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Venus Williams – Venus’ Secret

Venus Williams easily won her opening match at the French Open on Sunday, beating Patty Schnyder with consecutive 6-3 victories. But it was not her performance that drew the most attention. Williams’ lacy black-and-red outfit, which gave “the illusion of being see-through” according to the AP, is the tennis star’s most talked-about on-court apparel choice since she wore a skimpy green uniform at the Australian Open in January (where she was voted an Australian Open hottie).

Venus’ outfit includes skin colored undies, which have the press all tied up in knots… and probably the judges…

“Foot Fault? I didn’t see no foot fault!”

Just being evil – but I wonder what would happen if Venus played in a Burkini?

Venus' New Sexy Outfit

OK Guys – put the coffee down and hold on to your seats… Read the rest of this entry »


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Burka Rage!

Wow! This is much less productive than that annual Filene’s Basement “Running of the Brides” sale  every year that results in a hoedown or two between the ladies (and unfortunately this year several tramplings) –

Veil Ripped off in French ‘Burka Rage’

The first known case of “Burka rage” has erupted in France where a furious female lawyer ripped the veil from a Muslim woman in a clothing store in the town of Trignac. The lawyer made “snide remarks” about the other shopper’s burka and said she couldn’t wait until France enacted a burka ban now winding through the legislature, according to cops. The attorney compared burka-wearers to the fictional French horror demon Belphegor, who haunts the Louvre and wears a black face mask to hide his hideous features. Suddenly, the women were scuffling, and the veil ripped off, reports the Telegraph.

The store owners broke up the pair, and they were hauled in by cops. The Muslim woman has accused the lawyer of racial and religious assault, and the attorney has accused her fighting partner of assault. The veil ban measure before the French legislature declares burkas and other forms of Islamic dress to be “an affront to the nation’s values.” Such a ban has already been enacted in Belgium. Critics say the bill unfairly targets women, who are often ordered to wear the veil by their husbands.

Damn! Ripping off her veil?

After checking out our new Miss USA Rima Fakih, it might just be worthwhile to cop a seat on the beach in the French Riviera…

And wait for a Bikini-Burkini fight!

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France – Burkini Wars, Part Deux

You know it’s bad when – There’s a law against women putting on too much clothing!

As the fashion capital of the world, if there is one thing the Frenchmen are more serious about than their wine…

Is women.

If a proposed law passes – it is going to cost you to not have your wife or girlfriend run around “Nekked” at the beach in France if a new law passes…

It will cost you about $20,000 US and 1 year in jail!


Men to face £13,000 fine and jail for forcing women to wear burkas if new French law is passed

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Whatever Happened to “Two All Beef Patties”?

Burqas? No, bacon burgers are France’s new cultural battleground

After fights over burqas and Muslim-rights and France’s national identity, French politicians are taking on the burger. Because it’s a symbol of American imperialism? Mais non! A French fast-food chain is dishing up a pork-free halal sandwich.

Where's The Beef?

Now I don’t know about you, but I always think of the French contribution to fast-fat-fare as being the fried sliced spuds. Those ubiquitous semi-indestructible gastronomic treats often found fossilized betwixt the back seat cushions of 1960’s era American Cars when you pull the seats out to restore them…


Something definitely got lost in this translation.

Paris – In eight of 362 Quick burger joints in France they’ve gone pork-less.

The “offending” Quick outlets (three are in Paris suburbs) are located in predominantly Muslim neighborhoods, in an apparent concession to a $1.3 billion halal (meaning ‘legal’ under Islamic law) food industry. While French Muslims didn’t ask for pork-free fast-food at Quick, they are appreciative of them, if sales are a sign.

Yet in a French election year where the burqa, or full length Muslim veil, is portrayed as a non-French symbol – the inalienable right to order a bacon burger is a new battleground. Read the rest of this entry »

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Illuminati Noir Reaches – 1,000 Comments

Been a while, but BTx3’s Illuminati Noir Blog has reached 1,000 visitor comments! Only about 1% of the visitors of the site leave a comment, which is interesting.

Top 10 viewed posts in order –

  1. “Burkini”??????
  2. You’re Worth It… Only of You are White
  3. Bill Clinton to Become a Sigma!
  4. Country/Bluegrass Night at the White Hou
  5. Orange Jumpsuit Award – Monica Conyers
  6. The New Face(s) of Jim Crow
  7. Dr Henry Louis Gates Arrested
  8. 5 of the Jena 6 Freed
  9. Boycotting the Haytas
  10. Revenge of the Nerds

Interestingly, one of the posts which continues to get regular visitors each day is the Country/Bluegrass post – so digitalsoulbrother AKA brotherbrown

I may have to consider switching station formats here! I mean, Hootie did it. 🙂

The first black-centric, Liberal, Country and Western site…

Hmmmmmmm… Move over Dixie Chicks!

Due to the Burkini post – I’ve also received official word from France that my chances of dating tall, anorexic, washed out, semi-attractive blonde runway fashion models is now zilch. Thinking back on my dating history, that seems to be about as much of a game changer as “Freedom Fries” – especially by the fact I’m not basketball material. And that Rachida Dati thing… It wasn’t me!

Anyway, I encourage my visitors to leave a comment – even if it’s just to say Hi!


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Burkini Wars…

I should probably do a poll, and add one of those nifty widgets here – but the Burkini-Bikini War which has roiled France has now expanded to England and Italy!

OK, I figured the Poll Thingie out – Ladies Only!

Resulting in this article by Rachel Marsden in the UK Times – The Italians have banned the ridiculous burkini from public pools. Good for them

Rachel Marsden

Rachel Marsden

Now, Rachel is a conservative commentator who is CEO of a job site for politicos – seen here leaving a Canadian Courtroom after being granted a “Conditional Discharge” for harassing a Vancouver radio talk show host…

Getting fired by Faux News, and selling her ex-boyfriends clothes in an auction…

Apparently believes this is fashionable evening wear –

Rachel Marsden fashion sense

Rachel Marsden fashion sense

Hmmmmm… Indeed.

OK – Just for review for those who missed the subtle differences between a Burkini and a Bikini –

Miss France - Chloe Mortaud

Miss France - Chloe Mortaud in a Bikini

So – here’s the question, to the ladies…

Would you rather be seen at the beach in a bikini, or burkini…

Or caught dead dressed like Rachel Marsden?

Unidentified Model in a Burkini

Unidentified Model in a Burkini


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An update to this post is available under Burkini Wars

Apparently the latest salvo in the culture war in France is Moslem women wearing “Burkinis” ….

Now – it’s common in France for women to go topless at the beaches – so apparently the complaint, is Moslem women are…

Wearing too much!

A Burkini

A Burkini

Now, BTx3 enjoys the sight of a finely shaped woman in a swimsuit as well as the next guy – and admittedly the Burkini leaves a lot to the imagination…

But, at the same time you have to respect someone else’s beliefs.

Apparently in France, with the first salvo being an order to ban head scarves in 2004s – a woman with clothes on…

Just isn’t French!

French Muslim woman wearing ‘burkini’ banned from Paris swimming pool

France’s struggle with Islamic dress has moved into the swimming pool after a 35-year-old woman was banned from bathing in her “burkini”, a head-to-toe swimsuit.

The woman, identified only as Carole, was making her third outing in a burkini to the town pool at Emerainville, on the eastern outskirts of Paris, when the chief lifeguard ordered her to leave. Read the rest of this entry »


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