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The Chumph on Crack – “I’ll Win 95% of the black vote”

The Chumph believes his first term will be so great, 95% of black folks will vote for him for a second term.

Pretty good turnaround, considering by current polling 99% of black folks intend to vote against him ever being President in the first place.

Of course he made this pitch to black folks twice in the last two days in towns where the population is 95%, and 98% white respectively.

Donald Trump’s Pitch To Black Voters: ‘What The Hell Do You Have To Lose?’

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump pitched his candidacy to black voters Friday, suggesting they vote for him in November because they are desperate enough to do so.

The reality TV star, who claimed in 2011 he has “a great relationship with the blacks,” has polled miserably among black voters. He sought to remedy that at a rally in Dimondale, Michigan, saying he wants the vote of “every African-American citizen in this country who wants a better future.”

“Look how much African-American communities are suffering under Democratic control. To those I say the following: What do you have to lose by trying something new, like Trump?” he said. “You’re living in poverty. Your schools are no good. You have no jobs. Fifty-eight percent of your youth is unemployed. What the hell do you have to lose?”

He continued, “I will produce for the African-Americans. And the Democrats will not produce. All they’ve done is taken advantage of your vote. If you keep voting for the same people, you will keep getting exactly the same result.”

Trump made similar remarks during a speech in Charlotte on Thursday.

Trump’s claims, like comments he’s made about other racial groups, are broad and hardly representative of every black American. His claim about black youth unemployment is also misleading.

And according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted this month, black voters are actually more likely to be optimistic about the future than white or Hispanic voters. The poll also found that 51 percent of African-Americans think life has gotten better over the last 50 years, versus 33 percent of white voters and 40 percent of Hispanic voters.

Trump also claimed Friday that he’d have the support of 95 percent of black Americans by the end of his first term ― a statistic that appears highly unlikely, given that Trump is currently polling around 1 percent with black voters nationally.

The candidate’s past attempts at appealing to black voters have not gone over so well: In a widely-mocked moment in June, he singled out a black supporter at a rally and asked the crowd to “look at my African-American over here.”


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Black Voters For Trump? Nope

Trump says black folks love him…

This isn’t a “Legacy” issue. It has to do with the Drumph’s very real own record.

Using White Supremacist Fake Statistics isn’t making Drumph any friends among the sane in the Black Community.

Why Trump Is Doomed With Black Voters

The Republican frontman simply cannot overcome the legacy of his GOP predecessors.

Donald Trump repeatedly boasts that he’ll win over black voters in the 2016 presidential election, pointing to questionable poll results, an elusive economic platform, and unusual black surrogates, including former presidential primary candidate Ben Carson, reality-television star Omarosa Manigualt, and the fascinating southern-sister duo of Diamond and Silk. Certainly, he’s amassed an unlikely black following that is publicly and passionately “Team Trump,” but it’s doubtful that this small group of supporters will translate into meaningful black Republican voter returns.

The Republican Party’s relationship with black voters can at best be described as contentious. At worst, it’s downright hostile. In the last 50 years, no more than 15 percent of black voters have voted for Republican presidential candidates or identified as Republican.

“His People”?

The idea that Trump would succeed where no GOP candidate has succeeded since Richard Nixon in 1960 is mystifying, especially since the billionaire is running a campaign fueled by appeals to racial anxiety and hostility, xenophobia, and economic distress. Vague platitudes about economic uplift and flashy public-relations events with conservative black ministers have long been the bread-and-butter of Republican minority outreach efforts, and have long yielded little return. This is especially true when race is evident. Though not single-issue voters, African Americans often use their racial identity and experience as a guiding principle, informing their decisions on politics and political candidates. And with Trump, their opinion is overwhelmingly negative.

But although Trump has provided more than enough fodder to add to the tension between black voters and the Republican Party, the spectacle of his campaign is a diversion, both obscuring and exacerbating a pre-existing crisis within the GOP. The vast majority of black voters—including a cross-section of black Republicans—believes the Republican Party doesn’t care about racial issues or the needs of black Americans, pointing to Republicans’ rhetoric and policies as damning evidence.

“The Republican Party is the ship and all else is the sea around us,” Frederick Douglass once famously declared. And even as cracks in the foundation appeared with a factional pursuit of a “lily-white” Republican movement, black voters remained largely loyal to the “Party of Lincoln” through 1936. In that year, the first major political realignment happened, as African Americans, disenchanted with the economic and racial waffling of their party, overwhelmingly supported the re-election efforts of Democratic President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, effectively aligning with the New Deal coalition. “Political gratitude is paying the GOP steadily diminished returns,” wrote the editors of Time. Lincoln’s name “no longer works its oldtime magic.”

