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The American-American Arms Race

Up until the Chumph, walking around with guns at protest marches was almost exclusively the purview of white wingers. Unable to win an argument based either or the truth of their claims, or their ability to converse intelligently,, the right-white fell back into the KKK history and decided to tout guns at rallies to threaten “evil liberals” who always seemed to win an “argument”.

Portions of the white-right have always been synonymous with violence. Whether the KKK, white nationalist, neo-Nazi, or even some Militia groups – they have left a bloody path wherever they go across America.

Now that they have the full support of the Chumph and his racist lackey Jefferson Davis Sessions, they are emboldened, and the number of hate crimes, and level of domestic terrorism has risen exponentially. By trying to drive a wedge between legitimate Law Enforcement and brutal goons who murder and assault at will, the Chump has created a situation where the citizenry is les sure that the Police will actually be on the side of Law and Order. I think in all but a few areas of the country, that fear is a bit overblown.

However, the white right is spoiling for a fight -as seen with both the murder in Charlottesville, and the attempted murders in Gainesville a few days ago,

This does not bode well.

Left Wing Militia set to defend their communities…Because the Chumph and KKK Sessions won’t

Left-wing groups taking up guns in ‘arms race’ against Trump-backing right-wingers

Left-wing activists are taking up arms in response to increasingly bold actions by white supremacists and other right-wing extremists.

Membership in left-leaning gun groups has jumped under President Donald Trump, just as militia membership dramatically rose during his predecessor’s presidency, reported the New York Daily News.

The National African-American Gun Association added 500 new members within two days after a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville left a counter-protester dead, and the group went from four chapters to 45 in the past year.

The national Liberal Gun Club has roughly doubled its paid membership since the election, to about 5,500, and the LGBTQ-oriented Pink Pistols groups also added members.

“It’s a way to assert our strength,” said Jake Allen, 27, who helped form the Pink Pistols. “Often, queer people are thought of as being weak, as being defenseless, and I think in many ways this pushes back against that, and I want white supremacists and neo-Nazis to know that queer people are taking steps necessary to protect themselves.”

Mark Bray, author of “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook” and a visiting scholar at Dartmouth College, said leftists had gained a new perspective since Occupy Wall Street, and he said Trump’s election had emboldened right-wing hate groups.

“Back (during Occupy demonstrations) we were sitting in parks, twinkling our fingers and talking about economic inequality,” Bray said. “Now we’re talking about firearms and self-defense.”

Anti-fascist radicals, including the armed Redneck Revolt group, have clashed with right-wing extremists at public demonstrations around the country, but the trend away from nonviolent protest has worried some veteran activists.

“Is an arms race what we really want?” asked Scott Fearing, executive director of Rochester’s Out Alliance. “What we know in any arms race is that it’s never good for anybody, and death and destruction and harm and hurt can come when so many people have arms and weapons.”


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Black Americans Twice as Likely to Be Roughed Up by the Police

No surprise here. Seems to be common practice in some parts of America…What is interesting here is that white people have more encounters with police than any other group – but are the least likely to be violently apprehended. Despite the fact whites are far more likely to be carrying a gun…

The new research also suggests a paradox: While blacks are significantly more likely than whites to be gun homicide victims, blacks are only about half as likely as whites to have a firearm in their home (41% vs. 19%). Hispanics are less likely than blacks to be gun homicide victims and half as likely as whites to have a gun at home (20%).


Specifically, the New York Police Department uncovered a weapon in one out of every 49 stops of white New Yorkers, while for Latinos a weapon was found for every 71 stops, and for African Americans that number was 93 stops.

Meanwhile, the likelihood that a stop of an African American New Yorker would yield contraband was one-third less than that of white New Yorkers stopped.

The NYPD uncovered contraband in one out every 43 stops of white New Yorkers. By contrast, it took the Department 57 stops of Latinos and 61 stops of African Americans to uncover contraband.

Furthermore the more conservative (ergo racist) a white person is, the more likely to carry a gun –

The analysis revealed that for every 1 point increase in the racism ranking, there was a 50 percent increase in the chance that the person owned a gun. Additionally, there was a nearly 30 percent increase in the chance that that person would also support the right to carry concealed guns. These results held true even after controlling for conservative politics, being from the South and harboring anti-government sentiments and other factors, Discovery News reports.

“Attitudes towards guns in many US whites appear to be influenced, like other policy preferences, by illogical racial biases,” the authors conclude. “The present results suggest that gun control policies may need to be implemented independent of public opinion.”

