’90s — an indistinguishable replica, Clinton says, of the smoke-spewing stage prop he first introduced to slack-jawed funk fans in 1976.

But by 1982, Parliament-Funkadelic’s towering debts forced the group’s Washington-based management company to trash the Mothership in a Prince George’s County scrap yard. And what happened next has become the stuff of myth. Was it stolen? Did it burn in a fire? Is it still floating around somewhere in the cosmos?

An April 2010 Washington Post story about the Mothership’s disappearance sent the Smithsonian searching for it. Kevin Strait, project historian for the museum, didn’t get very far. “All signs pointed to the fact that we weren’t going to find the original,” Strait said. “So that’s when we essentially put our attentions toward the new one.”

Strait contacted Clinton’s management, and the bandleader eventually decided to donate the piece. The ship has been picked up from Clinton’s Tallahassee recording studio and is scheduled to arrive at a Smithsonian storage facility in suburban Maryland at noon on Thursday.


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Putting Some Fun Back In Flying

Through the years, I’ve flown a lot of miles. Nothing is more boring than hearing the “Safety Lecture” at the beginning of each flight for the 596th time. Occasionally, I’ve run into a flight crew who have spiced things up – sometimes with a little comedy – such as on the now defunct Independence Air which featured Safety Announcements from celebrities, and a United Air Crew on the way to Chicago who were a delight. Really serious frequent flyers will sometimes pick a flight, or be loyal to a particular airline because they know the flight crews are top notch. Sometimes a great Flight Crew can make all the difference between your average horrendous travel experience, and a great start to a trip.

This crew on Cebu Pacific puts a little fun back in flying, with their Air Safety Routine done to a Lady Gaga tune:

Sure as heck beats the cattle car…

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