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Houston Cop Harasses Black Business Owner

Here are some young guys trying to do the right thing by starting a lawn cutting business.

The crew of 4 brothers is busily cutting grass when a Houston Police Officer decides to harass them for no justifiable reason.

I don’t know about you…But when I jump on my John Deere in my decidedly non designer raggedy work wear to cut the back 40. carrying my wallet is real low on the list.

WATCH: Texas police officer harasses black teen for mowing grass

A video of a black teenager being harassed by a security officer in Harris County, Houston, Texas, went viral as soon as it emerged on social media Tuesday.

In the video recorded by Marvel Gibson, he is heard saying that he was going door-to-door to distribute cards for his business of mowing yards while his crew was cutting out grass and mowing a lawn in the area.

“When I saw you, you were going door-to-door-to-door,” the officer is heard saying in the video. Gibson responded saying he was distributing business cards. “Yeah, I’m putting my business cards out,” Marvin replied, holding a business card out for the cop.

“Well that’s what I’m trying to find out,” said the cop.

“Well that’s all you had to ask,” said the teen. “You see me cutting grass.”

“Well, let me see some ID,” the officer asked him. The video starts with the officer asking the teen to “step over here” next to a vehicle which appears to be their lawn work truck. Sounds of the lawn machinery can be heard in the background in the video as the other crew members seem to be working.

When the police officer asked him for an ID, Gibson said: “I don’t have it on me.”

The officer then asked the youth’s name and date of birth to which the teen responded saying he was 19 although he said his date of birth was 10/12/1999, which would make him 18 years old.

Gibson enquired why the officer was asking for so much of his information. The officer told him he was investigating what the teen was doing in the neighborhood.

“When an officer asks you for your ID, you’re supposed to provide your ID. You don’t have your ID. I don’t care what you’re doing,” the cop told Gibson.

Seconds later, Gibson is heard repeatedly asking for the officer’s identity card in order to note down his details. However, the cop grabs his handcuffs to arrest the teen.

Gibson then left the place as he recorded the entire incident, warning the officer that he will drag him to the court.

“We’re cutting grass, sir. You’re harassing us,” said Gibson, who flashed his green business card in front of the camera, showing that he was only doing his job.

One of his friends, probably a crew member, can be heard saying “you can’t do this just coz he’s black.” Gibson is then heard repeating that he wants the cop’s name and his ID card.

The video cuts out halfway through the incident and then says “later that day” and goes on to show the same cop in front of Gibson’s yard in front of his home. The video shows the same teen filming from the front door of a house with the cop standing by a tree in the yard as police vehicles are seen driving in the background. Gibson can be heard saying “you are harassing me, get out of my yard. Move around, leave.”

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On Starting and Growing Black Business

William Pickard discusses with Roland Martin growing business beyond the 1 employee plateau.



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Who’s Hot? DC and Atlanta Lead in Black Owned Business Development

More fuel that the centers of black America have shifted,  are now Atlanta and Washington, DC…

Daniel Bryant, Owner of Running Tigers Wine. From Shoe Stores to Strategic Management Consulting, Black Firms Are Developing In Spite of the Economy

Hat Tip – NewsOne

The U.S. Census Bureau reported recently that Georgia has the second-highest percentage of black-owned businesses in the nation at 20.4 percent. Only the District of Columbia, at 28.2 percent of the city’s businesses, has a larger percentage of African-American ownership.

From 2002 to 2007, the number of minority-owned businesses in the nation increased by 45.6 percent to 5.8 million, more than twice the rate of all U.S. businesses, the bureau said.

More interesting news at the WSJ

Minority companies have been hiring at a faster rate than non-minority companies — up 27% over the five years compared with 2.3% growth for white-owned companies, according to the Census numbers.

The Census Bureau reported that the number of black-owned businesses grew 61% to 1.9 million; the number of Hispanic-owned businesses grew by 44% to 2.3 million; and the number of Asian-owned businesses grew by 41% to 1.6 million. The number of white-owned businesses rose 14% to 22.6 million over the same period.

Revenues for minority-owned businesses in 2007 averaged $179,000, a number Mr. Hinson called “paltry” compared with the $490,000 average for non-minority firms. Black-owned businesses saw average revenues of $72,000 in 2007, down from $74,000 in 2002, he said.

The total revenues for all minority owned businesses rose 55.6% over the five year period to $1 trillion in 2007, a small number compared with the $30.2 trillion total for all U.S. companies, the report said.

Running Tigers Website can be found here. And Yeah – I know it’s not in DC or Atlanta… But who can pass up a good bottle of wine?

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The New Jim Crow – Report: Minority-owned firms have tougher time raising capital

Every few days it seems that some clown or another is standing up with – “What has President Obama done for the black community?” as if President Obama should be making special laws, just for black people.

How about just leveling that playing field?

Report: Minority-owned firms have tougher time raising capital

The nation’s 4 million minority-owned firms face large disparities in accessing capital, making it even more difficult to weather the recession, according to a new report by the U.S. Commerce Department’s Minority Business Development Agency.

The report found that minority-owned businesses outgrew their counterparts in the number of firms, employment and size of payroll from 1997 to 2002, but face significant long-term growth constraints. One of the biggest barriers is that minorities obtain less debt and equity, pay more for capital and are rejected more often for bank loans.

“For all businesses, especially those that are minority owned, access to working capital can really mean the difference between success and failure,” said agency director David Hinson. “Limited financial, social and human capital and racial discrimination are primarily responsible for the discrepancies in minority business financing.”

Minority-owned companies contribute significantly to the economy by creating jobs, paying taxes and leading innovation, but their “growth potential is largely untapped,” Hinson said. In 2002, minority-owned firms employed 4.7 million people and generated $661 billion in revenue.

With greater access to capital, minority-owned firms could create 16 million jobs and $2.5 trillion in annual revenue, the report concluded. Read the rest of this entry »


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