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Thrilla’ in Wasilla!

It appears that the Republican Party is imploding, just before their hugely hyped prediction of a Midterm election victory…

The War in Alaska…

Throwing Nothing But Right Hooks...

Lisa Murkowski, defying Sarah Palin, announces write-in bid for Alaska Senate against Joe Miller

Three’s a party in Alaska.

Weeks after losing the Republican primary to Joe Miller in one of the Tea Party coups of the 2010 election, Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski has announced that she will run in the general election as a write-in candidate, setting off a competitive three-way race for the seat.

Murkowski made the announcement to supporters at an Anchorage convention center on Friday.

“The gloves are off,” Murkowski said at the event, adding that Alaskans deserve a choice between the “extremist views” of Joe Miller and “inexperience” of Democratic candidate Scott McAdams.

Miller, a slightly bearded political neophyte, is strongly backed by both the Tea Party and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

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Robert Gibbs in Deep Hot Water With Libs

The most thankless job in the world, besides being a Flight Attendant – has to be Press Secretary. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs is getting hammered from both the left and right…

The problem being it isn’t Gibbs who makes the policies.

But this Administration has done a lousy job of communicating their accomplishments, and has consistently refused to utilize all the weapons in their arsenal to combat disinformation, whether inadvertent, or as in the case of Faux News – intentional.

Whether Gates is responsible for that, or the more likely case that the responsibility lies further up on the food chain…

The Administration is failing to control it’s message.

Somebody please show Mr. Gates where the button is for the evacuation slide!

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You Want WHAT With Those Fries?

What’s the deal with Wendy’s?  The chain has made the news in a bad light twice in one day –

Gettin' a Bit Edgy...

Knuckle Sandwich

Apparently the customer isn’t always right: Hamburgers, fries, punches, and chairs all were thrown during a fight involving customers and employees of a fast food restaurant in Kalamazoo that ended with two arrests. Police said four customers in a vehicle at a Wendy’s drive-thru lane midday yesterday claimed their order was incorrect. Police said they hurled drinks, hamburgers and fries at an employee inside.

Police said the employee then threw food at the vehicle, hitting it with a drink, ketchup and fries, and two people from the vehicle went inside the restaurant, where they fought with employees. Two of the customers were arrested on charges of assault. The employee had scrapes and abrasions, but didn’t need medical attention. Police said employees blamed the fight on a “communication breakdown.”

Wendy’s Yanks ‘So Horny’ CDs From Kids Meals

Red-faced Wendy’s is yanking a disco CD from its kids’ meals after parents complained that their wee ones were rocking out to lyrics that included a reference to “so horny,” reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.Apparently the company that made the CDs for Wendy’s accidentally grabbed the, er, adult version of Donna Summer’s “Last Dance,” which subbed out the more kid-friendly “so bad.” Junior can still collect “Totally 80’s,” “Motown for Kids,” and “Songs for the Car.”

Lat time I was at a Wendy’s I ordered the Asian Chicken. For $7.50 these was so little food in there (about the same as a $1.00 chicken nuggets)…

I can see why you’d want to punch somebody!


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Ukranian Parliament Food Fight!

You think politics in the US are bad – in the Ukraine they apparently can become, literally…

A food fight!

This one erupted over a vote to continue the lease of port facilities to the Russian Navy.

Of course, this couldn’t happen in America – because too many of our elected Democrats are born without cajones.

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Food Fight!

This one is like the two smallest guys in the schoolyard throwing down on each other –

First is the King of Whine, John Stossel joining the Whack-Job crew over at Faux –

Next Lou “The Immigrant Lover” Dobbs, clearing the air about Whiny man –

A little tune for conservatives… Read the rest of this entry »


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Cable News and the UFC

In this down economy, it’s been kinda hard to make decent money the old fashioned way (earning it), so I’ve been on the lookout for new opportunities…

With the Ultimate Fighting, Mixed Martial Arts being the fastest growing TV Sport – seems to me there may be a “Perfect Storm” of opportunity here.

I mean, the 3 major cable news channels – Faux, CNN, and MSNBC commentators seem to be going at it verbally almost every night now.

Case in point –

Admittedly the Faux News trio of O’Reilly, Beck, and Geraldo do come off as a bunch of “girly men” to quote the Terminator – but Bitzer and Cooper aren’t exactly big guys – and Larry King is as old as dirt. So they put in Sanchez. MSNBC has Shultz, Matthews, Olberman, and Maddow…

Who quite frankly could probably smack all these dudes around without breaking a sweat. So MSNBC gets to hold her in reserve, in case Olberman breaks a fingernail, or Faux can convince Maliken or Bachmann to step in.

This could be bigger than the Super Bowl!

Warm up the Octagon!

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