Another Christian Conservative Republican Pervert

Yet ANOTHER Christian Conservative Republican with a zipper problem. This one  in California, talking on tape about having sex with Lobbyists. Lobbyists who are “lobbying” him, and the Committee he chairs…

Republican state Assemblyman Mike Duvall, a Christian conservative from Southern California, was caught on tape, bragging about his sexual escapades and extramarital affairs with two women. Duvall, who has preached against gay marriage and on behalf of “family values,” bragged about spanking one of the women while a microphone was on in the state capitol. “So, I am getting into spanking her,” he told a Republican colleague. “Yeah, I like it. I like spanking her. She goes, ‘I know you like spanking me.’ I said, ‘Yeah! Because you’re such a bad girl!” Duvall apparently thought a microphone in the state capitol building was turned off when it was actually on.

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Breaking The Mold – Anthony Woods For Congress

Anthony Woods is running for a seat as Congressman for the California 10th District. He is definitely raising some eyebrows with an ability to raise campaign money. He has been endorsed by, the nation’s largest progressive veteran’s organization.

He has a Masters in public policy from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, 2008 and a bachelor’s degree in political science and economics from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, 2003. He was an aide to New York Gov. David Paterson. He  served two tours of duty in Iraq, and was a Recipient of Bronze Star.

In June of 2005, Woods was deployed for his second tour to Iraq with the 3rd Armored Calvary Regiment. Upon his arrival, he immediately took command of a 64 soldier platoon. During this deployment Woods’ unit was involved in the Battle for Tal Afar.

Woods brought home all 81 of the soldiers who served under his command.

While at Harvard – He was a co-recipient of the Robert F. Kennedy Public Service Award for his work his work mentoring low-income minorities applying to college and numerous other community leadership activities—including co-founding the first student chapter of the Fuller Center for Housing, and making three trips to New Orleans to assist families struggling to rebuild following Hurricane Katrina.

He was born on Travis Air Force Base to a single mother who worked as a housekeeper. He is 28 years old.

Anthony Woods, Democrat for California's 10th District

Anthony Woods, Democrat for California's 10th District

Young, black, gay and running for Congress

In April, Anthony Woods, a 28-year-old West Point graduate who recently earned his master’s degree in public policy from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, announced his candidacy for a soon-to-be vacant seat in California’s 10th Congressional District.

Woods was an Army veteran in Iraq, but subsequently discharged for being gay under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

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