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New Yorker – The Trump Oink

They went there with this Mont’s Cover –


Image result for new yorker trump pig cover


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Donald the Evil Clown

Think the New Yorker got it right on their Cover this month…


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The Chumph’s Fake Time Magazine Cover

There is a novelty company which sells your picture on the cover of Time Magazine as a gag. Other than the “Time Person of the Year” logo, no attempt is made to actually make it look real,

Seems that the Chumph’s wee weiner ego needed a boost – so he had himself photoshopped onto a Time Cover with a fake byline. And promptly hung copis of the fake magazine covers in a number of his properties to impress everyone.

The funny thing is the cover they stole the background from has an article about Global Warming,


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Orange County Weekly Bashes Trump

The OC Weekly's May 5 cover (Illustration by Lalo Alcaraz, Design by Dustin Ames/OC Weekly)

Somebody get that man a cigarette!

Orange County newspaper trolls Trump’s nasty myths about Mexicans with this perfect cover

Orange County’s alternative paper, or “infernal rag,” as its chief editor calls it, went blue with its campaign coverage on Thursday.

The OC Weekly’s edition this week features a cartoon of a nude Donald Trump in a compromised position with a Democratic donkey on his back. The GOP front runner says, “It’s yuuuge!”

“For more than a year, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee has peddled all sorts of nasty myths against Mexicans, from painting undocumented immigrants as rapists and Typhoid Marias to insisting a massive wall on the U.S.-Mexico border will make America great again,” writes OC Weekly editor-in-chief Gustavo Arellano.

Arellano, who pens the paper’s column ¡Ask a Mexican!  and also writes for the animated series Bordertown, explained that the cover plays off yet another racist stereotype — the “fevered” fantasy cooked up by white Americans that “donkey shows,” in which a donkey and female prostitute copulate in front of a paying audience, are the norm in border towns like Tijuana.

“His campaign has grown as grotesque as a donkey show, those Tijuana spectacles that exist only in the fevered minds of gabachos, and it made a stop in Costa Mesa last week, with Trump the featured star and the Weekly documenting every scream, punch and lie,” Arellano wrote. “So it’s also only fitting legendary cartoonista Lalo Alcaraz capture the moment, you know?”

Arellano credits the Weekly’s sister publication, the Riverfront Times, for the idea. In 2012, that paper featured former Missouri Congressman Todd Akin getting mounted by the Democratic donkey. Akin became infamous for comments about the female body not being able to conceive if rape is “legitimate.”

“Besides,” Arellano writes, “Democrats violating Trump from behind is what he can expect when he faces Hillary Clinton come November. Enjoy our package, and don’t forget to register to vote!”

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Serena Williams Sports Illustrated’s Person of the Year

Serena Williams is on the cover of Sports Illustrated as their “Sportsperson of the Year”.

Looking sexy, sultry, and in great shape, Serena destroys many stereotypes about women, and black women in sports.

Sports Illustrated announced Serena Williams as its sportsperson of the year on Monday, and some people seem to be upset about it.

They wanted  American Pharoah. American Pharoah  is not just any horse. He is horse racing’s first Triple Crown winner in 37 years. And he won the magazine’s readers’ poll for the award.

However…Sports Illustrated has not awarded the honor to anything but a person since the inception of the magazine in 1954, including great horses like Secretariat, Seattle Slew, or Affirmed..

Williams won 53 of the 56 matches she played this year, including three of the four Grand Slam events, and held the No. 1 spot in the WTA rankings every week.

Sports Illustrated’s Christian Stone pointed out that the 34-year-old Williams was also recognized for career achievements, which include 21 Grand Slam titles, as well as something that goes beyond sports.

“We are honoring Serena Williams too for reasons that hang in the grayer, less comfortable ether, where issues such as race and femininity collide with the games,” Stone wrote. “Race was used as a cudgel against Williams at Indian Wells in 2001, and she returned the blow with a 14-year self-exile from the tournament. She returned to Indian Wells in ’15, a conciliator seeking to raise the level of discourse about hard questions, the hardest ones, really.”

Past recipients of the award include Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali and Billie Jean King, while the last individual female athlete chosen was track star Mary Decker in 1983.

GO Serena! You are looking good, but I am not sure what the picture has to do with tennis….

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Rapper T-Pain can sing!

Proving not all rappers are tone deaf insults to stolen music, T-Pain, who made his fame by rapping, performed a  Capella version of Sam Cooke’s “A Change is Gonna Come” at the National Public Radio’s “Tiny Desk Concert” Series about a year ago. He returned to NPR a few weeks ago to perform again, again without the help of Auto-Tune. The fireworks, with his cover of the Cooke classic start about 13:30 in. His new album reportedly will include some cuts featuring his very good singing voice…Instead of just shouting.

If you are unfamiliar with NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts, look them up. While they occasionally feature mega-artists like Adele, the majority of the artists they present are new, and exploring their respective genres. If you love music, and appreciate exploring different genres, like a certain JazzFan (you know who you are!) who visits here occasionally – I think you will love exploring the more than 100 artists they have presented.

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Hitting Bottom – Bill Cosby

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for America’s former favorite Jello man …You know it’s going to be a bad day when…


‘I’m No Longer Afraid’: 35 Women Tell Their Stories About Being * Hackers have for some reason taken this site down although it likely will be back up again soon.


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Move Over, Adele – The Queen is in the Room

This from a to be released album by the 72 year old Queen of Soul. Re Re still has some chops, but you can only imagine what the 1967 version of her would have done.

I actually like both versions, Adele’s because it has a bit of a raw quality starting out, and Aretha’s because of the dynamic range.

Now, of course for comparison the Adele version –


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Taiwanese Talent Show Contestant, Lin Yu Chun Covers Whitney

Check this young guy out! He sounds far better than Whitney does anymore!

This kid has some serious chops…

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