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Tea Bagger – “We Can Have Him Out of Office Within 30 Days.”

Here is “Birther” extraordinaire, Orly Taitz at the 9/12 Tea Bagged March…

Claiming she can have President Obama out of office in 30 days.


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Your Brain on Racism – Birther Meltdown

Birther Whack-job extrodinaire Orly Taitz does a complete meltdown on MSNBC –

This is your brain on racism.

To give you a bit of background on some of these folks – here is a bit of background by Skeeter, over at The Skeeter Bites Reports

But this particular conspiracy-theory movement is more sinister than most. The ‘Skeeter Bites Report has uncovered a wealth of evidence that the “Birther Movement” against the president is inextricably tied to white supremacists and other far-right extremists — and is profoundly marked by an absolute refusal among its practitioners to accept Obama as president because he is black, or because of an equally-false belief that he is a Muslim. Read the rest of this entry »

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Boycotting the Haytas

Lou Dobbs has mande a bundle out of bashing immigrants. Lately, he has been entertaining the birthers…

President Obama Birth Certificate

President Obama Birth Certificate

While rich fodder for the wing-dizzies – has been bad news for his ratings.

According to The Observer‘s analysis of Nielsen data, in recent weeks, as criticism of Mr. Dobbs has continued to go up, his ratings at CNN have continued to go down.

Mr. Dobbs’ first began reporting on Obama birth certificate conspiracy theories on the night of Wednesday, July 15. In the roughly two weeks since then, from July 15 through July 28, Mr. Dobbs’ 7 p.m. show on CNN has averaged 653,000 total viewers and 157,000 in the 25-54 demo.

By contrast, during the first two weeks of the month (July 1 to July 14) Mr. Dobbs averaged 771,000 total viewers and 218,000 in the 25-54 demo. In other words, Mr. Dobbs’ audience has decreased 15 percent in total viewers and 27 percent in the demo since the start of the controversy.

Now, since the Loon and racist faction isn’t about to desert Faux News…


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Chris Matthews Slaps the Birther Whackjobs

Chris Matthews whacks a Rethugly Congressmen upside the head over pandering to whackjobs –

Now, one of the reasons the birthers want to make this an issue is to disenfranchise black and brown folks. Up until the mid to late 60’s in a lot of places in this country, the children of the poor were born at home because of segregated and/or inadequate medical facilities. As a child, I remember a period during segregation when there was no black doctor with a practice in our area – and only one Jewish Doctor (a Holocaust survivor) who would treat black patients. Needless to say, you saw the entire community at his offices at one time or another. Read the rest of this entry »


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