So, the likelihood of a POlice Officer confronting a white suspect who is armed, is far higher than the same situation with a black suspect. A suspect carrying a gun theoretically being subject to more aggressive behavior by police…except it isn’t.

Protesting While Black

Black Americans twice as likely as whites to face use of force by police: Justice Department

Black Americans are more than twice as likely as white people to have non-fatal force or the threat of it used against them during encounters with the police, according to a study by the US Department of Justice.

An analysis of tens of millions of face-to-face contacts between police and civilians over a decade found black people faced the use of force more often than white people in both street and traffic stops, despite being less likely to have encounters with officers overall.

The report follows months of protests around the US over the treatment of African Americans by law enforcement. An ongoing Guardian investigation has found black people are being killed by police at twice the rate of white people, and that those black people killed were twice as likely to have been unarmed.

Government researchers looking at the use of non-fatal force found that 3.5% of black people who had contact with police reported that during their most recent encounter officers either shouted, cursed or made threats; pushed, grabbed, hit or kick them; used pepper spray or a Taser; or pointed a gun or used some other form of force.

By comparison, 1.4% of white people and 2.1% of Hispanic people who encountered police reported a similar experience to the police-public contact survey (PPCS) by the Justice Department’s bureau of justice statistics.

While a majority of people across all races who had encounters involving the use or threat of force reported that the police’s actions were excessive and inappropriate, black people were the most likely to say this. People who were hit, kicked or had a gun pointed at them were most likely to make such complaints overall.

“Survey respondents defined what they considered to be the threat or use of force and whether it was excessive according to their perceptions of police behavior,” wrote the report’s authors. “Use of force and excessive were not defined for respondents.”

The report found that white people actually had a higher rate of contact with the police overall than people of ethnic minorities. In an average year, 20% of white Americans – almost 33 million – had a face-to-face encounter with police, compared with 17% of black people (almost 5 million) and 16% of Hispanic respondents, which equates to 4.4 million.

The researchers published their annual average statistics based on surveys that were conducted in 2002, 2005, 2008 and 2011. They said the rates and patterns they found did not change significantly over the years. Their study covered encounters such as stops and apprehensions by officers but also those in which police responded to a report of a crime or a request for help.

The study found that the vast majority of an average 44m yearly contacts between the police and civilians did not involve the use or threat of force, and that about 715,000 per year, or 1.6% of the total, did.


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Another War in the Middle East?

Syria seems determined to play the ” let’s declare war on a foreign somebody and the folks at home will come together” card.

It probably is not a real good idea to be shooting at the Turkish military. Not only because Turkey still has an army which has the ability to kick ass and take names…

But going to war with Turkey brings in the NATO Alliance – including the US, which includes at least 6 countries which could lay Syria to waste without breaking a sweat.

Maybe they should pick a fight with another neighbor?

A Turkish Air Force F4E Phantom similar to the one shot down by Syrian forces.

Turkey says Syria fired at second Turkish plane on Monday

Turkey said on Monday Syrian forces had fired towards a Turkish military transport plane involved in a search for an F-4 reconnaissance jet shot down by Syria last week, but the second aircraft was not brought down.

The disclosure of the second incident came on the eve of a NATO crisis meeting that Turkey summoned to address the shooting down of its F-4 jet, which Ankara has described as an unprovoked attack in international airspace.

Despite deep frustration among many NATO countries over the conflict in Syria, where the opposition says President Bashar Assad’s crackdown on an increasingly armed popular uprising has killed 14,000 people, it’s highly unlikely the military alliance will take armed action against the Arab state.

The unarmed RF-4E reconnaissance jet was shot down a mile (1.6 kilometres) inside international airspace on Friday, and two Turkish pilots are still missing, the Turkish government says.

Syria has officially acknowledged shooting down the F-4 phantom jet after it violated its airspace, but insists it only identified it as a Turkish fighter after the fact.

“What happened was an accident and not an assault as some like to say,” Syrian foreign ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi told the Al-Watan pro-government daily on Sunday.

“Turkish Jet, which was downed by Syrian forces, had violated Syrian airspace.” the Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Maqdissi said Monday.
He added that Syria “could take positive steps if the Turkish government takes similar steps.”

Syrian FM spokesman also indicated “The rescue efforts are underway with the coordination of all sides. We found the wreckage of the jet and Turkey was informed about it.”

But Turkey said that the incident would “not go unpunished” but it did not intend to go to war over it.

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