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Even Faux News Has Heartburn With the Chumph

Nice try…But you can’t lead a dead horse to water…


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Fear Of the Angry Black Man

What is Portrayed By Conservative Media.

You’ve heard the term “Angry black man/woman” probably too many times for it to register anymore. Most black professionals run into it personally at one time or another, and it is a common device utilized in political and corporate infighting against black employees.

It is a device, dependent on the ignorance or bias of other white employees and managers, which can cause serious career damage to the accused black employee. Often phrased as “having a chip on the shoulder” when a black employee reacts no differently than a white employee to a situation, or when the employee is a black woman, as having “an attitude”, the false canard is just another of those “black taxes” on the way to that still not reached post-racial nirvana.

This irrational, racially driven bias provides a serious challenge to President Obama’s image.


What President Obama Projects…

Obama and the Question of the ‘Angry Black Man’

Dec. 23, 2010 – Since his 2008 campaign, much discussion has been devoted to understanding President Obama’s approach.  At various points Obama’s public coolness has been seen as a plus, while at other points it has been viewed as a real minus.  On those rare occasions when Obama has dared give expression to his ire, he has confronted the “angry black man” issue and any concerns he may have regarding the perception that an “angry black man” has assumed the role of President of the United States of America.

In the last two weeks two friends of mine have written pieces critical of my assertion that part of understanding Barack Obama is to understand his intense fear of being perceived as an “angry black man.” One friend simply stated his disagreement with me, while the other ridiculed my position. Both friends happen to be white.

Before I go any further let me be clear that I do not articulate this analysis as in any way a defense of Obama. As my record shows, I have been highly critical of the President on many issues.  What has me unsettled, however, is how easy it has been for many white leftists and progressives to dismiss the matter of the “angry black man” without fully interrogating the concept and its implications.  In that sense, this is about much more than President Obama.

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Faux News And the New Giant Negroes – The New Black Panthers

Faux News’ new darlings on the left are the New Black Panthers, who have morphed from a group of about 6 people into the newest Faux Threat to white people everywhere. This is indeed a reprise of the “Giant Negroes” who wandered the earth back in the early 20th century, ravishing white women, and taking dozens of white cops to capture and subdue…

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Congressman Pimp Slaps Conservative Scumbag

Couple of things go along with being a Congressman or Senator in Washington DC. The first is that the press is going to want to interview you, if you are front and center on any significant legislation or have “Bimbo problems”.

The second, as demonstrated by the Anthrax Attacks, and a gunman killing 2 Capitol Police in an attempt to shoot Congressmen – is that there are whack jobs out there who may try to harm you.

Despite these risks, Congressmen and Senators try and live normal lives – and unless there is some credible known threat, such as some of the whack job Tea Bagger driven threats against Pelosi and Reid, they don’t walk around with a protective detail or bodyguards.

Sans “Bimbo problems”, getting an interview with one of them isn’t very hard for any legitimate news outlet. Politicians by definition, want to be in the public eye. However – in view of the second thing above, “Ambush journalism” is probably not a good idea. Not the least because the Capitol Police may see you lame attempt at imitating the Acorn Pimp as an attack on a Representative…

And justifiably shoot your ass.

The second because you just might pick on a Democrat WITH cajones, as in this case…

And he pimp slaps your stupid ass all the way down C Street!

WTG Representative Bob Etheridge!

This one appears to be another Brietbart pimp wannabe – and you will notice he refuses to identify himself, give his name – and his face is obscured in the “video”. Which if he wasn’t up to something sleazy, he would have done. He also starts the confrontation by shoving the camera onto the Congressman’s face assaulting him, and starting with a pejorative question about the “Obama Agenda”…

As if the pimp slapping wasn’t enough. the Capitol Police should arrest this guy and his cameraman for assault and let them cool their pixels in DC Jail for a few days.


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Glenn Beck ‘Fesses Up – “I’m a Dirtbag”

Glenn Beck ‘fesses-up to being a “Dirtbag”, as well as having been financially hurt by the Boycott.

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The funniest accusation is that it is the great mysterious “Powers that be” that are putting the hurt on him – when in actuality it is hundreds of thousands of consumers who have tired of his racist and anti-American rants.

Beck admits to being a recovering alcoholic. And if that is true, I can wish him nothing but success in his continued recovery. However, if this guys stopped drinking…

Why does he still act like he’s suffering the effects of the DT’s?

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Keith Olbermann’s Lights up the Sno’ Ho’s Political Whoring

Olbermann lights off another fusillade!

