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Zeta Phi Beta Banned at CSU

Here is an out of control Zeta Chapter, which has been banned from Colorado State University for brutal hazing. Think the National chapter should consider removing this young lady who was Chapter President…

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Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Update

Like almost any issue there are two sides. The side making the most “newsworthy” claim is likely to get the press. Such is so relative to the ongoing legal battle between the leadership of the AKA Sorority and a group of disaffected members who have charged the current Sorority President, Barbara McKinzie with fiduciary malfeasance and outright theft of the organizations’ funds.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Rev12:4

One of the key accusations against Mrs Mckinzie is that she commissioned a $900,000 wax statue of herself to be added to The National Great Blacks in Wax Museum. The Founder of the Museum, Dr. Joane M. Martin seeks to set the record straight in an open letter tot he AKA Sorors – Read the rest of this entry »

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Kappas Paint DC Red

Kappa Red

Kappa Red

The Kappas are in town for their annual convention. DC Mayor Adrian Fenty is a Kappa, (along with John Singleton, talk show host Tavis Smiley, and Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-Fla.)  to mention a few of the well known) , and has given the Fraternity a warm welcome. Kappas take pride in being well dressed, and are well known around many campuses for sporting their red and white canes at step shows and other functions.

Several thousand nattily dressed young and older men, distinguished by their crimson suit jackets, have been encamped at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel this week. They are members of Kappa Alpha Psi — a predominantly black fraternity founded in 1911 — and although they are holding their first large gathering since the election of the nation’s first African American president, they’re beyond swooning over Obama’s achievement.

That’s because they have serious work to do.

“Our membership is astute,” says Richard Lee Snow, executive director of the fraternity, which drew more than 3,000 members to its 79th Grand Chapter meeting. “Obama can’t turn around all of the ills this nation has built up since blacks were brought over here on ships. Obama is not a savior. But he is a breath of fresh air, and we fully embrace him and his administration.”

Boosting philanthropic giving, reducing obesity, improving access to preventive health care and increasing financial literacy and college graduation rates for black men topped the convention agenda. In the coming year, the last two priorities will receive the most attention from the fraternity, which has almost 200,000 members spread across 700 chapters, some of them abroad…

Like most black Greek groups, the Kappas are not just about fellowship. They are serious about community, charity, and assisting younger folks in becoming successful adults.

Dwayne M. Murray is the Grand Polemarch of the Kappa organization –

Murray is also determined to change the perception that blacks have a lackluster record when it comes to philanthropy. “We want to be not always on the receiving end, but on the giving end,” he says. “To that end, we’ve raised over $800,000, which we have given to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.”

In 2011, the Kappas will celebrate their centennial.

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AKA Sorority Lawsuit

President of black sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha sued by members over funds, including $900,000 wax statue

McKinzie, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and its current and some former board of directors members are targeted in a lawsuit filed by eight sorority members last month.

Members of Chicago-headquartered Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority are suing to oust their president -- former Chicago Housing Authority comptroller Barbara McKinzie (center).

Members of Chicago-headquartered Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority are suing to oust their president -- former Chicago Housing Authority comptroller Barbara McKinzie (center).

Among the allegations: Read the rest of this entry »


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Bill Clinton to Become a Sigma!

The newest Sigmas are to be Bill Clinton, and the Rev. Al Sharpton…

Former President Bill Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton

President Bill Clinton set to join Phi Beta Sigma

The men of Phi Beta Sigma are hosting their National Conclave this week in New Orleans, Louisiana.

According to sources in New Orleans yesterday the men of this brotherhood voted on several members to be inducted into the fraternity at a later date. Read the rest of this entry »


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