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Sen. Al Franken Resigns

Not sure while Democrats are resigning while Republicans committing child rape get to keep their offices.

Yet another Yellowback Dumbocrat Donkey move. Jefferson Davis Sessions is dancing in his office, because he knows the Democrat women who forced him out ain’t gonna do Jack Shit to prosecute him.

The same cowardly crowd afraid to ge after the serial molester Chumph, Uncle Tommy Clarence, or the child rapists on the right.

Al Franken announces he will resign from the Senate

Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) announced on the Senate floor Thursday that he is resigning in the coming weeks following multiple allegations that he sexually harassed women.

Franken’s decision comes a day after a majority of Senate Democrats called for his resignation after determining that they could no longer tolerate his presence.

They turned on one of their party’s most popular figures with stunning swiftness, led by the Senate’s Democratic women, who were joined in short order by more than half of the Democratic caucus.

Franken struck a defiant tone during his remarks on the Senate floor.

“Some of the allegations against me simply are not true, others I remember very differently,” he said.

But Franken said the situation had become too much of a distraction and would prevent him from fully fulfilling his duties as a senator if he stayed in office.

“But this decision is not about me. It’s about the people of Minnesota,” he said. “It’s become clear that I can’t both pursue the Ethics Committee process and at the same time, remain an effective senator for them.”

He added: “I may be resigning my seat, but I am not giving up my voice.”

The Democrat Donkey – All Dressed Out With a Cowardly Yellow Stripe


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Democrats Dither as The People Take to The Streets

A few hours after the jarheaded jackass signed an executive order to ban people from 11 countries from entering the US, tens of thousands of Americans flooded the International Airports protesting against the racist order.

These ad hoc demonstrations started just a few hours after Homeland Security tried to implement Putin’s Bitch orders.

The Democrats in the House and Senate con bring this fiasco to its knees if it wasn’t for their cowardly streak.

If Republicans continue to block the Investigation into Putin’s payoff to elect the Chumph…Maybe it’s time for a coup.

Senate Democrats have the power to stop Trump. All they have to do is use it.

As a Democratic Senate aide for the past seven years, I had a front-row seat to an impressive show of obstruction. Republicans, under then-Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, decided they would oppose President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid at every turn to limit their power. And it worked: They extorted concessions from Democrats with threats of shutdowns, fiscal cliffs and financial chaos. I know firsthand that Democrats’ passion for responsible governance can be exploited by Republicans who are willing to blow past all norms and standards.

Now we have a president who exemplifies that willingness in the extreme. Partly, this explains why he faces more questions about his legitimacy than any president in recent history and why he drew three times as many protesters as inauguration attendees last weekend. But in something of a mismatch, Republicans’ unified control of government means that the most effective tool for popular resistance lies in the Senate — the elite, byzantine institution envisioned by the founders as the saucer that cools the teacup of popular opinion.

Senate Democrats have a powerful tool at their disposal, if they choose to use it, for resisting a president who has no mandate and cannot claim to embody the popular will. That tool lies in the simple but fitting act of withholding consent. An organized effort to do so on the Senate floor can bring the body to its knees and block or severely slow down the agenda of a president who does not represent the majority of Americans.

The procedure for withholding consent is straightforward, but deploying it is tricky. For the Senate to move in a timely fashion on any order of business, it must obtain unanimous support from its members. But if a single senator objects to a consent agreement, McConnell, now majority leader, will be forced to resort to time-consuming procedural steps through the cloture process, which takes four days to confirm nominees and seven days to advance any piece of legislation — and that’s without amendment votes, each of which can be subjected to a several-day cloture process as well.

McConnell can ask for consent at any time, and if no objection is heard, the Senate assumes that consent is granted. So the 48 senators in the Democratic caucus must work together — along with any Republicans who aren’t afraid of being targeted by an angry tweet — to ensure that there is always a senator on the floor to withhold consent.

Because every Senate action requires the unanimous consent of members from all parties, everything it does is a leverage point for Democrats. For instance, each of the 1,000-plus nominees requiring Senate confirmation — including President Trump’s Cabinet choices — can be delayed for four days each.

While the tactic works well, as we’ve seen for the past eight years, there remains the question of strategy. Should Democrats be pragmatic and let Trump have his nominees on a reasonable timetable, so as not to appear obstructionist? So far, this has been their approach to some of Trump’s Cabinet picks.

But it’s also fair to say that, by nominating a poorly qualified and ethically challenged Cabinet, Trump forfeited his right to a speedy confirmation process, and Democrats should therefore slow it down to facilitate the adequate vetting that Trump and Senate Republicans are determined to avoid by rushing the process before all the questionnaires and filings are submitted. Four days of scrutiny on the Senate floor per nominee, even after the committee hearings, is a reasonable standard for fulfilling the Senate’s constitutional responsibility of advice and consent.

