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Georgetown Basketball Team Attacked and Mugged In China While Chinese Police Do Nothing

This was at a Georgetown-China “goodwill” game last night. A Georgetown player scrambles against a Chinese player for a loose ball, and comes up with the ball. After throwing it to a team mate, the Chinese player attacks the Georgetown player, who seeks to get away from the altercation by backing away. At this point 4-5 Chinese players attack the Georgetown player, knock him to the ground and begin beating him. The Georgetown bench clears to protect their guy, resulting in a free for all, with Chinese fans joining in against the Georgetown players. The Chinese Police…

Do nothing.

Georgetown vs. China Brawl Video: Friendly Contest Turns into Rumble for Hoyas

The Georgetown Hoyas men’s basketball team was supposed to be in China on a goodwill tour, and their exhibition against the Bayi Rockets on Thursday night was supposed to be a friendly contest.

Unfortunately, neither of those ideas panned out.

As you can see in the above video clip, things got pretty ugly between the Hoyas and Rockets. It’s clear early on that the two teams were playing a very physical game, but things boiled over. The result was a nasty scene that involved several different confrontations, players brandishing chairs as weapons and spectators throwing bottles at the Hoyas from the stands.

As Gene Wang of the Washington Post tells the tale, things unraveled with a little over nine minutes to go in the game, and it was actually the second time that the benches had emptied during the proceedings. This time, Georgetown head coach John Thompson III pulled his team off the court.

While this video clip alone may make it look like this was just a physical game that went horribly awry, it sounds like there might be a little more to it than that. As Wang noted, the Hoyas were called for more than twice as many fouls as the Rockets, and Dana O’Neill ofESPN pointed out that the Rockets were also granted 57 free throws. The Hoyas took just 15.

If nothing else, that’s lousy officiating. And because the Hoyas were consistently on the short end, it’s easy to deduce that the cards were stacked against them. One can understand if they played the game frustrated.

If you’re wondering why security did nothing to break up the brawl once it started, Wang noted that Chinese police chose to stay out of it: “The Chinese police had been watching the tensions escalate to the point of physical confrontations but made no attempts to break up any of the fights taking place on the court.”

Given the circumstances surrounding this fracas, it’s clear that there’s something just a little off about the whole scene. While it would be a stretch to say that the Hoyas were lured into a fight, it definitely sounds like they soon found themselves in a fight that was fixed. In the end, it’s a miracle nobody was hurt.

Either way, this is just an ugly, ugly turn of events. As a result, don’t be surprised if the Hoyas decide it’s best to cancel the rest of their goodwill tour.


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The 6 Mile High Fight Club

Now, if this had been black passengers – Faux News would have headlined it as a riot…

Mass brawl at 30,000 feet: British holidaymakers in 30-minute fight on Virgin flight to Barbados

Up to 12 British holiday-makers are being questioned by police in Barbados after a ‘vicious’ brawl broke out at 30,000ft on a flight to the Caribbean island.

The passengers, who are thought to have been drinking, had to be split up by fellow travellers and the Virgin flight’s crew.

At least one man ended up with a black eye and a woman had her arm in a sling following the half-hour bout of violence on the flight from Gatwick.

They were dressed up and witnesses said they seemed to be heading out for ‘a special occasion’.

One passenger said problems began about halfway into the eight-hour flight, when one woman had an issue with another traveller.

Elsa Brandford, 70, said: ‘It was unbelievable, it was like something out of a movie.

‘I was looking at it and wondering if I was still watching my in-flight movie.

‘A woman shouted ”You swore in front of my child”. She said it about six times, each time louder than the last one. She said ”And it’s my birthday”.

‘I couldn’t hear what the other person said but I heard more and more voices getting involved.

‘There was about five minutes of shouting while people gathered around and before I knew it they were throwing punches and jumping on each other.

‘Most of the people involved were sitting in that area and just standing on their seats while throwing punches.

‘It was vicious. It was frightening. There were punches going off in all directions. I never expected to see something like that.

‘But as it went on people came round to try to split them up and about half an hour later they had it under control.’

She said all passengers were ordered to remain in their seats for the rest of the flight, with bathroom breaks being allowed after two hours.

Police said their investigation was on going and they were still interviewing suspects and airline staff.

They confirmed about ‘ten to 12’ passengers, all thought to be British, had taken part in a ‘reported fight’ but could not provide any more information.


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Progressives Begin to Fight Back Against Tea Bagger Thuggery

We’ve all seen the Tea Bagger tactic of disruption of public forums at the Town Hall Meetings of a number of Congressmen and Senators last year.

Finally, some progressives have had quite enough.

This may well turn out to be more of a brawl than an election.

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