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Conservative Fired for Article Criticizing Black Scholars

The (not so) strange case of the conservative who let her racism get the better of common sense.

It’s perfectly OK to tell someone in Academia they are full of isht, or their work is substandard…

The problem being that then you have to back up your assertion with fact.

Maybe the reason so few people of high academic achievement are conservatives is the bar that you have to prove what you say – unlike gibbering on talk radio.

Why this woman chose to attack 3 PhD candidates solely on the title of their Dissertations pretty much establishes the fact that conservatives are too stupid to be trusted with Higher Education. This conservatwerp hadn’t even read the Dissertations she was criticizing!

Naomi Schaefer Riley, Chronicle Of Higher Education Blogger, Fired For Calling Black Studies ‘Claptrap’

Blogger Who Trashed Black Studies FiredThe Chronicle of Higher Education dismissed one of its bloggers after outcry over a blog post she wrote questioning the legitimacy of black studies as an academic discipline.

Naomi Schaefer Riley, a lecturer and author who wrote for the Chronicle’s blog, Brainstorm, was let go after readers pushed back on an essay she published last week titled “The Most Persuasive Case For Eliminating Black Studies? Just Read the Dissertations.” Riley’s essay responded to a sidebar of a story in the Chronicle which profiled several up-and-coming black studies scholars in the process of writing dissertations. Riley looked at the titles of the dissertations — on subjects like the role of race in housing policy and the history of black midwifery in the United States — and called them “left-wing victimization claptrap.”

Nearly 6,500 people signed a petition calling for her dismissal from the blog. Yesterday, Liz McMillen, the site’s editor, wrote a note apologizing for Riley’s post, and said that the publication had decided to part ways with the author, who is also an affiliate scholar of the Institute of American Values, a conservative think tank based in New York. Read the rest of this entry »


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