The Sno’ Ho’ is perfectly willing to prostitute her children in an effort to lie and score political points with the wingdizzie crowd…

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If It Quacks Like a Duck… Conservatism and Whining About Being Identified as Racist

This is one of two videos by conservative talk jock Alex Jones. Now, conservatives have dominated the radio air waves since shortly after Raygun killed the Fairness Doctrine, and the FCC began loosening rules on station ownership allowing radio stations to be consolidated as Right Wing propaganda outlets under a few owners. The ability to propagandize their talking points 24 x 7 over the airwaves without criticism, or offering up opposing viewpoints has been a foundation of the success of the Republican Party and the spread of conservatism.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

That is beginning to change. And the fear is palpable among conservative commentators who have ramped up vitriolic, and often racist commentary in an attempt to rally the base listenership. This particular conservative, tries and make the rather weak point, that anyone calling conservative commentary “racist”, even when it is racist – is violating the First Amendment Rights and is dragging the country into a totalitarian state. Read the rest of this entry »

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Bill O’Lieilly Tries to Buffalo the Wrong Woman – Joan Walsh Over Dr. Tiller Controversy

O’Lielly the murderer’s accomplice tries to buffalo Joan Walsh of Salon Magazine into a “conservative talking point moment” in what passes for a conservative “interview”.Not a good idea.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Joan Walsh doesn’t back up an inch! Back to the outhouse, Bill!

Faux News Source

Faux News Source


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The American Taliban – How Faux News Kills

Conservative recognized back in the 80’s that in order to drive the country in their direction they would need a pervasive propaganda program. The first step of that was the elimination of the “Fairness Doctrine” which required broadcasters and News Providers to present all sides of an issue. With the elimination of the Fairness Doctrine, it was possible to set up propaganda organs such as right wing radio, and the Faux News Channel to trumpet conservative propaganda.

The second step was to allow ownership consolidation of the media. Laws limiting the number of stations ay one party could own were nixxed, under the guise of “capitalist success”. The reality being that the consolidation of stations across the market had little to nothing to do with “success”, and everything to do with providing dedicated and captive outlets for propaganda in every market.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The next step was in tailoring a consistent message, a message which would be repeated across the media, and repeated again and again whether in books, television, or over the radio following Goebbels’ dictates about effective propaganda. The most tried and true method of generating political capital is “the lone voice”. The vast majority of people identify with “the little guy in a tough fight with the giants”. As such, conservative media would forever become the little guy fighting the massive “Liberal Media” despite the fact the conservative media had billions of dollars in backing and financing. Next was to get the audience to embrace their inner “victimhood” – ergo that they were the victims of any of the multitude of real or imagined enemies. Just as Hitler did during his rise, he identified his “little guy” Nazi Party with the “powerless”, who were being “victimized” by Jews/Liberals. Fighting the”Good Fight” on behalf of the little man.

Republicans became, as the party of conservatism – the little put-upon white guys Party.

Sex sells, but it sells to the sexes in different ways. Tits and ass may be sufficient to attract male audiences (Faux, AKA the Hooters of the News world), but rumor and innuendo has been the major driving force behind women buying Supermarket tabloids, and the somewhat (once upon a time) less salacious Entertainment magazines. Clinton’s penis became the most objectified member in America.

The last major component is “Outrage”. Conservative media shills manufactured outrage like a $2 Crack whore sells sex. Whiny voiced wuss John Stossel has made a career the last 10 years on fake outrage. “Outrage” has become so prevalent and intertwined with imaginary victimology today, it’s become a basic part of the “theology” of right wing “christian” churches. Everyone may not hate Raymond, but bet your bottom Bible everybody hates christians.

And that is exactly where things ran off the rails.

The conservative media is no longer a movement – it is a Terrorist Organization. It has become a victim of it’s own excesses, driving market demographics through the lowest common denominators – hate and violence.

It isn’t time to shut down the conservative media. Far from it, our basic national bedrock belief in Freedom of Speech prohibits it, and such might indeed be throwing out the baby with the bathwater. What it is time to do is to shut down, and prosecute those who are advancing terrorism, under the same Freedom of Speech concept that screaming fire in a crowded theater…

Isn’t Free Speech.

Those advocating murder, or assassination (including that of our President) need to be charged and put in jail. Regardless of if they are 4 black clowns thinking they are America’s newest incarnation of Al Quaeda in NYC wanting to blow up a synagogue…

Or a talking head like O’Reilly making millions of dollars a year to spout hate.

more about “Faux News KIlls“, posted with vodpod

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