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Dreams of D’Dingbat

The “Dumbing Down” of America hasn’t missed the dumbing down of conservatives. I have come to believe, based on evidence provided by articles by some of the conservative “lights” – that any University granting these guys degrees…

Should have their accreditation pulled.

Case in point is the rather lame arsed screed penned by Dinesh D’Souza in the WashPo earlier this week – “Why Barack Obama is an anti-colonialist”, which even by the admittedly low affirmative-action bar set by white conservatives for their conservative of-color Quasi-Illuminati sycophants…

Lowers the intellectual “Bar” to scraping the sub-pavement.

A too-kind reposte is offered by Bruce L.R. Smith in todays WashPo – “The Barack Obama Sr. I knew“, where Smith factually recounts his experiences with President Obama’s father, while they both were enrolled at Harvard.

I am going to take a bit different perspective – that of an American doing business overseas and having to explain Mr D’Souza’s isht to foreign government officials and elected senior Government members who face the issue from their countries perspective of dealing with the super powers. Colonialism is a dirty word.

The imprecation that President Obama is opposed to “colonialism” carries with it the opposing blade that those who oppose him – in this case Republicans…

Fully support Colonialism.

In the context of a looming election exuberantly promoted as a Republican landslide in the right wing media, a claim acquiesced to in at least some of the real Media – that means America will soon, again beome a Colonial Power, freely utilizing the resources and abusing the peoples of smaller nations as test tube subjects and slave labor.

Thanks D’Dingbat, for making like a hell of a lot more difficult for American companies overseas…

Including your favorites, which apparently include the sweat shops.



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Skin Whiteners and Chin Chillers in India For Men

Vestiges of caste and colonialism…

Vaseline's new skin-lightening app on Facebook has come in for criticism from some users in India.

Vaseline skin-lightening app stirs debate

Vaseline’s new skin-lightening application for Facebook users in India has re-ignited the debate over skin color and perceptions of beauty.

The app, which was launched by Vaseline, invites Indian men to download their profile photos and drag a line across the screen to digitally “Lighten my Skin.”

It is being used to promote Vaseline Men UV Whitening Body Lotion, a new product launched in India in June into an already crowded market for skin-lightening creams.

The Vaseline facebook app

On the Facebook page inviting reviews of the product, users have left a string of angry comments. One wrote: “I wish I could rate this less than 1…racist application. India has the biggest double standards. Imagine the horror and uproar if this were published by a western country.”

Another said he condemned the ad campaign, writing “It is insidious of them to take advantage and make profit out of a bias that unfortunately exists in the Indian society.” Read the rest of this entry »


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