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Chris Matthews Hammers Michael Steele’s Replacement

Chris Matthews leaves Reince Priebus wishing he still had Michael Steele around to buckdance up some race cover for his party…

I mean – they didn’t even invite their former Chairman to the convention in Tampa.


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Larry Elder vs Chris Matthews In Wild Interview

Larry Elder tries to take on Chris Matthews. The really strange thing here is Elder’s blaming of the Cuban Missile Crisis on a meeting between Kennedy and Kruschev in 1961. He then goes into criticizing Matthews’ new book for not including criticism of Kennedy by right wing “historians”. Matthews holds it together far longer than I would have thought possible…

This lame attempt at reinventing American History is despicable, but pretty much the stock in trade for clowns like Elder.
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About Those “Founding Fathers”… And Slavery

A lot of historical reinvention here going on in conservative circles. About a month ago we had Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour waxing ridiculously about the “positive” role of the White Citizen’s Councils during the Civil Rights Era…

Then there is one of the Energizer Idiots of the right, Michelle Bachman’s historically ridiculous claim that the “Founding Fathers” were opponents of slavery.

Chris Matthews sets the record straight, here…

Anderson Cooper rips Bachmann with a bit more truth here…

So…Why do so many on the right need to support their cause with the “Southern Myth” on LSD?


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Chris Mattews – AA for White Guys in the NBA

This one is funny! Matthews is obviously putting Buchanan on… Which will probably generate a veritable poop-storm on conservative rags.


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Heck of a Delusion – Brownie!

This is the sort of guy put into power by the Bushit Administration, and should the current crop of right wingers win another Presidency – will be put into power to fail again.

Michael Brown maxxed out on his Peter Principle, sometime shortly after grade school – yet by being a loyal Bushite was put into position to do vast harm to the American People.

His current theory? The Obama Terrorists blew up the oil well int he Gulf to destroy the coal and oil industries…

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Maher Hammers Tea Baggers and neo-confederates

Wow – Maher drops the hammer on the Sno’ Ho’ –

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