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Don Lemon, 3 Black Republicans and a Lawn Jockey

Don Lemon interviews a panel of 3 black Republicans relative to the Chumph’s racism. A Lawn Jockey interrupts with her “feelings”.

The Chumph doesn’t have a clue that in supporting the KKK he has moved into non-negotiable territory. Black Republicans can swallow the sort of “wink-wink nod-nod” racial overtures of their party. But even they can’t swallow support of the type of folks who want to lynch you.

Funny haw facing “the real deal” has been such a clarifying moment.

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Ostracizing the Last 5%…Black Republicans

The Chumpf is on the verge of doing something that hasn’t been accomplished by any Republican…Ever. Reduce the level of black (and Hispanic) vote for the Republican Party to 1% (Down to the crazies and professional Uncle Tom Squad)…Or less.

It is no longer possible for even die-hard black Republicans, with a scintilla of self respect to justify their continued support of a now, outright hostile and racist Party.

Donald Trump’s Racism Repels Black Republicans

‘You’re saying that about Mexicans, you’re saying that about me.’

Perhaps because he’s now taking aim at an individual American citizen, Donald Trump’sattacks on U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel’s Mexican heritage finally made it impossible to rationalize away the fundamentally racist nature of his campaign.

Republicans have tried, in part by squinting hard, to view his plans to raise a wall across the Mexican border and to ban Muslims from entering the country—which Trump doubled down on following the tragic events in Orlando—as policies focused on security, rather than group identity.

That’s a luxury of lax thinking few black Republicans have, and candidate Trump is forcing a reckoning for many of them.

“What are the Black Republicans supposed to do?” said Donald Scoggins, a lifelong Republican and the president of the Republicans for Black Empowerment, to The Daily Beast. “Donald Trump is really putting many Black Republicans in a terrible, terrible situation. We are basically a non-entity in the party right now.”

“Donald Trump wasn’t my first, second, third, or seventeenth choice,” said DeAndre Moore, a lifelong Republican.

For many black Republicans, who think it’s important that African Americans have a viable political alternative to the Democratic Party and want to apply the principles of fiscal and individual responsibility and accountability to impoverished segments of the community, Trump’s candidacy represents a tipping point.

The rise of the birther movement and Trump’s support of it could be dismissed as far-right radicals and a reality TV star talking nonsense and clogging up the airwaves, but not indicative of the mainstream GOP. New voter ID laws and voter suppression efforts could be rationalized as efforts to prevent (mostly imagined) voter fraud. Even the two attendees at the 2012 Republican National Convention who threw peanuts at an African American woman, while saying “this is how we feed the animals,” could be explained away as an outlier.

The RNC’s inaction on their Growth and Opportunity Project, which investigated how the party could do better with minorities following Mitt Romney’s 2012 drubbing, and the recent resignations of their black outreach staff, both frustrated the black Republicans I spoke with but after eight years of racially coded attacks, it is Trump’s rhetoric that has been the final straw.

“I don’t want to be associated with anything that has anything to do with Donald Trump,” said Hugh, one of several black Republicans I spoke with who didn’t want to use their full names out of fear of being excluded from their political communities.

One woman I spoke with expressed her frustration with how the rise of Sarah Palin and then Trump coincided with the rise and fall of Michael Steele as Chairman of the RNC. To her, this all indicated that the GOP preferred inarticulate, unqualified white Americans over well-spoken, experienced African Americans.

In talking with these black Republicans, all felt as though they are being forced to choose between their race and their party.  Each said they don’t want to vote for Trump. Some have decided to vote for Hillary Clinton. Others may abstain from voting altogether. Several said that they intend to either purge this racist element from their party or leave it.

Unlike Speaker Paul Ryan, these voters see no way to denounce Trump’s statements as “the textbook definition of a racist comment” while continuing to support him.

They find solace in moderate Republicans like John Kasich, who has thus far refused to endorse Trump, and Mitt Romney who has consistently voiced his dislike of the presumptive GOP presidential nominee. But the fact that both have been marginalized and unable to pose a legitimate challenge to Trump only demonstrated to them how dire the situation has become.

