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Chris Matthews – Texas Republican Governor Rick (Big Hair) Perry a “Wax Clown”

Don’t hurt ’em Chris!

Chris Matthews: Rick Perry A ‘Clown’ Full Of ‘Texas B.S.’

Chris Matthews didn’t mince words on his Friday show when it came to the newest entrant into the GOP presidential race.

Rick Perry¬†formally entered¬†the 2012 campaign on Saturday, but everyone knew that he was running days before. On Friday’s “Hardball,” Matthews made it clear that he doesn’t think much of the Texas governor. As he watched the footage MSNBC was playing of Perry, Matthews openly mocked him–and his Texas ways.

“He looks like a clown,” Matthews said. “He dresses very fancy. There’s something about the way that he puts himself together that doesn’t look authentic. He looks like, I don’t know, a wax figure pretending to be governor. There’s something about him that doesn’t add up to me. Maybe it’s this Texas B.S., this boots and tuxedo thing they do down there. Why does it work? Outside of Texas it doesn’t travel very well.”

Matthews also criticized Perry for mangling the history of Texas’ relationship with the rest of the U.S. Matthews said that, unlike what Perry has claimed, Texas never had any clause in its founding documents that allowed it to secede from America. He wondered whether Perry was being “deliberately ignorant” in his telling of the state’s history.

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The Post-Racial SOTU

Matthews lays out an interesting dynamic of President Obama’s SOTU Speech last night. Opposition to this Presidency has far too often been based on race – not politics. That isn’t only the slack-jawed inbred Republican Tea Bagger sort – but doubts some white Americans have about this black guy with a funny name, who doesn’t look like Joe next door. It is the second sort of “not quite racism” which leaves the door open for the Drugbos, Becks, and Sno’ Ho’s to spew their vile racist filth.

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What Happens When You Ask A Conservative About Accomplishments

Owwwww – This is an ass whuppin’!

GOP Strategist Todd Harris Walks into Chris Matthews Buzzsaw on Hardball. The issue comes when Matthews starts asking for a list of Republican Accomplishments which an American citizen could look at and contrast with the Democrats as a basis for voting Republican or Democrat. Now, Todd Harris is one of the top 2 or 3 Republican Strategist people in the country, and the question would appear to be a slam dunk…

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What Harris is saying is it isn’t about what “we” did, it’s about what we can make you think is important…

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Chris Matthews And the Why of Tea Baggers

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Republican Party – “Party of the confederacy”

This from Chris Matthews discussing the recent defection of a Democrat Congressman to the Republican Party –

“Are you building the right kind of Republican Party, or are you building a party off of the discards of the Democrats, are you gonna keep building your party with dixiecrats, ex-Democrats who think the Democratic Party is too mainstream, that’s how you’ve been doing it since the 60s, since the 60s, you’ve built a political party, the Party of Lincoln has become the party of the confederacy.”

Chris hit that one…

Right out of the park.

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Steele: ‘I’m Not So Quick to Say Oh Yeah This Portends Great Things for The GOP Next Year’

Steele’s enthusiasm is tempered by the fact that Republicans lost the NY 23rd race, in no small part due to infighting. The candidate supported by the uber conservatives like Palin, Limbaugh, and Pawlenty…


Placing a Democrat in the seat for the first time since the 19th Century. Taking the big hit here was the Sno’ Ho’ – Sarah Palin, who put here name and money behind the losing conservative Republican candidate.

The Governor’s win in Virginia, by Bob McDonnell featured a decidedly moderate stance with heavy outreach to urban and suburban populations as well as minorities – once again a huge departure from “conservative politics”.

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Chis Matthews hammers Eric Cantor’s Anti-Obama spiel that the Republican wins represent a turning of the electorate –



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Chris Matthews Slaps the Birther Whackjobs

Chris Matthews whacks a Rethugly Congressmen upside the head over pandering to whackjobs –

Now, one of the reasons the birthers want to make this an issue is to disenfranchise black and brown folks. Up until the mid to late 60’s in a lot of places in this country, the children of the poor were born at home because of segregated and/or inadequate medical facilities. As a child, I remember a period during segregation when there was no black doctor with a practice in our area – and only one Jewish Doctor (a Holocaust survivor) who would treat black patients. Needless to say, you saw the entire community at his offices at one time or another. Read the rest of this entry »


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