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More of That “Booty Will Make You Stupid”

Fresh from scietific studies that “Booty Will Affect Your Mind – And Hers” comes world class evidence of Booty Stoopidity…

Tire inflator/sealer? I mean – if she runs off with the Michelin Man… You now know why.

Police arrest man accused in botched cosmetic procedure

 A south Florida resident was arrested this week after police allege he practiced medicine without a license, injecting a patient’s buttocks with a “cocktail of chemicals” for cosmetic purposes.

The so-called cocktail consisted of cement, tire sealant, super glue and mineral oil, according to a police statement.

Police say the incision was later sealed with super glue.

“They agreed on a price of $700 … to enhance her buttocks,” Miami Gardens Police Sgt. Bill Bamford told CNN affiliate WPLG.

Soon after the May procedure, the patient “had serious complications” and suffered from “very serious pains in her abdomen and her body,” likely stemming from the procedure, he added.

The patient was then hospitalized at a nearby medical center and listed in serious condition, the statement said. Police did not disclose the current condition of the patient.

The police statement identified the suspect only by his last name, Morris, though CNN affiliate WPLG disclosed his full name, citing police, as Oneal Ron Morris, 30.

“We might have additional victims in our community that could be afraid to come forward with their report fearing to be penalized,” Capt. Ralph Suarez said. “We urge those victims to come forward if they have been the victim of this subject. Those victims have not done anything illegal and they should not be afraid to come forward.”

WPLG reported Morris has been released on $15,500 bond.


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Miss Congeniality, Miss 3rd Runner Up… and the Winner is … Miss Silicone?

Tonight is the broadcast of the Miss Universe Pageant. Guys – I KNOW you are watching it for the “Talent” part of the competition, and will likely tune out the swimsuit…

Yeah! Sure you will…

More Cosmetic Surgery than the Bride of Frankenstein?

More Cosmetic Surgery than the Bride of Frankenstein?

But it appears… That all is not as it appears. talked to former pageant winners, pageant officials, and doctors who say surgical enhancements are par for the course at many pageants, and keeping one’s pageant-perfect physique post-competition can be next to impossible.

A source close to the Donald Trump-owned Miss Universe Organization tells that not only is elective surgery allowed, but it is quietly encouraged. “In many of the countries, from the time she wins (the national title) to the time she goes to Miss Universe, she basically goes through a witness protection program, she is sketched up, and totally changed,” the insider said.

PHOTOS: Meet some of this Sunday’s Miss Universe hopefuls.

“Several of the Miss USA winners also get surgery done outside of the office knowing,” the source adds. “Everyone has an excuse like ‘my uncle died’ or ‘I have family issues’ and go away and get something done even after they win. I don’t get it; if it was good enough to win don’t mess with the formula. The responsibility of the title messes with girls’ heads.”

According to the Miss Universe website, contestants can use needles, sponges and scalpels to better their chances of winning. “Although contestants are discouraged from altering their own natural beauty, no restrictions are placed on cosmetic surgery; it is impossible to enforce such a rule,” the Miss Universe Organization website states. “In fact, since 1990, the organization has allowed padding in an effort to discourage participants from permanently altering their bodies for the competition.”

But sometimes padding just isn’t enough. The state directors for Miss USA first runner-up/ dethroned Miss California Carrie Prejean told that they funded her breast implants prior to the competition. Prejean did not confirm nor deny this.

According to Keith Lewis, who runs Miss California USA, and has been a high-profile pageant judge for 15 years, an estimated 15 percent of the Miss USA hopefuls have undergone either breast augmentation or rhinoplasty as part of their contest preparation. Lewis said statistics are probably a little higher for the Miss Universe competition, he estimates around 30 percent of contestants. He also estimates 10 percent of Miss Teen USA state titleholders opt for elective surgery.

Oh… For the old times, when boys were boys…

And girls weren’t made out of plastic.

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