Many of Trump’s racist and dangerous comments are directed towards African Americans, but he couches these statements in coded language that encourages supporters to rationalize their racism away. Condoning his supporters beating up a protester who happens to be African American is not necessarily racist, but when he ++repeatedly++ encourages or tacitly endorses his supporters to violently confront and mistreat blacks and other minorities, ++it’s hard to miss the racism.++

 “You’re saying that about Mexicans, you’re saying that about me,” said Hugh….Read the Rest Here


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Top Black Staffers Flee RNC

Apparently conditions n the Republican Party have caused an exodus of even die hard black conservatives from the Republican National Committee. Not all are leaving the Party, but there does seem to be a movement to jump the rotted scow of a Republican ship, before it sinks. Although none will say it, it appears the siren call to racists by the Party’s leading candidate, Trump, has become so toxic as to penetrate even black conservatives notoriously thick cast iron stomachs.

Top Black Staffers Leave The Republican National Committee

The RNC, which has made broadening its base a priority, just lost its head of black outreach.

The Republican National Committee is losing the person who leads the GOP’s outreach to black communities, as first reported by NBC News and confirmed by The Huffington Post.

Kristal Quarker-Hartsfield, the national director of African-American Initiatives at the RNC, is leaving the organization to work for Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) as his director of intergovernmental affairs. Her last day is set to be Friday, and she is the second black top staffer to depart the RNC this month.

Quarker-Hartsfield joins several other staffers of color who have departed the RNC recently. Orlando Watson, communications director for black media, left earlier this month. Tara Wall and Raffi Williams, son of Fox News political analyst Juan Williams, both left their press positions at the RNC late last year. 

RNC Chair Reince Priebus has said that expanding the party and reaching out to groups of people who don’t usually vote Republican are priorities. After the 2012 elections, he famously released an autopsy report concluding that the GOP needed to broaden its base if it wanted to survive a changing country.

“The RNC cannot and will not write off any demographic or community or region of this country,” Priebus said at the time.

But the GOP’s presidential front-runner, Donald Trump, threatens to upend much of that work with his incendiary comments about women, immigrants, protesters andMuslims that appall many members of his own party.

Asked about her decision to depart, Quarker-Hartsfield told HuffPost, “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the RNC. It has been an honor to work for Chairman Priebus during an exciting time in politics. It has been exciting to have a front row seat to a national Republican movement to maintain the House and win back the Senate. Chairman Priebus is an innovative leader who empowers his team, and serves my Party as a humble servant leader.”

Williams denied that he left the RNC because of Trump.

“I left because I was just ready for something new. They were good to me, they treated me very well and I have no complaints about the place,” he told HuffPost. “I think it’s a part of the natural cycle of the RNC. People come and go.”

A recent USA Today poll showed that if Trump faces off against Democrat Hillary Clinton in November, voters of color would overwhelmingly reject the business mogul. Black voters were the most pronounced, backing Clinton 67 percent of the time.



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Key And Peele – “Black Republicans” Skit


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How Black Conservatives Became Pariahs…

This is a good, well researched article by Frederick Robinson, a former Editor at the Atlanta Tribune, who is now studying to join the Baptist Ministry.  Robinson’s discussion of how black conservatism went off the tracks – and how Herman Cain epitomizes everything that went wrong with that movement, is an honest critique from a former insider. I would guess that Mr. Robinson is still conservative in  many of his views and outlook, which lends a lot of power to this critique…

Herman Cain and the decline of black conservatism

Fredrick Robinson

Frederick Robinson

Not long ago, presidential candidate Herman Cain made headlines when he said blacks were brainwashed for not considering conservative ideas. On other occasions he declared that racism was no longer a problem and blamed the poor for being poor.

A personal friend, I know Cain to be more thoughtful than those incendiary sound bites, but I also suspect he knew that uttering them would help him land right where he is: atop the Republican presidential field, a standing that could be threatened by recent reports of sexual harassment allegations. Unfortunately, such trash talk — popular among many black conservatives — continues to alienate black Republicans from the African-American community. Read the rest of this entry »

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Black Conservatives Develop a Spine, or The Sno’ Ho’ on Fire!

