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Trumpazoid Alert!

What happens when two Brazilian film makers try and shoot a routine near an airport?

Now – aside from the point that if the two men were “terrorists” and if they had some nefarious purpose…

This is full on Donald Trump America.

Racist lady goes completely berserk after mistaking Brazilian comedy team for terrorists

Two Brazilian men said they were filming a video for their YouTube comedy channel when an irate white woman pulled over because she mistook them for terrorists.

“I was filming a sketch for youtube in front of a local airport, when a racist woman stopped her vehicle on the side of the road and started calling my friend and I terrorists,” performer Uhoh Nick wrote on Facebook. “Being that I’m an inspiring filmmaker, I pulled out my camera and started recording the incident. I honestly never thought this would happen to me.”

In the video, the woman immediately begins hurling racial insults as soon as one of the men pulls out his cell phone to begin filming.

“I said you were a scum bag, you’re child pedophilers [SIC], faggot bitches that turn into terrorists,” she rants, adding several other anti-gay slurs. “You’re turning terrorists now because you hate yourself so much. Now you’re taking pictures in front a plane to remind you of 9/11.”

“You’re American terrorists!” the woman insists after exiting her SUV. “And God told me so. God is your brain and your brain.”

Peppering her rant with homophobic slurs, the woman yells at the two men about Jesus, 9/11, hoverboards before insisting that the two Brazilian men “are Middle Eastern” and then getting back in her vehicle.

“You want little Middle Eastern boys like you to get raped and go to hell!” she yells as she drives away.

Uhoh Nick lamented on his personal Facebook page that people “like her need to be shunned out of society, because that’s the mentality that keeps us from progressing.”

Raw Story requested clarification from Uhoh Monkey about whether this encounter was part of a comedy routine, but the performers did not respond by the time of publication.

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The New US Navy – Cursing Like a Sailor…Out!

Navy Captains are the most autocratic basterds on earth. It comes with the awesome responsibility of captaining ships, some of which could, quite literally, end civilization as we know it on Earth. With that said, the Navy works real hard on making sure that the “boat drivers” are held to some very high standards of professionalism and ethics. If you have ever had the opportunity to work with some of these folks, the vast majority are exceptional people. The fastest ticket to civilian life in the Military is to screw up as a Captain, even it it isn’t your fault – it happened on your ship.

But – like in every human endeavor…

Once in a while a bad apple slips though.

Through the centuries, sailors have certainly invented, and added a few “salty” words to the lexicon, and stories of bad boat Captains are the fodder of fiction… And in some cases History. “Racing” a $300 Million boat on the public’s ticket?

I think two Captains ended their career with this one.

Cursing Female Navy Captain Booted From Ship

Navy Captain Holly Graf

In a blow to the public image of women in senior military positions, a female Navy captain was removed from command of a destroyer after an inspector general investigation found that she verbally and physically assaulted crew members and forced subordinates to walk her dog and entertain at a personal party.

Capt. Holly Graf’s tenure in charge of the guided missile cruiser Cowpens included numerous cases of belittling crew members in a manner that apparently shocked even hardened sailors used to foul-mouthed ship behavior, according to investigators. “What are you, f******* stupid?” was apparently a regular Graf refrain.

The report, which substantiated several of the claims made against Graf, brought an end to her time on the ship. The military newspaper Stars & Stripes reported Graf’s removal in January for abusive behavior, citing the inspector general report, which had not been publicly released at the time. Read the rest of this entry »

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This is Dispicable

I don’t have any love for the Bush family – but George H. W. Bush is our former President, and as such deserves repect – if not for the office he held, then at least at the personal level as another human.


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