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The Dumbing Down of America – “Radio Shacked”

As a young “nerd”, one of my favorite places to visit was the local Radio Shack. A reliable source of parts and components for projects and fixes for both things I thought up (which a sometimes worked as intended) as well as nifty components to repair common electronic issues. Need to go from a Phono plug to RCA jacks to make that Mike Mixer work with a Stereo Receiver? Need an IC chip to form the basis of a controller for that Model Rocket? Radio Shack was the place. Generations of American Inventors, and to be Rocket Scientists and Engineers fed their inner geek, and not coincidentally built their skills  with parts supplied by “The Shack”…

No more.

It would seem that the dream of inventing and creating has died in America, and the once reliable institutions which supported that dream, whether Hobby Shops, Electronic Supply Houses – or Radio Shack…

Have gone down the toilet with it.

I Got Your Cell Phone - Right Here!

We now live in a country where stupidity is seen as an asset (the Sno’ Ho’ AKA Sarah Palin, George “Dumbya” Bush) and technology is increasingly invented elsewhere. Investment in technology has become increasingly scarce, as Venture firms stampede towards the newest re-utilization of antique technology in search of the newest Facebook or some software which is smarter than the humans and can replace them. A goal made simpler not by better systems, but the lowering of the bar of human intellect. By removing the responsibility to make decisions, and suffer their consequences – morals have been removed from the equation. Read the rest of this entry »


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Just When You Think The Tea Bagged Are The Worst Nutcases in America

This one is totally and completely unbelievable. America has been dumbed down not only at an intellectual and political discourse level – but at a moral level.

This is the sort of thing that gets you wandering off into that territory of special prisons like Devils Island for some folks…

Police: Michigan Mom Found Long-Lost Son Online, Raped Him

Octomam? No. Even Sicker...

Octomam? No. Even Sicker...

Michigan police say a 35-year-old mother used the Internet to track down the son she gave up for adoption a decade ago, seducing and raping the teenage boy when she found him after an online search.

Aimee Louise Sword of Waterford Township, near Detroit, was arraigned this week on three charges of criminal sexual conduct for the alleged rape of her biological son, whom she put up for adoption more than 10 years ago, MyFOXDetroit reported.

Prosecutors say the boy is still a minor, but won’t disclose whether he knew the woman was his mother — a situation that has horrified mental health experts who are calling the case “an abomination.”

“I don’t think I’ve heard of another case like this in my career,” said Dr. Gerald Shiener, chief of Consultation and Liaison Psychiatry at Sinai Grace Hospital in Detroit.

“Our first reaction to hearing about something like this is that this is every man’s nightmare. It’s an abomination,” he told MyFOXDetroit.

“I’m at a loss for words because it’s something that we consider to be so out of the normal, so prohibited in every culture that it unnerves every man just to think about it.”

Sword surrendered to Waterford Township police on April 24, the Oakland Press reported, but was freed on bond Wednesday following her arraignment. The house at her listed home address is abandoned.

Sword’s attorney Kenneth Burch told the Press that his client “maintains her presumption of innocence” and said the accusations of incest have been very difficult for her.

But Sword herself has spoken since she first was arrested, writing on her MySpace page that she was inspired by rapper and former jailbird Lil’ Kim because “she rises during the worst of obstacles.”

“Reminded me of myself,” Sword wrote on the Web page, where she uses the name Aimee Pope.

Click here to see her MySpace page.

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Crimes Against The Soul

This is absolutely the most awesome piece I’ve seen written in a long time. What it discusses is how we, as a nation got to the point where stupidity is a virtue, and boorishness is accepted as the norm. I’ll only publish the first paragraph, so follow the link to read the rest of this powerful piece.

Hat Tip to HuffPo, and hats off to Caroline Myss for this one –


Crimes Against the Soul of America

There is such a thing as a crime against the soul of a nation. A person or a political party can deliberately incite actions that diminish the strength, the integrity, and the overall well-being of a nation’s inner core. America’s soul is in a fragile state. It has suffered severe violations over the course of this past decade and to lesser degrees, in previous decades. Through the years, the essential integrity of America has been eroded for various reasons but never was it so violated as during the Bush administration. The endless lies, the deceitful years of propaganda that flowed from the West Wing that fed the media, the bogus reasons for setting the Middle East on fire, and converting this country into a corporate state for personal gain are crimes that shattered the soul of this nation more deeply than we have even begun to realize — if we ever will. The consequences of puncturing the soul of a nation are witnessed in countless ways. For example, there is a decline in the integrity of leadership and a growing apathy on the part of the public to care about keeping watch over its leaders. The nation ceases to produce statesmen or stateswomen. The best the public can do is to send semi-qualified individuals to Washington whose capacity to hold to their promises collapse within minutes of unpacking in their new offices. As for the old guard, they are worn out good old boys mixed in with a few new and not-so-new women on the block, who continue to fall into their same old patterns of deal making and breaking. But nothing of great significance ever happens unless motivated by a catastrophe. Any truly positive ideas for change baffle the Congress. What could this be, they wonder? But of all the crimes covertly and overtly committed by the Bush administration against the soul of America, none is as vile as the deliberate efforts they poured into turning American against American. We see that in the near hatred between the Republicans and Democrats, between liberals and conservatives, between free-thinkers and evangelicals that continues to fester. This crime was a strategic one, a well thought out plan to fragment the people of this nation in a type of contemporary replay of the Civil War. And sadly, the Republicans succeeded. Thank you, Karl Rove. The result is that the soul of America is exhausted, wounded, mistrusting, suspicious, fearful — and compromised. This is not a soul that can rebuild a country, not if you know anything about the laws of nature and the fundamentals of healing…

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