BS Top - Avlon Sarah Palin

The Sno' Ho' - Drop Dead... Stupid, and Unfit for Office.

Damn! Even black Republicans have had enough of the race baiting tactics of the new further, further, and further than that – right wing of the Republican Party which has sucked virtually all the air out of adult Republicans ability to talk intelligently.

Sarah Palin is the “Twitter” candidate. A format where the number of words are limited, grammar and syntax are irrelevant, and any word over 3 syllables is one syllable too many. Unfortunately it isn’t a venue where IQ and gravitas shine… Even worse, it appears nothing is ever at risk of getting lost in the tweet in the Sno’ Ho’s case.

You have to ask, what sort of brain-fart afflicted the Sno’ Ho’ to even want to chime in on the firestorm lit by Dr. Laura’s incendiary and racist comments – especially in view that Dr. Laura has utilized the same verbal hacksaw on the Sno’ Ho’s own family.

I’m stunned – couldn’t the Republican Party find one competent female with adult children to run for Vice President with McCain?   I realize his advisors probably didn’t want a “mature” woman, as the Democrats keep harping on his age.  But really, what kind of role model is a woman whose fifth child was recently born with a serious issue, Down Syndrome, and then goes back to the job of Governor within days of the birth?

Black Republicans tell John Avlon that Sarah Palin’s tweet in defense of Dr. Laura was ridiculous and indefensible—and that she may be “no longer fit to lead.”

Sarah Palin’s post-VP nominee career has so far benefitted from bomb-throwing. The process follows a tight script—a crude, semi-calculated comment is shot into the middle of a political debate via Facebook or Twitter. It gains national attention. Liberals are outraged. Conservatives rush to her defense. Sarah Palin dominates a news cycle and becomes more beloved by her base.

But by unnecessarily rushing to the defense of Dr. Laura Schlessinger—after she dropped the N-bomb 11 times and told the caller “don’t marry outside of your race”—Sarah Palin might finally have gone too far and picked a fight she cannot win.

Michel Faulkner, the former NFL player and Harlem preacher challenging Charlie Rangel for a House seat –
“Why Sarah Palin feels she needs to join in to Dr. Laura’s personal meltdown is beyond me. She’s sounding like she just likes to hear her own voice—and the voice that she has is no longer credible. It says that a leading voice among conservatives has joined the ranks of the entertainers—trying to shock us each day with more and more outlandish commentary. And at that moment that person is no longer fit to lead.”
“The constitutional stuff she’s saying doesn’t even make any sense,” Faulkner said. “She doesn’t know what real shackles are… But ‘don’t retreat, reload?’ Lady, are you kidding me? That is scary language in anyone’s terminology. Sarah Palin scares me.”

Nationally syndicated conservative columnist Deroy Murdock took an even stronger line –

Sarah Palin’s tweets resemble something scribbled by a ninth-grade cheerleader. Is it asking too much for a reputed American political leader to communicate in complete sentences? Palin’s gravitas gap is growing into the Gravitas Canyon,” said the media fellow at the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace at Stanford University. “Even worse, she deploys her vacuity to defend an acerbic talk-show host who just detonated herself by tossing around the word ‘nigger’ on the air 11 times, as if it were a volleyball. The American right can do better than this. And it must.

Joe Hicks recently launched a first-of-its-kind program called Minority Report on, from the perspective that “conservative blacks and other minority conservatives are routinely vilified by leftists and liberals as well as often marginalized by the right.” But this California-based Marxist-turned-conservative-convert, who’s a Tea Party-favorite, isn’t buying the party line when it comes to Palin’s Dr. Laura defense.

“When I first heard this stuff, what came across was an extremely lame white chick trying to school this other woman about the N-word. … So I’m certainly not one to try and defend Dr. Laura. She has a history of being a negative and nasty persona. But Sarah Palin’s comments? Well, this is confusing stuff coming out of a woman who would have been the vice president if McCain had won. … Palin seems to be as equally detached from the real world where people operate and where race is a really volatile topic.”