Democrats can also withhold their consent from every piece of objectionable legislation McConnell tries to advance. With 48 senators in their caucus, they have the votes to block most bills. But even when Democrats don’t have the votes, they can force McConnell to spend time jumping through procedural hoops. This is the insight McConnell deployed against Reid to manufacture the appearance of gridlock, forcing him to use the cloture process more than 600 times.

Finally, Democrats can withhold their consent from Trump until they feel confident that foreign governments are not interfering in our elections. Credible reports hold that U.S. intelligence agencies are investigating whether Trump’s campaign cooperated with the Russian government on Vladi­mir Putin’s personally directed meddling. Withholding consent from Trump’s agenda until an independent, bipartisan probe provides answers is not just reasonable; it’s responsible. If Democrats withhold consent from everything the Senate does until such a process is established, they can stall Trump’s agenda and confirmation of his nominees indefinitely. Sen. Richard Durbin has been a leader in demanding an independent investigation. But unless Democrats back their calls with the threat of action, McConnell will steamroll them and never look back.

Of course, it would be unwise to deploy this strategy blindly. The kind of universal obstruction pioneered by McConnell during Obama’s presidency is not in Democrats’ nature: They believe in the smooth functioning of government.

But Democrats’ concern with delivering results for their constituents is also part of who we are and something we should embrace. Even for innately cautious Democrats, some issues demand dramatic action. If Trump wants to put their concerns about his legitimacy to rest, he can reach out with consensus nominees and policies, and come clean about his ties to Russia and his tax returns (which may show whether he has compromising financial debts to Russian interests). Until then, Democrats can stand up for America by withholding their consent.



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Bill Moyers Makes a Plea for Obama to Grow a Pair

Moyers distills our current politics right down to the bone –

It is long past time for President Obama to quit playing Pansie, and let the damn dogs loose. This a “full speed ahead, an Damn the Torpedoes” moment for his Administration if there ever was one.

In my “humble” opinion 5 things need to happen, and they need to happen in a hurry, Mr. President  –

  1. President Obama, his staff, and the Dems in Congress need to forget about the 2010 elections. They have already f’ed themselves on that one, by trying to play tosies with the rabid right wing scumbags. Continuing down the current path of wussing out at every turn has not only provided ammunition, but inspiration to the Rethugs – which has turned into gaining traction. Rolling over the Rethugs isn’t going to make things any worse. So get the freakin’ steam tractor out – and get the damn job done on Health Care Reform.
  2. Wake up to the fact that Rethug opposition to Health Care Reform doesn’t have a damn thing to do with any “honest disagreement”. It is driven by two things a) large cash infusions by the Health Care Mafia masquerading as corporations, and b) racism. The folks driven by racism are the ideological descendants of the folks who thought a good lynching was a Saturday Night family entertainment. There is no amount of reason which is going to get these folks to see the light – because reason didn’t make them racists in the first place.  The others are the sort of folks who will only see reason at the receiving end of a 2 x 4 between the eyes – greed is a powerful motivator.
  3. There is a great deal of unfinished business from the previous corrupt and criminal administration. This is supposed to be a nation of Laws. The reason we have jails and prisons isn’t just to punish and rehabilitate criminals – it is to warn potential criminals of their fate. When the biggest criminals in American history get away scot free – lawlessness ensues. It’s time to establish the fact that the King’s men are no more or less immune to the Law than the average citizen. Time to prosecute the previous administration’s corrupt minions – up to and including the former President and Vice President if they are guilty.
  4. The principal methodology of opposition to your administration isn’t through the normal political process. It is enabled through corporations controlling the airwaves and communications systems in this country who are under no liability to tell the truth. It’s time to make those corporations, and their talking head savants accountable. There are historical precedents for doing so.
  5. Nearly half of the positions in the Obama Administration remain unfilled. Further, the Government apparatus remains crippled by ideologues placed in positions of power by the previous Administration, who may or may not on an individual basis operate and conduct their jobs with the best interests of the American people in mind. Many of these people got their jobs through extra-legal manipulation, or complete disregard of Federal Laws, including Civil Service and the Executive Service. Attorney General Holder as leader of the Department of Justice is the most visible victim, although the corruption was spread throughout the Government. Your Administration’s position appears to be that the folks who were put into those jobs in complete contravention to Civil Service Laws, are now protected by Civil Service.  You need to cut the bullshit, and cut the string. In a country where real unemployment is near 16%, and over 6% of people with Bachelors Degrees or higher are un/under – employed, there is no shortage of folks who want real jobs working for the betterment and advancement of their country.

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No Cajones Obama

Well, the Rethugs successfully lynched Van Jones…

And it was a lynching in every sense of the word.

Supposedly for his comments about Republicans.

Once again the Dems run like a scalded mutt with its tail between it’s legs.

Be nice if the Dems could grow a freaking pair for a change.

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