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Gov David Paterson – And the New York Budget Axe

Most dangerous politician in the world is one with nothing to lose. Faced with a totally currupt and dysfunctional legislature, some rather questionable judges, and a complete refusal by the State’s Labor Unions to negotiate any solution which might ward off disaster…

Governor David Paterson dropped the axe. And it’s just the beginning of what needs to be done to get the state back on it’s financial feet. Since Paterson doesn’t have any expectation of an elected political future – he may be just the guy to clean up the mess in NY.

The Axeman Cometh

Gov. David Paterson orders layoffs of 8,900 New York state employees amid economic downturn

Gov. Paterson ordered 8,900 state jobs slashed Tuesday to help close a budget deficit that has ballooned by another $2.2 billion.While some jobs will be lost through attrition, the bulk will be through layoffs that would begin in July, Paterson budget spokesman Jeffrey Gordon said.

Paterson aides say the cuts – the first large-scale layoffs since Gov. George Pataki laid off 2,500 workers in 1995-96 – would save the state $481 million.

Gordon said the governor was forced to make the move after the state’s major unions refused to agree to concessions – or come up with a savings plan.

“The governor believes this is a truly unfortunate situation,” Gordon said. “It is not where he wanted to end up. He worked very hard to avoid this outcome.”

Gordon said the administration has been talking with the unions about concessions since October.

“We tried numerous times to modify proposals to minimize the potential impact on state employees,” he said. “All offers were rejected.” Read the rest of this entry »

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NY State Senator Sen. Kevin Parker accuses Albany pols of being white supremecists…

More fun in the New York Senate, which would be the laughingstock of America sans Arizona and Utah!Apparently Senator Parker’s background is a colorful addendum to the infamous antics of NY pols – being known for a quick temper and facility to engage in fisticuffs with Meter Maids and members of the media.

In Facebook rant, Hothead Sen. Kevin Parker accuses Albany pols of being white supremecists(sic)

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NY Gov. David Paterson – Budget Battles and Conservative Welfare Queens

The State of New York is $9.2 billion underwater this year. With a New York Senate in virtual gridlock, this means spending a lot of time trying to figure out what to cut and how. The NY Legislature is again – Missing in Action.

The NY Legislature has left town with no budget, leaving the status of a number of things in doubt. It now appears that the State’s once ubiquitous Off Track Betting Parlors are out of business. The results of the budget crisis will also be felt in the Parks and Schools. One of the other issues is State employee salaries, which have risen 3% in each of the last 3 years, and are scheduled to rise 4% this year.

Lastly – yesterday was “Tax Day”, where a bunch of Republican Tea Bagger clowns running around the country protesting whatever.  Governor Paterson points out indirectly that the states which are in the Republican Red Zone, are the ideological center of the Tea Baggers – and are now threatening to raise Militias to protect themselves from the “evil” Federal Government…

Are the biggest Welfare Queens in the country.

There are at least 25 states that get more Federal aid back than they pay in to the system. Of those 25, 19 are “red states,” i.e., voted Republican in the last presidential election.

For example, Gov. Sanford’s South Carolina gets back $1.35 for each dollar paid in federal taxes. Gov. Jindal’s Louisiana gets $1.78 on every dollar sent in.  And Gov. Palin’s Alaska gets a whopping $1.84 in federal aid for every dollar it sends to Washington.

And that’s not counting stimulus funds.

On the flip side, Michigan — with a 12.6% unemployment rate — loses 8 cents on every dollar it sends in federal taxes. California (10.4% unemployment), gives up 22 cents. Illinois, 25 cents. And New Jersey (8.2%), coughs up 39 cents on every dollar of federal tax paid. All of them are, of course, blue states — and they’re not the only ones.

That is, these Red States tend to receive a lot more Federal Tax money than they pay out. So when these Tea Bagger monkeys jump up and down about their “taxes” – you need to remember that in large part, they are not paying the freight for the services they receive. Federal spending doesn’t create jobs? OK – let’s shut down a few of those big arsed Military Bases in the Red Zone, and let’s see about those “jobs”.