“First Amendment rights? Of course. But [Dr. Laura] wasn’t fired—she decided to drop her show. So I’m not exactly understanding what Sarah Palin’s understanding of the Constitution is here. And it isn’t completely out of character, which is very unfortunate. She keeps dropping this bizarre stuff,” Hicks said. “It says this woman really has no larger vision of what she is trying to do in a political sense—there’s a pretty narrow intellect at work here … Attempting to defend the indefensible is just kind of insulting.”

Timothy Johnson, chairman of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, the organization that helped recruit a record 32 African-American Republican congressional candidates this year –

“If she chooses to run for president in 2012, she is going to have to answer to black Republicans.”


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Republicans Discover Black is Beautiful!

An unprecedented number of black Republican candidates are running for office this year. The Republican Party has not elected a black candidate to Federal Level office since JC Watts in 2001, who resigned in 2003.

Now, to be brutally frank, only 2 or 3 of the 38 or so candidates stands a prayer of making it through the primary race, much less being elected.

Can Black Republicans Learn to Jump This Year?

Now, the author of the article below goes out of his way not to give RNC Michael Steele any credit, instead trying to defend the indefensible that two (count ’em 2) black candidates running under the Tea Party Flag somehow is an indication that the white supremacists and racists who make up much of the Tea Party are somehow willing to put their racism aside and sing Kumbaya with black folks…

Fat freakin’ chance. Read the rest of this entry »

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Black Republicans Running on Empty

Opinion: Black Republicans Running for Office Are Running From Race

By Raynard Jackson

Black Republicans running for various offices this election cycle seem to be running from race while running their races.

This is one of the most asinine things I’ve seen, but not at all unexpected.  This is why Black Republicans have no credibility within their own communities.

These Black office seekers make comments that appall me and they clearly lack an understanding of how their words could be interpreted by people in the Black community.

Col. Allen West

Col. Allen West

Allen West, a retired Army colonel running against Democratic Congressman Ron Klein (FL-22nd), said, “Since (Democrats) have thrown out the race card, it has made me more appealing….because it shows the contrast of our principles—how different we are even though we both have permanent tans (referring to President Obama).”  West continued, “A lot of people who don’t want to be part of Obama’s policies are being called racist….Then they say, Hey, this guy, Colonel West—he’s Black and I support him…. It has nothing to do with race…People don’t care about your color, they care about your character.”

But, Colonel West, WAIT!  You said it was not about race, then you say you’re Black, therefore people in your district are supporting you (because you are Black).  Which is it?  So, let me make sure I understand you.  White people are supporting you because you are Black so that you can speak out against the Black president, so the White people won’t have to (because they can’t call you a racist since you are Black).  Oh, I get it now.  You know we have a phrase for people like that and it begins with the word UNCLE!

Ryan Frazier Republican ColoradoRyan Frazier is a 31-year-old city councilman in Colorado who is running for the U.S. Senate in the Republican primary.  Frazier said that being Black is an asset.  So when he opposes the president’s policies, no one can call him a racist.  According to Frazier, “I don’t think they will be able to use that argument against me or engage in those tactics against me.”  So, let me interpret this.  Because of the skin color that you say doesn’t matter, you are able to criticize the president because of the very skin color that you say doesn’t matter?  Ok, now I understand.

USA-POLITICS/Michael Williams has served several terms as Texas Railroad Commissioner and is currently running for the U.S. Senate seat that current senator Kay Hutchinson is vacating to run for governor.  He states that his Blackness will be an asset.  According to an article, “one of the things it allows me to do….it allows me to speak very, very frankly about what I believe, and what I feel, and nobody is going to call me a racist.”  Again, I am confused.  His Blackness is only an asset when it comes to denigrating a Black president and his policies.  According to Williams, other than giving him cover in criticizing the president, his race doesn’t exist.  Wow, either he is color blind or just blind to people of color.

Do these guys hear themselves and how ridiculous they sound?  Have you ever heard of a Jewish candidate denying or distancing themselves from their own heritage?  Or a Latino or Asian?  These groups use their ethnicity to endear themselves to voters from their group while at the same time building coalitions to expand their base of support…

Considering the fact that the Republican Party hasn’t elected a black candidate to any National Level office in 12 years – I think these guys are on the fast track to nowhere in trying to be Obama-right.

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