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Gulf Spill The End of the Road for Black Oystermen?

Oystering, particularly “tonging”, the way most Louisiana Oystermen do it, is brutal work. If I had to pick a hell to which to send the BP Executives, and their paid off political and government cronies – it would be tonging for Oysters on the Chesapeake Bay on an aluminum skiff in January and February. It is brutal, backbreaking work, which builds a kind of character you don’t often see in a Boardroom.

This is Oyster Tonging. The 12-15' long tongs are used to gather the oysters from the bottom - sometimes in 6-10' of water. This is hard, dangerous work in the Chesapeake, in that Oystering is only done in the winter. The water temps may only be 45, and often Oystermen have to break ice to get out of the creeks and river to the bay. If you slip and fall in - you may well die. In Louisiana they Oyster in the summer - the work is still hard.

Another victim of the BP Oil disaster may well be black coastal communities along the lower Mississippi still recovering from the ravages of Katrina…

Is It Twilight for Louisiana’s Black Oystermen?

The marina of this Mississippi River Delta community usually teems with fishermen, oystermen and shrimpers. But the scene on Monday afternoon fell far short of that. Only a single crew could be seen filling crates with plump blue crabs freshly pulled from the bays to the east, which is among the few stretches of nearby water where oil hasn’t been found. Men sat on stools outside the marina’s shop, sipping cold beers in the humid air. “There’s nothing else to do,” says Shawn Encalade, 47, a boat welder, looking out at rows of marooned vessels.

The worst oil spill in American history is being measured in environmental and economic terms — especially given the threat it poses to Louisiana’s $2.4 billion seafood industry. But the cultural toll must also be considered. The disaster may signal the end of Louisiana towns like Phoenix and Point a la Hache, which hug the Mississippi River and comprise one of the state’s largest stretches of African-American fishing communities. Read the rest of this entry »

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Obama’s Katrina? Hardly.

The newest Republican game plan is to blame the oil spill on President Obama. Here is the Sno’ Ho’ claiming the Oil Companies supported President Obama…

Just so we don’t get lost in the thicket of thick-headed propaganda here – a quick reminder. This was at the 2008 Republican National Convention –

The HNIC – Read the rest of this entry »


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