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Get No Respect! President Obama’s Credit Card Denied

AmEx’s Exclusive Black Card… Apparently “Leave home without it”

President Obama’s credit card got rejected last month. Here’s what happened next.

Presidents, they’re just like us — their credit cards get declined.

President Obama’s credit card was rejected last month at a restaurant in New York.

“I went to a restaurant up in New York when I was — during the U.N. General Assembly, and my credit card was rejected,” Obama said Friday while signing an executive order to protect consumers from identity theft. “It turned out I guess I don’t use it enough. They were — they thought there was some fraud going on. Fortunately, Michelle had hers.”

And, yes, Obama had to defend himself.

“I was trying to explain to the waitress, you know, I really think that I’ve been paying my bills,” Obama said. “Even I’m affected by this.”

Obama has been concerned about the state of his credit before. In Austin in July, he ordered more than $300 worth of barbecue and realized he didn’t have enough cash. So he pulled out his credit card but asked trip director Marvin Nicholson if it was good before handing it over to the cashier. Nicholson assured Obama that the card – photos show it as a black JP Morgan card – would work, and apparently it did.

Despite this, when Obama went to a boutique grocery store in Minneapolis in June he paid for $82.55 in groceries with cash. At the time, he said he only carried cash and his driver’s license in his wallet.

Cash is king. I imagine there is a bit of a reshuffle going on at JP Morgan who issued the President the black VISA (not AMEX) Card, which looks like this –

And if you have to ask…No, you can’t afford it.

Would seem that if these guys were on top of their game, and doing what they should be doing for this level of customer – they would figure out a way to know it is actually THE President using the card…

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The HNIC Pick The Wrong Card!


The HNIC blames his troubles on race…

The White House counters it isn’t the race card…

It’s the credit card that is the problem!

The HNIC - Michael Steele... Soon to be Unemployed?

Michael Steele plays the race card

Michael Steele partly spoke the truth Monday, yet it probably further hurt his chances to continue leading the Republican National Committee.

Steele defended what he’s done to raise money for the organization, even while he has been on widely criticized spending sprees.

Then he played the race card: Being black, Steele said, is a problem for him with his GOP critics.

“Barack Obama has a slimmer margin,” Steele told ABC’s ‘Good Morning America.’ “We all — a lot of folks do. I mean, it’s a different role for me to play and others to play. And that’s just the reality of it.”

With those words, Steele probably irritated a lot of GOP members who just a year ago were all to happy to have a black face on top of the RNC organizational chart.

See, we don’t see color. We even let a black lead us.

But in recent months Steele has been a lightning rod for controversy, and it hasn’t had a lot to do with his race.

They include last week’s revelation that the national committee paid for a night out at a Hollywood night club to Steele’s use of private jets to his writing a book that surprised some in his own group.

So now top Republicans are publicly contemplating Steele’s future even as the GOP has to raise a lot of money to be successful in the 2010 elections.

Some conservatives have started their own fundraising for candidates. Other groups are telling their followers to stop contributing to the RNC and go elsewhere — including directly to the candidates they want to support.

In other words Steele — whether he’s black, white or polka-dotted — is on thin ice right now.

Oh, and you know Democrats love seeing the turmoil at the RNC.

As White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Monday, “Michael Steele’s problem isn’t the race card, it’s the credit card.”


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