The right wing wants to play “Starve the Beast“, and obstruction – maybe it’s time to take that down to the State level – and put some of these Bozos on a “Pay as you go” plan.

Meanwhile, in New York… Read the rest of this entry »


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David Paterson and “Black Leaders” – What’s Wrong With This Picture?

On one side this morning we have RK Byers over at NewsOne arguing that “black leaders” have “sold out” NY Governor David Paterson –

The only time I’ve ever even heard of a mass act as suspiciously Tom-like as the group of Black leaders that got together last night to discuss New York Governor David Paterson’s political future was the effrontery that took place when some fool decided to gather together a gang of Black athletes to “weigh in” on the mind state of one Muhammad Ali whom everyone had assumed was insane because he had refused induction into the United States Military.


Black Athelete Meeting re: Muhammad Ali's Decision to Reject Being Drafted Into the Army

And this report on the AP wire –

Black leaders’ support may buy time for Paterson


NEW YORK — New York Gov. David Paterson might have won some time when he received what has become rare support from influential black leaders as he tries to ride out allegations in two scandals that threaten his job and led to the resignation of three top staffers.

Paterson and his administration are seeking to regroup Friday in what one official described as pep talks. Late Thursday night, black leaders in New York City said he deserves his right to due process and should stay in office.

Things that make you go – “Huh?” Indeed.

I think Paterson is finished. The thing about being a black politician in this here “post-racial” America is that you cannot count on the black community, or other black leaders to take a bullet for you (as was common during the days of “black solidarity”) when you F-up. Black folks are damned tired of being used and abused by black politicians who can’t keep their Johnson’s in their pants, the money out of crooked pockets, and – in Gov. Paterson’s case, self inflicted injuries. Get more than enough of that crap from white politicians, whose election far too often we have little power to impact.

The Party machine in New York right now, is in a serious case of meltdown – with Rangel being removed from the Chairmanship of the House Ways and Means Committee, and Paterson being brought down by a ombination of his own hubris and intra-part factionalism.

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The Stink In New York

Something is wrong here. There is a concerted, high level effort to get rid of Governor David Paterson –

Somehow, I highly doubt that any high level New York politician has ever paid for a sports ticket.


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Unconfirmed Report – Gov. David Paterson to Suspend Campaign, Possibly Resign Today

Gov. Paterson Will End Campaign

Less than 48 hours after the New York Times revealed in a bombshell story that the administration of Gov. David Paterson had intervened in the domestic violence case of a top aide, Paterson has decided to pull the plug on his campaign for governor, the Daily News and the Post are reporting.

No official announcement has been made, but the Post says one is expected later today. Two sources familiar with the decision confirmed to TPM that Paterson will end his campaign.

A Democratic source familiar with New York politics tells TPM the Times story was a “profound disappointment” to Paterson’s friends and staff. “There’s an ongoing discussion about resigning his office,” the source said.

National Democrats are confident that they can hold the New York governorship, an official with the Democratic Governors Association tells TPM.

In response to the Times story, which was published online Wednesday evening, Paterson’s deputy secretary for public safety resigned, saying she had been lied to about the involvement of the state police in the domestic violence case of top Paterson aide David Johnson.

Ben Smith notes that calls for Paterson to resign have been snowballing, with the Daily News running a front-page editorial today headlined “TIME TO GO.”

According to the Times story, state police intervened with a woman who was seeking a protective order against Johnson following an alleged assault on Halloween. The story also said that Paterson had spoken to the woman on the phone Feb. 7, the day before she failed to show up in court for a scheduled hearing.

The circumstances of that call are unclear, with Paterson claiming that it was initiated by the woman. The woman’s lawyer says Paterson called her.


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David Paterson Announces Re-election Bid

Governor David Paterson Throws His Hat Into the Ring

NY Gov. Paterson launches election bid

David Paterson launched his campaign for a full four-year term as New York’s governor with a combative campaign speech that mocked recent reports about his job performance and personal life.

“After all you have heard, there’s one rumor I will confirm, I am running for governor this year,” Paterson said to a crowd of about 400 at Hofstra University. “They haven’t knocked us down yet and they never will.” Read the rest of this entry »


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