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President Obama’s Accomplishments

Why does the right hate President Obama so much?

I mean other than that “color” issue…

The simple fact is, President Obama has accomplished more, in a shorter time than any President since Roosevelt. Handed a country that had been screwed into virtual economic collapse by conservative stupidity, greed, and avarice – he has steadfastly moved the dime forward.

Scary shit for Rethugs and conservatives. A President who actually leaves the country a better place than when he took office.

18 Months into office the catcalls and howls about “accomplishment” are nothing more than political posturing. It took a lot longer than 18 months for Rethugs to drive the country into the dumpster. And it is a fact of life it takes a hell of a lot longer to unscrew something than it took to screw it up in the first place.

The reason all those Rethugs running for office are shouting all those coded, and not so coded racist comments is the brutal fact that not a single conservative policy initiative during the entire 8 year Bushit Administration fully supported in lockstep by a Rethugly majority Congress and Senate…

Was a success.

History repeats itself for conservatives in that when you have failed when elected to positions of power…

Run on race, and the always dependable racism of a segment of the American populace, and the fears of another.

A coalition of bigots and cowards.

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