The crux of the issue was the Republican Party’s dogged interest in wooing white southern voters, a point clearly outlined by Ralph Bunche in a 1940 report on the GOP’s race issue, commissioned by the Republican Party. The party could not run with both hare and hound. In other words, so long as the GOP pursued white southerners at the expense of African Americans’ needs and civil rights, it would continue to witness an exodus of black voters….Read The Rest Here


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Bernie v Hillary

Interesting demographics in the South Carolina and Nevada turn out. Despite some pundits claims that Hillary is in cruise mode…There still could be an upset in the making if the voting demographics hold up. Basically, Hillary won the black vote…But Bernie won the Hispanic. Hillary’s voters were older, Bernie’s under 45.

It is still a horse race.

What is interesting is the if Sanders were the candidate – he beats all the Republicans handily in polls… The outlier here being positive poll numbers for Rubio. I just don’t see a third rate candidate like Rubio not losing by double digits.

Clinton v Republicans

RCP Average- Trump 2/2 – 2/17 45.3 42.5 Clinton +2.8
RCP Average – Cruz 2/2 – 2/17 45.3 44.5 Cruz +0.8
RCP Average – Rubio 2/2 – 2/17 47.5 42.8 Rubio +4.7
RCP Average – Kasich 2/10 – 2/17 47.7 40.3 Kasich +7.4
RCP Average – Carson 12/6 – 2/3               46.3 45.0 Clinton +1.3

Sanders v Republicans

RCP Average – Trump 1/9 – 2/17 48.8 41.0 Sanders +7.8
RCP Average – Cruz 2/2 – 2/15 44.0 44.0 Tie
RCP Average 2/10 – 2/15 43.0 42.5 Sanders +0.5
RCP Average 2/2 – 2/15 45.7 41.0 Sanders +4.7
RCP Average 10/29 – 2/3 45.3 44.0 Sanders +1.3


Sanders may have lost Nevada, but he won over the crucial Hispanic vote

Bernie Sanders may have fallen short against Hillary Clinton in Nevada today (Feb. 20), but there was a silver lining: The Vermont senator won 53% of the vote among Hispanic voters, in the first diverse state to hold its caucus, according to entrance polls.

Young voters were the difference: Sanders won 68% to 28% lead among minorities under 45 years old, showing that he resonates with millennials in Nevada, regardless of race, just as much as he did in New Hampshire and Iowa.

But, as FiveThirtyEight noted, Nevada’s voters are mostly old. And the support of millennials and the Latino community wasn’t enough to edge out Clinton, who won the Nevada Democratic caucus with 52% of the vote.

Entrance polls aren’t foolproof. As some pundits have said, in this particular case, they leave out Nevada’s most-populated county—Clark County. And, as Vox notes, they have incorrectly predicted the Latino vote in the past.

But based on the data currently on hand, 70% of voters who showed up to the polls today were over the age of 45. Among that group, Clinton led with two-thirds of the vote. She was also ahead with non-white voters overall, winning by a huge margin with black voters.

Clinton still has strong support among older Hispanic voters—a divide that was highlighted when Sanders supporters reportedly interrupted efforts by civil-rights leader Dolores Huerta, to provide Spanish translation at a rally at Harrahs casino.

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Conservatives Smoking Crack..And Meth!

Last week Bill the Bloviate O’Liely declared “I’m the reporter in this country who has shed the most light on young black men being killed.”

This week, The Donald declared “I’ll win both the Hispanic and black vote!”

Now as to that Obama has done nothing….


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Black Folks Voting Republican In Virginia?

Recent polling in the Virginia Gubernatorial race has indicated that Bob McDonnell, the republican candidate is drawing strong support from the black community –Bob McDonnell

The latest SurveyUSA poll showing Virginia Republican gubernatorial nominee Bob McDonnell with a 19% lead over Democrat Creigh Deeds (which would be the biggest win for any Virginia Governor of either party since 1961) has some interesting internals.  One of the strangest findings is that McDonnell is getting 31% of the African American vote.

Is this possible?  Well, the smart money would say no.  But if you want to construct an argument for SurveyUSA being correct, consider the following: Read the rest of this entry »

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